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FARLEY, IA (May 19, 2006)- Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR took the lead on lap 16 from Dan Schlieper and then went on to lead the rest of the 50 lap Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on Friday Night at the Farley Speedway earning $10,000 for his triumph.  Moyer had to hold off Schlieper and Rick Eckert after a yellow flag with 11 laps to go for the victory.  Moyers second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the year came aboard his J&J Steel/Car City/Banner Valley Hauling/Petroff Towing/Karl Chevrolet/Watters Auto Land/Rd Line Oil/Chase Race Decals/Platinum Motors and Rvs/McCarthy Heating and Air/Pro Power Engines/C.J. Rayburn GTO.  Schlieper of Sullivan, WI finished second in his Miller Brothers Coal/Pro Power Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo with Eckert of York, PA coming home third in the Raye Vest Excavating/Cornett Engines/Rocket Ford Fusion.  Completing the top five was 13th starting Denny Eckrich of Tiffin, IA in the Precision Performance/Grove Automotive/Barry Wright Grand Prix and pole sitter Scott James of Lawrenceburg, IN in the Powell Motorsports/Baylor Trucking/Jay Dickens Race Engines/Rocket GTO.  There were a total of 53 cars on hand for the series second ever visit to the Simmons Promotions Inc. promoted facility.   The 50 lap A-main event would go green with Scott James and Moyer leading the way, but a first lap caution for a spin in turn two negated the start.  On the second attempt to get the race underway Schlieper quickly make his presence known as he bolted into the lead ahead of Moyer, James, Kerry Hansen and Rick Eckert.  Schlieper would start to stretch his lead over the strong field of participants as he went to a four car length lead by lap five. Eckert would race past Hansen for fourth on lap nine and then start to pressure James for the third position.    Steve Francis, who started eighth, was on the move up to fourth by Hansen on the 10th circuit.  Moyer then began to pick up the pace and tracked down Schlieper as the race for lead began to heat up.  With 15 laps in the books Schlieper was showing way, but by only one car length over Moyer with James running third and Eckert and Francis trailing.   On the 16th lap Moyer would make the pass on Schlieper to take over the top spot.  Moyer then proceeded to open a six car length advantage over Schlieper as Eckert would go by James to take over the third spot.   Moyers lead at the halfway mark was 10 lengths over Schlieper and Eckert who were battling it out for the second spot.  Moyer would then start to encounter heavy lapped traffic after Schlieper had sliced his lead down to five car lengths.  Schlieper closed right in on Moyer and got within one car length of Moyer.  Meanwhile Eckert was also in the hunt now as he closed on the two frontrunners.  A tight three car race for the lead was going on but Moyer started to control the tempo of the race again and pulled to a three car length advantage by lap 34.   With 15 laps to go Moyer was showing the way followed by Schlieper, Eckert, James and Denny Eckrich, who was on the move from his 13th starting spot.  The yellow flag would come out for Brady Smiths flat tire on lap 39.  On the restart a three car entanglement occurred in turn one slowing the field for the final time.  With 11 laps remaining Moyer would have Schlieper and Eckert lined up behind him in single file formation.  On the restart Moyer would quickly open up a three car length lead pulling away from Schlieper who continued to hold off Eckert for second.  Also on the restart Eckrich passed James for fourth.     Moyers drive to the finish was uninterrupted as he crossed the line first to earn his second career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win.  Schlieper finished second followed by Eckert, Eckrich and James.   In victory lane at Farley, Moyer who is a native of Iowa was cheered on in commenting about how nice it was to come back to his home state and win.  It always feels good to come back and run as well as we did tonight, it took us a little bit of time to get to Dan, but the car handled real well for most of the race and once we got the lead I felt real comfortable about things.  As far as the last restart knowing Schlieper was right behind him on the restart Moyer commented, The car fired real well on the restart and I just wanted to make sure to hit turn one good and not push in two and we made it through that first lap there on that restart and we just tried to drive consistent all the way to the finish line.   Completing the top ten were Steve Francis, Earl Pearson, Jr., Don ONeal, Chub Frank and Darren Miller.   In preliminary action Denny Eckrich was the Comp Cams fast time award winner with a lap of 18.909 seconds around the half mile oval.  The PBM Performance Products Heat Race Winners were Scott James, Dennis Erb, Jr., Dan Schlieper, Kerry Hansen, Rick Eckert and Billy Moyer.  The Mason Racin Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main went to Jimmy Mars and the Penske Shocks Second B-Main was won by Andy Eckrich.  The K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race went to Shannon Babb for his performance in the second B-Main as he came from the 10th starting spot to finish second earning the final transfer spot into the evenings A-Main.  Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Farley Speedway-Farley, IA Friday Night, May 19, 2006   Comp Cams Fast Time:  Denny Eckrich 18.909   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Scott James, Chub Frank, Denny Eckrich, Jimmy Mars, Jay Johnson, Damon Eller, Steve Ihm, Johnny Spaw, Steve Johnson   PBM Performance Products Second Heat:  (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Dennis Erb, Jr., Steve Francis, Darren Miller, Freddy Smith, John Mason, Mike Fryer, Billy Tuckwell, Matt Furman, Tim Dohm   PBM Performance Products Third Heat: (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Dan Schlieper, Brian Birkhofer, Matt Miller, Brady Smith, Mike Mataragas, Ron Baker, Scott Lemke, Jeff Larson, Curt Martin   PBM Performance Products Fourth Heat:  (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Kerry Hansen, Brian Harris, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Corey Conley, John VanDenBerg, Jeff Tharp, Shannon Babb, Jeff Hayunga, Steve Casebolt   PBM Performance Products Fifth Heat: (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Rick Eckert, Don ONeal, Dave Eckrich, Andy Eckrich, Craig Jacobs, Michael England, Johnny Johnson, Jill George, Chris Simpson   PBM Performance Products Sixth Heat:  (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance):  Billy Moyer, Earl Pearson, Jr., Donnie Moran, Steve Boley, Chad Simpson, Jason Rauen, Jon Rogers, Bobby Moyer   Mason Racin Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main: (12 laps-Top 2 Advance):  Jimmy Mars, Brady Smith, Damon Eller, Scott Lemke, Curt Martin, Jay Johnson, Mike Mataragas, Steve Johnson, John Mason, Tim Dohm, Jeff Larson, Johnny Spaw, Steve Ihm, Freddy Smith, Ron Barker, Mike Fryer   Penske Shocks Second B-Main: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Andy Eckrich, Shannon Babb, Steve Boley, Corey Conley, Chad Simpson, Michael England, Jon Rogers, Johnny Johnson, Jason Rauen, Craig Jacobs, Jill George, Jeff Tharp, John VanDenBerg, Steve Casebolt   Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series A-Main: (50 Laps):  Billy Moyer, Dan Schlieper, Rick Eckert, Denny Eckrich, Scott James, Steve Francis, Earl Pearson, Jr., Don ONeal, Chub Frank, Darren Miller, Dave Eckrich, Donnie Moran, Matt Miller, Jimmy Mars, Steve Casebolt, Kerry Hansen, Brady Smith, Tim Dohm, Andy Eckrich, Dennis Erb, Jr., Brian Harris, Brian Birkhofer, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Shannon Babb  Race Statistics Entries:  53 Yellow Flags:  3 Lap Leaders:  Dan Schlieper 1-15, Billy Moyer 16-50 Allstar Performance Performer of the Race:  Denny Eckrich (started 13th and finished fourth) advanced 9 positions K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race:  Shannon Babb Hawk Brake Tough Break Award:  Brian Birkhofer Quarter Master Move of the Race:  Billy Moyer Weld Wheels Award: Steve Casebolt On the Edge Graphics Fastest Non-Qualifier:  Mike Mataragas Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Year:  Steve Casebolt Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Tim Dohm and Steve Casebolt


TAZEWELL, TN (May 13, 2006)- Making his first appearance at Tazewell Speedway in two years, Scott Bloomquist took the lead on lap 12 from Steve Casebolt and went on to lead the rest of the way in capturing his fifth career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win Saturday night pocketing the $10,000 to win Lincoln Mercury of Knoxville 75 before a standing room only crowd.  The 42 year old National Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer whose race shop in less than an hour away in Mooresburg, TN drove his Miller Brothers Coal/Hawkeye Trucking/Sweet's Mfg/Ohlins/Hoosier Racing Tires/Allstar Performance/Vic Hill Racing Engines powered Bloomquist Race Cars #0 to the winners circle ahead of runner-up Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN in the Randall Eller/Independence Lumber/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo and Steve Smith of Powell, TN piloting the Mathis Farms/Bonanza Produce/C.J. Rayburn Grand Prix.  Completing the top five were Steve Casebolt of Richmond, IN driving the Casebolt Racing/Dargie Race Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus and Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN in the Harrod Racing/Red Line Oil/C.J. Rayburn Grand Prix.    The four heat race winners redrew for the first two rows of the 75 lap main event and Casebolt and Bloomquist would be the front row starters.  With the race starting under a few light rain drops the excitement level was the usual Tazewell Speedway experience as the race started with Casebolt beating Bloomquist into turn one and grabbing the lead.  The furious first two laps would be slowed however for a caution for debris on the race track.  With two laps in the books Casebolt was showing the way followed by Bloomquist, Don O'Neal, John Gill and Earl Pearson, Jr.  On the restart Casebolt again would keep his lead over Bloomquist as Bloomquist was all over him in the race for the lead.  The top five running order would remain the same for 11 circuits until Bloomquist would make the move to get past Casebolt coming off of turn four at the flag stand on lap 12 to take the lead.    Bloomquist then would start to distance himself from Casebolt and third place running, O'Neal.  By lap 15, traffic started to enter the picture as both Casebolt and O'Neal would cut down Bloomquist's five car length advantage.  The second caution for a slowing Brett Miller of lap 18 would bunch the field up leaving Bloomquist now with a clear race track in front of him on the restart.  On the restart Bloomquist would continue to flex his muscles pulling away from a hotly contested race for second between Casebolt and O'Neal.  On lap 19 O'Neal would take second from Casebolt with fellow Hoosier State driver John Gill hot on their heels.  Bloomquist's lead would again go to five car lengths of the field and by lap 26 he again would catch up to the back of the field and start to encounter lapped traffic.   With 30 laps complete Bloomquist was leading with O'Neal, Casebolt, Gill and Billy Ogle, Jr. in the top five trying to chase him down.  By lap 31 Bloomquist's lead was cut to two lengths as O'Neal had tracked him down in traffic and was making a run at him for the top spot.  The third caution of the race came out on lap 32 when the fifth and sixth place cars of Ogle and Ricky Arms got together on the front stretch causing damage to both race cars.  Both drivers were okay, but after both had made strong runs their nights would end prematurely as they would be out of the race.  On the restart Bloomquist would have O'Neal and Casebolt side by side behind him as he again sprinted out to a lead that would go to eight car lengths by lap 38.  The Indiana trio of O'Neal, Casebolt and Gill would now be joined by Tennessee veteran, Steve Smith would had moved into the top five after Ogle and Arms left the race.   Again traffic would start to play role in the race for the lead as by lap 42 Bloomquist had caught up to the rear of the field.  O'Neal would close to within one car length of Bloomquist in heavy traffic by lap 54 as the race was in the midst of what would be a long stretch of 40 consecutive green flag laps of racing.  A car on the move was Donnie Moran.  Moran, who started 22nd reached the top five by lap 55 after Gill had slipped back a couple of spots allowing Smith and Moran to move up a spot in the running order.  With O'Neal now all over Bloomquist for the lead Bloomquist was careful in navigating traffic as the he would put two lapped cars between himself and O'Neal with some nifty moves.  O'Neal would get bogged down in traffic and that allowed Bloomquist to further extend his lead. Smith on lap 65 would pass Casebolt for fourth as Pearson was back in the top five getting back around Moran two laps prior.   With five laps to go Bloomquist was continuing to get closer to the checkered flag with ONeal second followed by Smith, Casebolt and Pearson.  Just as 72 laps were completed a wreck in turn one involving Tim Dohm, Pearson, Gill and Bryan Hendrix would set up a three lap dash to the finish line.  As the cars were taking the green flag for the restart Moran pulled to the top of the race track with a bent spindle putting him out of the race after charging up 17 positions.  The rain started to pick up more as the green would come back out and with the cars turning 12 seconds laps it did not take long to bring this race to a conclusion as Bloomquist would drive away from O'Neal to pick up the victory.  Smith would cross the line in third followed by Casebolt and 10th place starter, Jimmy Owens. Completing the top ten were Matt Miller, Ray Cook, David Payne, Scott James and Pearson.   "It feels good to get back here to Tazewell and pick up the win" said Bloomquist afterwards.  "We hadn't run here in a while and the car was really superb tonight from the moment we unloaded it.  I want to thank Bob and Barb Miller, Randy Sweet and all the crew on the race team, it's good to come here so close to home and run so good.  I want to thank the fans for coming out tonight, it looked like a huge crowd up there and I'm glad they were all here tonight."   In preliminary action Don O'Neal was the Comp Cams fast timer with a lap of 12.059 seconds.  The PBM Performance Products Heat Race Winners were Steve Casebolt, Scott Bloomquist, John Gill and Earl Pearson, Jr.  The Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main went to Mike Marlar and the Penske Shocks Second B-Main was won by Brian Smith.  The K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race which is awarded to a driver who makes the pass of the night went to Jimmy Owens who passed two cars on the final lap of his heat race to earn a transfer spot into the A-Main.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series gets right back to business this coming Friday Night, May 19 with a visit to the Farley Speedway in Farley, IA and a Saturday Night, May 20 event at La Salle Speedway in La Salle, IL.  Both events will pay $10,000 to win and $700 to start.  For more information you can visit    Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Saturday Night, May 13, 2006 Tazewell Speedway - Tazewell, TN   Comp Cams Fast Time:  Don O'Neal 12.059 seconds   PBM Performance Products First Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 Transfer):  Steve Casebolt, Don O'Neal, Vic Hill, Ray Cook, Mike Marlar, Anthony White, Freddy Smith, Bryan Hendrix   PBM Performance Products Second Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 Transfer):  Scott Bloomquist, Ricky Arms, Jimmy Owens, Brett Miller, Randy Weaver, Tim Dohm, Michael England, Scott Gardner, Troy Eads   PBM Performance Products Third Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 Transfer):  John Gill, Steve Smith, Matt Miller, David Payne, Brady Smith, Donnie Moran, Corey Conley, Jeff Wolfenbarger   PBM Performance Products Fourth Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 Transfer):  Earl Pearson, Jr., Billy Ogle, Jr., Scott James, Rick Rogers, Brian Smith, Stephen Rogers, Eric Wells, Jason Trammell   Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno First Main: (12 Laps-Top 3 Transfer):  Mike Marlar, Anthony White, Freddy Smith, Randy Weaver, Tim Dohm, Bryan Hendrix, Scott Gardner, Troy Eads, Michael England   Penske Shocks Second B-Main: (12 Laps-Top3 Transfer):  Brian Smith, Brady Smith, Donnie Moran, Corey Conley, Stephen Rogers, Eric Wells, Jeff Wolfenbarger, Jason Trammell   Lincoln Mercury of Knoxville 75 Lap A-Main:  Scott Bloomquist, Don O'Neal, Steve Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jimmy Owens, Matt Miller, Ray Cook, David Payne, Scott James, Earl Pearson, Jr., Anthony White, Brady Smith, Vic Hill, Freddy Smith, Donnie Moran, John Gill, Tim Dohm, Bryan Hendrix, Brian Smith, Billy Ogle, Jr., Ricky Arms, Rick Rogers, Brett Miller, Mike Marlar, Michael England    Race Statistics   Entries:  34 Yellow Flags: 4 Lap Leaders:  Steve Casebolt 1-11, Scott Bloomquist 12-75 Allstar Performance Performer of the Race:  David Payne (started 15th and finished 8th) advanced 7 positions K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race:  Jimmy Owens Hawk Brake Tough Brake Award:  Earl Pearson, Jr. Quarter Master Move of the Race:  Steve Smith Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Steve Casebolt Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Tim Dohm and Michael England Track Provisional:  Bryan Hendrix    Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Championship Points Standings (After May 13)   1.  Earl Pearson, Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)-1650 2.  Don O'Neal (Martinsville, IN)-1645 3.  Donnie Moran (Dresden, OH)-1600 4.  Matt Miller (Waterville, OH)-1440 5.  Scott James (Lawrenceburg, IN)-1320 6.  Tim Dohm (Cross Lanes, WV)-1295 7.  Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN)-1245 8.  Doug Horton (Bruceton Mills, WV)-1155 9.  Freddy Smith (Seymour, TN)-1150 10. Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI)-1080 11. Dennis Erb, Jr. (Carpentersville, IL)-1075 12. Michael England (Glasgow, KY)-1015 13. Corey Conley (Wellsburg, WV)-985 13. Rick Eckert (York, PA)-985 15. Ray Cook (Brasstown, NC)-975    Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series "Rookie of the Year" Points Standings (After May 13)   1.  Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN)-1245 2.  Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI)-1080 3.  Michael England (Glasgow, KY)-1015 4.  Corey Conley (Wellsburg, WV)-985 5.  Damon Eller (Crumpler, NC)-760 6.  Steve Hillard (Sadorus, IL)-605


HAGERSTOWN, MD (April 29, 2006)- Chub Frank of Bear Lake, PA recorded his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win as he captured the 25th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Memorial on Saturday, April 29th at the Hagerstown Speedway.  Frank led all 50 laps in securing the $10,000 win becoming the ninth different winner in 11 races of the 2006 season.  The 44 year old Pennsylvania racer driving the Lester Buildings/Corry Rubber Corporation/Nystrom's Auto Sales/Lake Shore Paving/Corry Laser Technology/Hoosier Tires/All Star Performance/Outlaw Disc Brakes/Flinner Signs and Decals/Custom Race Engine sponsored Rocket Chevrolet Monte Carlo would outpace runner-up Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL in the Carlton and Kemp Lamm/Lucas Oil Products/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus for the victory.  Rick Eckert of York, PA finished third in the Raye Vest owned/Raye Vest Excavating/Rocket Ford Fusion followed by Gary Stuhler of Greencastle, PA in the Glenn Nininger owned/Nininger's Tire and Auto Center/MasterSbilt GTO with Steve Casebolt of Richmond, IN coming home in fifth in the Casebolt Racing/Dargie Race Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus.  A total of 50 cars were on hand for the Series' first ever visit to Frank Plessinger's Hagerstown Speedway.   Earl Pearson, Jr. and Chub Frank drew the front row out of the four heat race winners with Frank getting the jump over Pearson heading into turn one at the drop of the green flag. Rick Eckert would quickly move to third in front of Steve Casebolt and Steve Shaver.  The race was going along smoothly until a caution on lap five for Damon Eller slowed the race's momentum.  On the restart Mike Balzano, who had started tenth bolted up to fourth around both Shaver and Casebolt.  Casebolt would have none of it getting back around Balzano two circuits later to recapture fourth.  By lap 12 Frank had set sail and was up to a six car length advantage over Pearson who was still running in second several lengths in front of Eckert.   However by lap 16, Pearson had trimmed Frank's lead as he sprinted to just one car length behind making it a much closer margin.  Pearson would begin to challenge Frank for the lead as Eckert and Casebolt were starting to close on the two frontrunners.  With the race getting the crossed flags at the 25 lap halfway mark it was Frank, Pearson, Eckert, Casebolt and Balzano the top five cars.  One car advancing quietly to the front was all-time Hagerstown Speedway Late Model feature winner, Gary Stuhler, who had started in 11th.  Stuhler was able to pass Balzano on lap 27 to take over the fifth slot.  At this point of the race Frank had again gotten away from Pearson's sight stretching his lead to a three second advantage over Pearson as the two fought through traffic.   With 36 laps in the books Frank had a clear race track as he had negotiated traffic in a timely and efficient manner.  Meanwhile Pearson was starting to get attention from Eckert as he had closed on Pearson in the race for second place.  Stuhler went around Casebolt to get the fourth slot dropping Casebolt to fifth.  With 15 laps to go Frank had built a sizable lead over the field and had lapped all the way up to the 12th position. But to show it is not over until it's over a third and final caution would wave for Jason Covert who slowed in turn number one with a flat tire on lap 46.   The Delaware double file restart would see Frank in front by himself followed by the pairing of Pearson and Eckert with Stuhler and Casebolt side by side behind them on the restart.  When the final restart of the race would get the go signal Frank would jump to a three car length lead over Pearson heading off of turn number two. With two circuits to go Pearson would mount one final charge on "Chubzilla", but Frank was just too strong on this night as he would go on to record his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event.  Pearson would finish second and take over the points lead by 25 points over Donnie Moran heading into an off weekend for the series. Eckert finished third followed by Stuhler and Casebolt.   "I want to thank all my crew and everyone here, the track was great all night long, the car was a little tight early on and I saw Earl stick his nose in there a couple of times, but it handled real well in traffic and I am pleased to get this win." said the 2004 World 100 winner in victory lane afterwards.  "I also want to especially thank all of my great sponsors including Lester Buildings and everyone associated with them, we couldn't do this without a lot of help from them and everyone else on the car along with the product sponsors we have, they are all a tremendous help with our race team."   Completing the top ten were 13th starting, Matt Miller, Donnie Moran, Darren Miller, Mike Balzano and Josh Richards.   In preliminary action Chub Frank was the Comp Cams Fast Timer for the 50 cars on hand wit a lap of 18.856 seconds around the half-mile oval.  The PBM Performance Products Heat Races were won by Chub Frank, Rick Eckert, Steve Casebolt and Earl Pearson, Jr.  The Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main went to Don O'Neal and the Penske Shocks Second B-Main was taken by Nathan Durboraw.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will resume its 2006 racing schedule on Saturday Night, May 13th with a visit to the Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN for a $10,000 to win main event.  

Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Hagerstown Speedway-Hagerstown, MD Saturday Night, April 29, 2006   Comp Cams Fast Qualifier:  Chub Frank 18.856 seconds   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  (10 Laps-Top 4 advance):  Chub Frank, Nick Dickson, Donnie Moran, Matt Miller, Don O'Neal, Jeremy Miller, Doug Horton, John Mason, J.T. Spence, Corey Conley, Devin Friese, Brian Booze, Terry Lescalleet   PBM Performance Products Second Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 advance):  Rick Eckert, Steve Shaver, Mike Balzano, Scott James, Freddy Smith, Brady Smith, Michael England, Allen Brannon, Al Shawver, Jr., Frankie Plessinger, D.J. Troutman, Steve Hillard, Bo Feathers   PBM Performance Products Third Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 advance):  Steve Casebolt, Ricky Elliott, Gary Stuhler, Darryl Hills, Jason Covert, Jonathan DeHaven, Tim Dohm, Sean Cosgrove, Roy Deese, Jr., Paul Crowl, Keith Barbara, Tim Murphy   PBM Performance Products Fourth Heat: (10 Laps-Top 4 advance):  Earl Pearson, Jr., Josh Richards, Darren Miller, Nathan Durboraw, Damon Eller, Alan Sagi, Jim Bernheisel, Andy Anderson, Ronnie DeHaven, Jr., Ray Love, Jr., Jeep VanWormer   Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main:  (12 Laps-Top 3 advance):  Don O'Neal, Bo Feathers, Freddy Smith, Jeremy Miller, Brady Smith, Devin Friese, Allen Brannon, Michael England, J.T. Spence, Corey Conley, Brian Booze, John Mason, Frankie Plessinger, Al Shawver, Jr., Terry Lescalleet, Doug Horton, D.J. Troutman   Penske Shocks Second B-Main: (12 Laps-Top 3 advance):  Nathan Durboraw, Jason Covert, Damon Eller, Jim Bernheisel, Jonathan DeHaven, Sean Cosgrove, Alan Sagi, Andy Anderson, Keith Barbara, Tim Dohm, Ray Love, Jr., Paul Crowl, Ronnie DeHaven, Jr.   25th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Memorial Feature: (50 Laps):  Chub Frank, Earl Pearson, Jr., Rick Eckert, Gary Stuhler, Steve Casebolt, Matt Miller, Donnie Moran, Darren Miller, Mike Balzano, Josh Richards, Don ONeal, Steve Shaver, Bo Feathers, Freddy Smith, Tim Dohm, Damon Eller, Darryl Hills, Doug Horton, Jason Covert, Nick Dickson, Nathan Durboraw, Scott James, Davey Johnson, Ricky Elliott, Allen Brannon  

Race Statistics Entries:  50 Caution Flags:  3 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Chub Frank 1-50 All Star Performance Performer of the Race: Matt Miller (started 13th and finished 6th) advanced seven positions K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race: Bo Feathers (from the tail of the consy to finish second) Hawk Brake Tough Brake Award: Nick Dickson Quarter Master Move of the Race: Gary Stuhler Weld Wheels Award:  Don O'Neal Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Steve Casebolt Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Doug Horton and Tim Dohm Track Provisional:  Allen Brannon  

Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings after April 29, 2006   1.  Earl Pearson, Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)-1470 2.  Donnie Moran (Dresden, OH)-1445 3.  Don O'Neal (Martinsville, IN)-1405 4.  Matt Miller (Waterville, OH)-1240 5.  Doug Horton (Bruceton Mills, WV) 1155 6.  Tim Dohm (Cross Lanes, WV)-1150 7.  Scott James (Lawrenceburg, IN)-1135 8.  Dennis Erb Jr (Carpentersville, IL)-1075 9.  Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN)-1035 10. Freddy Smith (Seymour, TN)-990 11. Rick Eckert (York, PA)-985 12. Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI)-910 13. Michael England (Glasgow, KY)-890 14. Corey Conley (Wellsburg, WV)-865 15. Steve Francis (Ashland, KY)-840

Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Year Points Standings after April 29, 2006   1.  Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN)-1035 2.  Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI)-910 3.  Michael England (Glasgow, KY)-890 4.  Corey Conley (Wellsburg, WV)-865 5.  Damon Eller (Crumpler, NC)-710 6.  Steve Hillard (Sadorus, IL)-605


CONCORD, NC (April 22, 2006)- Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN added another huge win to his racing career on Saturday Night as he captured the Inaugural Circle K "Colossal 100" at The Dirt Track@Lowe's Motor Speedway featuring the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series taking the lead on the 70th lap and then going on to capture the $50,000 to win first mega dirt late model event of the 2006 racing season.  Bloomquist driving his own designed Bloomquist Race Cars Chevrolet with a Vic Hill Racing Engine power plant under the hood is sponsored by Miller Brothers Coal, Hawkeye Trucking, Sweet Manufacturing, Allstar Performance and Ohlins.  25th starting Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH finished second in his Donnie Moran Racing/PBM Performance Products/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo with Steve Francis of Ashland, KY taking third in his Valvoline/MOPAR/Rocket Dodge Charger.  Completing the top five were Dale McDowell of Chickamauga, GA in his Dover Cylinder Heads/Racetek/Rocket by Shaw Grand Prix and 32nd starting Chub Frank of Bear Lake, PA in his Lester Buildings/Allstar Performance/Rocket Monte Carlo.  There were 119 cars on hand for the two day show.   Outside pole sitter Shannon Babb looked like the man to beat early on in this 100 lap affair as he grabbed the lead at the start of the field which had 36 cars make up the starting lineup.  Babb quickly built a three car length lead over Steve Francis and fourth place starter, Scott Bloomquist.  Babb's early momentum was slowed on lap four when Randy Weaver stopped on the track bringing out the first caution of the race.  With the choose double file restart Babb and Francis would line up on the front row and when the race resumed Francis would snare the lead from Babb on the fifth circuit as Babb fell to second.  A red would come out on lap seven when Virginia driver Ronnie DeHaven, Jr. would flip several times on the front-stretch infield.  DeHaven checked out okay after the incident, but his car was heavily damaged.  On the ensuing restart a pileup on the front straightaway saw Andy Anderson's car was sitting on top the hood of Mike Marlar's ride.  When the track was cleared Babb would retake the lead from Francis on the restart.   Babb again would start to pull away from Francis as he now had to contend with Bloomquist who was right on his rear bumper of the second place runner.  Chuck Harper was running a solid race as the West Virginia veteran was closing in to challenge Bloomquist for third.  The race would go green for six laps until Weaver brought out another caution as his night ended stalled up against the fourth turn wall.  At this point of the race Babb would still be the race leader with Francis, Bloomquist, Harper and Dale McDowell the top five cars.  But those drivers would begin to feel the heat from Darren Miller, who had raced his way from the 26th starting spot to go to sixth by the 13th circuit.  After Weaver's ride was cleared from the track Babb would again beat Francis into turn one on the restart maintaining his grip on the lead.   Miller would make his first appearance in the top five sub-planting McDowell on lap 16.  On lap 22 the caution would wave once again as Furman Parton would stop on the track just as Babb was picking up the tail end of the field.  With lapped traffic cleared on the restart it was still Babb showing the way until the field was slowed for a stalled Jared Landers.  The race would go four more green flag laps to lap 30 when top ten runner, Tim Dohm's night ended as he stopped in turn two.  On the restart Babb again fired better than Francis as Bloomquist stayed close in third.  The ninth caution of the race came out on lap 34 when another driver who was running inside the top ten, Jonathan Davenport came to a halt on the track.  After a lap 35 restart the race would go 15 laps until being slowed once more.  During this point of the race Babb would still lead with Francis and Bloomquist going door to door for second.  Bloomquist finally was able to get by Francis on lap 45 taking the runner-up position while a heated battle for fourth was waging between Harper and Miller.   The 10th caution of the race on lap 50 was for Rick Rickman and Jack Pennington as both cars stopped on the track.  On the lap 51 restart Bloomquist who lined up beside Babb on the choose-style restart stormed into the lead for the first time in the race.  Caution number 11 waved on lap 53 for Andy Anderson.  On this restart Bloomquist showed his strength beating Babb into turn one to hang onto to the top spot.  Then it was Miller's turn to advance more positions as he went to fourth past Harper, then to third around Francis and then began to put the pressure on his fellow Illini pilot, Babb.  Miller got the job done passing Babb on lap 60 to take second as Harper would pass Francis for fourth.  With 65 laps scored it was Bloomquist on the point followed by Miller, Babb, Harper and Francis.   On lap 67 the 12th caution of the race came out for Miller who had suffered a flat tire.  As Miller went off the track a tremendous run had ended for the driver who had gained 24 spots during the race, but his night was over.  Babb was also involved in a mishap at the same time as he would go pit-side for repairs, but returned to the race on the lead lap and as Harper's stout effort came to an end as he headed pit-side.  On the restart that would put Francis alongside Bloomquist.  Francis led the restart into the first corner and continued to lead Bloomquist for two circuits until Bloomquist was able to get around for the lead.  McDowell was now quietly up to third with 32nd starting Chub Frank in the thick of things in fourth. The 13th and final caution would come out for sixth place running Tim McCreadie on lap 72.   In the final 28 laps Bloomquist would hold a good sized lead over the remaining field of cars.  One driver who was starting to gain momentum was 25th place starter, Donnie Moran.  Moran was now running fifth with 25 laps left.  Moran would pass Frank for fourth on lap 79 and then set his sights on third place running car of McDowell.  Moran did the deed on lap 85 flying by McDowell for third.  Moran was not through yet as he continued to power by some of the best in the business as Francis was now in his sights.  Up front Bloomquist would continue to hold a comfortable lead even thought he was still racing with some lapped cars in front of him.   Moran would catch Francis and pass him for second on lap 98, but with two laps to go Bloomquist was just too far ahead of Moran for him to track him down and complete a big rally from the 13th row.  Bloomquist would flash across the  line to pick up yet another big payday in his illustrious career with Moran finishing second followed by Francis, McDowell and Frank.   Completing the top ten were Babb, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Booper Bare, Furman Parton and Ricky Weeks.   In the preliminary events held on Friday Night, Shannon Babb was the fastest qualifier overall with a time of 15.421 seconds.  The 10 heat race winners were Shannon Babb, Chuck Harper, Mike Marlar, Jared Landers, Shane Clanton, Clint Smith, Mike Balzano, Justin Fegers, Booper Bare and Matt Miller.  The C-Mains went to Furman Parton and Gary Mabe.  The B-Mains were captured by Brady Smith and Tim Dohm.   The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event will be at the Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland on Saturday Night, April 29.  It will be the first ever appearance for the series at Hagerstown as the 25th Annual "Stanley Schetrompf Memorial Race" paying $10,000 to win will be contested.    Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series The Dirt Track@Lowe's Motor Speedway-Concord, NC Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22, 2006   Fast Qualifier:  Shannon Babb 15.421 seconds   First Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Shannon Babb, Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Mars, Steve Casebolt, Bart Hartman, Rick Rickman, Dan Schlieper, Scott Shirley, Dave Eckrich, Darrell Lanigan, Jeff Gress, Evan Harrell       Second Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Chuck Harper, Jonathan Davenport, Freddy Smith, Chub Frank, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Brandon Kinzer, Danny Breuer, J.T. Spence, Josh McGuire, Brian Ledbetter, Shane Tankersley   Third Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Mike Marlar, Andy Anderson, Tim McCreadie, Tony Izzo, Jr., Ed Basey, Buckshot Miles, Steve Shaver, Perry Delaney, Josh Bocook, Nick Bocook, Casey Roberts, Don O'Neal   Fourth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Jared Landers, Steve Francis, Denny Eckrich, Jeremy Miller, Rick Aukland, Shaun Poling, Gabe Wilson, G.R. Smith, Earl Pearson, Jr., Marshall Green, Chuck Southard, Jimmy McCormick   Fifth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 advance):  Shane Clanton, Randy Weaver, Jeff Cooke, Eddie Rickman, John Blankenship, Petey Ivey, Furman Parton, Stacy Holmes, Rick Eckert, Larry Blankenship, Ray Cook, Lewis Hudson II   Sixth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Clint Smith, Chris Madden, Todd Andrews, Ricky Weeks, Al Shawver, Jr., Steve Hendren, Jackie Boggs, Bill Bray, Chris Wall, Brian Tavenner, Jeff Smith   Seventh Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Mike Balzano, Dale McDowell, Garrett Durrett, Brady Smith, Doug Sanders, Frank Ingram, Jimmy Owens, John Gill, Michael England, Richie Nieman, Brian Birkhofer   Eighth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Justin Fegers, Jack Pennington, Tim Dohm, John Mason, Brett Miller, Brandon Ifft, Gary Mabe, Chris Winters, Davey Johnson, Mo Gordy, David Smith   Ninth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Booper Bare, Damon Eller, Donnie Moran, Ricky Elliott, Corey Conley, Keith Barbara, Tracy Pearson, Tracy Hallman, Tim Allen, Billy Hicks, Scott James   Tenth Heat: (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance):  Matt Miller, Dennis Franklin, Ronnie DeHaven, Jr., Darren Miller, Shane Tankersley, David Webb, Randle Chupp, Mike Duvall, Jason Dupont, Josh Richards, Billy Moyer   First C-Main: (20 Laps-Top 4 to First B-Main):  Furman Parton, Stacy Holmes, Billy Hicks, Ray Cook, Don O'Neal, Dave Eckrich, Scott Shirley, Jeff Gress, Rick Eckert, Jimmy Owens, Richard Nieman, Steve Shaver, Michael England, Larry Blankenship, Tracy Pearson, Perry Delaney, Josh Bocook, Nick Bocook, Evan Harrell, Casey Roberts, Lewis Hudson II, DNS:  Dan Schleiper, John Gill, Tracy Hallman, Tim Allen, Darrell Lanigan, Brian Birkhofer, Scott James   Second C-Main: (20 Laps-Top 4 to Second B-Main):  Gary Mabe, Mike Duvall, Earl Pearson, Jr., Shane Tankersley, Jackie Boggs, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brian Ledbetter, Davey Johnson, Jimmy McCormick, G.R. Smith, Chris Winters, Danny Breuer, Chuck Southard, Josh McGuire, Gabe Wilson, Jeff Smith, DNS: Randle Chupp, J.T. Spence, Bill Bray, Chris Wall, Jason Dupont, Marshall Green, Brian Tavenner, Mo Gordy, Josh Bocook, David Smith, Josh Richards, Billy Moyer   First B-Main: (25 Laps-Top 6 to Feature):  Brady Smith, Garrett Durrett, Donnie Moran, Rick Rickman, Furman Parton, Ray Cook, Ed Basey, Stacy Holmes, Billy Hicks, Tony Izzo, Jr., Doug Sanders, Keith Barbara, Corey Conley, Jimmy Mars, Petey Ivey, Tim McCreadie, Jeff Cooke, Eddie Rickman, John Blankenship, Buckshot Miles, Steve Casebolt, Bart Hartman, DNS: Ricky Elliott, Frank Ingram   Second B-Main: (25 Laps-Top 6 to feature):  Tim Dohm, Jeremy Miller, Darren Miller, Denny Eckrich, Ricky Weeks, Chub Frank, Freddy Smith, David Webb, Al Shawver, Jr., Brandon Ifft, Brandon Kinzer, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Mike Duvall, Gary Mabe, Todd Andrews, John Mason, Earl Pearson, Jr., Shaun Poling, Rick Aukland, Tony Morris, Shane Tankersley, Ronnie DeHaven, Jr., Steve Hendren DNS: Brett Miller   Inaugural Circle K "Colossal 100" Main Event:  Scott Bloomquist, Donnie Moran, Steve Francis, Dale McDowell, Chub Frank, Shannon Babb, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Booper Bare, Furman Parton, Ricky Weeks, Ed Basey, Damon Eller, Tim McCreadie, Chuck Harper, Darren Miller, Justin Fegers, Garrett Durrett, Brady Smith, Jack Pennington, Rick Rickman, Denny Eckrich, Mike Marlar, Mike Balzano, Jonathan Davenport, Chris Madden, Tim Dohm, Jared Landers, Matt Miller, Jeremy Miller, Ray Cook, Andy Anderson, Dennis Franklin, Clint Smith, Randy Weaver, Ronnie DeHaven, Jr., Shane Clanton

Race Statistics Entries:  119 Yellow Flags:  13 Red Flags:  1 Lap Leaders:  Shannon Babb 1-4, Steve Francis 5-8, Babb 9-50, Scott Bloomquist 51-67, Francis 68-69, Bloomquist 70-100 Hard Charger of the Race:  Chub Frank (Started 32nd and finished fifth) advanced 27 positions Early Entry Provisionals:  Ed Basey and Ronnie DeHaven, Jr. Fast Time Provisionals:  Ronny Lee Hollingsworth and Tim McCreadie

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Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Championship

Points as of 2/9/2020
Pos Competitor Points
1st Brandon Sheppard (1s) 1190
2nd Tim McCreadie (39) 1150
3rd Devin Moran (9) 1115
4th Jonathan Davenport (49) 1075
5th Tyler Erb (1T) 1050
6th Mike Marlar (157) 1025
7th Kyle Bronson (40B) 980
8th Jimmy Owens (20) 975
9th Billy Moyer (21) 965
10th Brian Shirley (3s) 960

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