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Earning Points on Thursday and Friday of the Show-Me 100 Weekend:
A.) Every driver receives 50 “Participant Points”, as long as entry fees are paid, and the driver competes in (at least) Time Trials, Heat Race, or a B-Main event.

B.) Ten (10 Points) will be awarded to each of the two (2) drivers who are the Overall Fast Qualifier in Groups A and B, respectively.

C.) B-Main Points will be awarded as follows to B-main non-transfers:

1st 70 14th 25
2nd 65 15th 25
3rd 60 16th 25
4th 55 17th 25
5th 50 18th 25
6th 45 19th 25
7th 40 20th 25
8th 35 21st 25
9th 30 22nd 25
10th 25 23rd 25
11th 25 24th 25
12th 25 25th 25
13th 25 26th 25

D.) To receive B-Main points, the driver must start B-Main event.

E.) A-Main Points will be awarded as follows:

1st 200 13th 115
2nd 180 14th 110
3rd 170 15th 105
4th 160 16th 100
5th 155 17th 95
6th 150 18th 90
7th 145 19th 85
8th 140 20th 80
9th 135 21st 75
10th 130 22nd 75
11th 125 23rd 75
12th 120 24th 75

F.) To receive A-Main points, the driver must start the A-Main event.
F.) There are no LOLMDS or MLRA Series provisionals on Thursday or Friday.
G.) Lap Counts for both Thursday and Friday will be as follows:

i.) Heats – 10 Laps; Top 3 Transfer to nightly A-Main (6 Heats)
ii.) B-Mains – 15 Laps; Top 2 Transfer to nightly A-Main (3 B-Mains)
iii.) A-Main – 40 Laps (both Thursday and Friday Night)

Line Ups For Saturday Will Be Determined By The Following:

B-Mains (15 Laps; Top 2 Transfer):
A.) There will be Three (3) B-Mains.
B.) B-Main Line Ups will be determined by Combined Points from Thursday and Friday Nights’ Events; giving away the best positions first, Beginning with the 19th Highest Combined Points position, continuing to the final position in Combined Points.

Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge (20 Laps):
A.) The Top-24 drivers that did not transfer into the Show-Me 100 (via preliminary events) will be eligible to start the Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge.
B.) Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge Line-Ups will be determined from Saturday Night’s B-Mains; giving away the best positions first.

Show-Me 100 Feature (100 Laps):
A.) The Top-18 in Combined Points from Thursday and Friday will automatically transfer into the A-Main.
i.) Ties in Combined Points will be broken by the following:
1st.) Highest Overall Individual Points Night Total for each tied driver.
2nd.) Highest Overall Individual Finish for each tied driver.
3rd.) Fastest Individual Lap in Time Trials during the weekend for each tied driver.

B.) All Combined Points “Non-Transferring” drivers will be split into three (3) B-Mains based on Combined Points. The Top-2 from each of the B-Mains will transfer to the A-Main.

C.) Provisionals will include: Two (2) LOLMDS Series Points Provisionals; Two (2) MLRA Series Points Provisionals; LOLMDS Emergency Provisionals; Midwest Sheet-Metal Show-Me Challenge Winner (should the driver choose to start in the A-Main); and Past Show-Me 100 Winner Provisional (given to the most recent Show-Me 100 winner not in the race)

Starting Grid for Show-Me 100:

Pos Reason Reason Pos
1 Combined Points 1st Combined Points 2nd 2
3 Combined Points 3rd Combined Points 4th 4
5 Combined Points 5th Combined Points 6th 6
7 Combined Points 7th Combined Points 8th 8
9 Combined Points 9th Combined Points 10th 10
11 Combined Points 11th Combined Points 12th 12
13 Combined Points 13th Combined Points 14th 14
15 Combined Points 15th Combined Points 16th 16
17 Combined Points 17th Combined Points 18th 18
19 B-Main # 1 – 1st B-Main # 2 – 1st 20
21 B-Main # 3 – 1st B-Main # 1 – 2nd 22
23 B-Main # 2 – 2nd B-Main # 3 – 2nd 24
25 LOLMDS Provisional #1 LOLMDS Provisional #2 26
27 MLRA Provisional #1 MLRA Provisional #2 28
29 LOLMDS Emergency Provisional #1 LOLMDS Emergency Provisional #2 30
31 Midwest Sheet Metal Challenge Winner Past Show-Me 100 Winner Provisional 32

2020 Championship Points

Points as of 7/4/2020
Pos Competitor Points
1stJimmy Owens (#20)4015
2ndJonathan Davenport (#49)3595
3rdTyler Erb (#1T)3535
4thTim McCreadie (#39)3475
5thDevin Moran (#9)3465
6thJosh Richards (#14)3435
7thKyle Bronson (#40B)3365
8thShane Clanton (#25)3275
9thBilly Moyer (#21)3130
10thTanner English (#81E)3000

Live Timing

Television Schedule

All times are Eastern. Subject to change.
Thursday, July 16
10:00 PM
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
- Tampa, FL
Friday, July 17
7:30 PM
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
- Granite City, IL
Saturday, July 18
7:30 PM
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
- Wheatland, MO
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