Team Lucas is proud to announce the addition of a new partner into the program, Zotto Premium Mattresses

Corona, California (September 27, 2016) - "My business partner Shawn and I have been big race fans for decades. It's great to be able to support the teams and racers we enjoy watching. Our entire Zotto team is exited about this opportunity to share with you, our fellow race fans how truly amazing our Zotto Mattress performs. Its unique Z3 technology delivering optimal sleep and support makes it not just a great mattress for your home. It's ideal for motorhomes and trailers too. We are proud to be partnered with Team Lucas as they represent the best in the business," Patrick Papaccio, CEO of Zotto, Inc.

Nearly one year ago, business partners Shawn Keep and Patrick Papaccio decided it was time to revolutionize the mattress industry. After a year of experimenting with different ideas, technologies, materials and configurations, the Zotto mattress was born. Instead of focusing purely on comfort or improving upon old technology, the team at Zotto focused on the factors that cause poor sleep - proper support and temperature regulation.

While most mattress companies offer a one size-fits all option, Zotto realized that a single foam layer couldn’t possibly offer the same comfort and support for an NFL lineman as it does for a petite ballerina. As such, Zotto developed a 3-layer, dynamic support system and for the first time, one size truly does fit all.

Aptly named Z3, this revolutionary, patent pending foam package utilizes layers with varying pressure ratings. that only engage when necessary, providing the right amount of support and comfort for any size user.

To address temperature regulation Zotto utilizes the most advanced technology ever to be used in a mattress. Zotto’s ThermaPhase comfort layer is the culmination of years of development. By combining two different phase-change gels that target temperatures on both ends of the optimal sleep zone, the Zotto mattress sleeps cooler than any mattress on the market but also has a heating ability to avoid stiffening in cool environments.

There is not a more technologically advanced, or more comfortable mattress available, period.

Zotto is so confident that you will love their mattresses, they offer a 100-night guarantee. If at any time during the 100 nights, you are not 100% satisfied, Zotto will refund 100% of your money and pick the mattress up for free.

To celebrate their new partnership with Team Lucas, Zotto is offering a limited time, special offer. Visit and enter promo code "TeamLucas", and receive $50 of any size Zotto mattress.

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Points as of 7/25/2020
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1stJimmy Owens (#20)5250
2ndJonathan Davenport (#49)4950
3rdJosh Richards (#14)4810
4thTyler Erb (#1T)4785
5thTim McCreadie (#39)4730
6thKyle Bronson (#40B)4590
7thDevin Moran (#9)4550
8thShane Clanton (#25)4510
9thBilly Moyer (#21)4335
10thTanner English (#81E)4240

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