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PORTSMOUTH, OH (October 16, 2015) – A total of 81 cars entered the 35th Annual OPTIMA Batteries Dirt Track World Championship - Presented by NAPA Auto Parts on Friday night at Portsmouth Raceway Park. The event, sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series saw 16 heat races contested with the Top-16 in passing points transferring to Saturday night’s $100,000-to-win crown jewel main event.

In round one of heat races, three drivers came from the seventh starting spot in their respective heats to claim wins. Eddie Carrier Jr., Scott Bloomquist, and Greg Johnson all were victorious. Other heat race winners in round one were Josh Richards, Alex Ferree, Chris Brown, R.J. Conley, and Billy Gullion.

In round two, Jimmy Owens and Darrel Lanigan captured the first two heat races. Jared Landers came from eighth to win heat three. Dustin Linville came home the winner in heat four. Rick Eckert came from his seventh starting spot and was victorious in heat five of round two. Greg Johnson became the first driver to win two heat races as he came from fourth to win the sixth heat in round two. Don O’Neal came from the seventh starting spot to win heat seven in round two. The eighth and final heat of the night saw Bloomquist join Johnson as the only two drivers to win heat races in both rounds as Bloomquist ran off for the win. Steve Francis and Alex Ferree came from ninth and tenth to finish second and third at the checkers.

In preliminary action, Eddie Carrier Jr., Josh Richards, Alex Ferree, Chris Brown, Scott Bloomquist, RJ Conley, Greg Johnson, and Billy Gullion won their respective first round heat races. Jimmy Owens, Darrel Lanigan, Jared Landers, Dustin Linville, Rick Eckert, Greg Johnson, Don O’Neal, and Scott Bloomquist won their respective second round heat races.

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Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Friday, October 16th, 2015
35th Annual OPTIMA Batteries Dirt Track World Championship - Presented by NAPA Auto Parts
Portsmouth Raceway Park – Portsmouth, OH

Eibach Springs FIRST ROUND Heat Race #1 Finish: Eddie Carrier, Jr., Don O'Neal, Tim Dohm , Dennis Erb, Jr., Jimmy Owens, Darrell Lanigan, Colton Burdette, Michael Lake, Mick Sansom, Delbert Crum, III, Billy Staker

FK Rod Ends FIRST ROUND Heat Race #2 Finish: Josh Richards, Brandon Sheppard, Steve Francis, Jackie Boggs, Jason Jameson, Earl Pearson, Jr., Jared Miley, Colton Flinner, Evyian Terry, Russ Frohnapfel

Simpson Performance Products FIRST ROUND Heat Race #3 Finish: Alex Ferree, Jason Montgomery, Rod Conley, Bobby Pierce, Craig Wolford, Jeep VanWormer, Stephen Breeding, Shannon Thornsberry, Boom Briggs, Jon Hodgkiss

QA1 FIRST ROUND Heat Race #4 Finish: Chris Brown, Doug Drown, Mike Marlar, Jason Feger, Chris Hackett, Rich Bond, Charlie Jude, Austin Mills, Delbert Crum, Jr., Charles Floyd

OPTIMA Batteries FIRST ROUND Heat Race #5 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Jonathan Davenport, Devin Moran, Chris Ferguson, Audie Swartz, Jake Keaton, Tim McCreadie, Tyler Carpenter, Delmas Conley, Kyle Hardy

NAPA Auto Parts FIRST ROUND Heat Race #6 Finish: RJ Conley, Jared Landers, Mason Zeigler, Zack Dohm, Chad Hollenbeck, Kayne Hickman, Daniel Williams, Derek Fisher, John Melvin, Michael Wright

ASi Racewear FIRST ROUND Heat Race #7 Finish: Greg Johnson, Dustin Linville, Justin Rattliff, Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Tommy Bailey, Duane Pick, Avery Taylor, Ronnie Whitt, D.J. Wells, Jason Papich

DirtOnDirt.com FIRST ROUND Heat Race #8 Finish: Billy Gullion, Rick Eckert, Matt Westfall, Nick Bocook, Anthony Kinkade, Gregg Satterlee, Kirk Phillips, Randy Armes, Matt Melvin, Steve Casebolt

Eibach Springs SECOND ROUND Heat Race #1 Finish: Jimmy Owens, Earl Pearson, Jr., Rod Conley, Mike Marlar, Mason Zeigler, Brandon Sheppard, Matt Westfall, Tommy Bailey, Tyler Carpenter, Billy Staker-DNS

FK Rod Ends SECOND ROUND Heat Race #2 Finish: Darrell Lanigan, Jason Jameson, Bobby Pierce, Devin Moran, Nick Bocook, Daniel Williams, Austin Mills, Delbert Crum, III, Duane Pick, Steve Casebolt-DNS

Simpson Performance Products SECOND ROUND Heat Race #3 Finish: Jared Landers, Jason Montgomery, Jared Miley, Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Chris Ferguson, Tim Dohm, Billy Gullion, Avery Taylor, Dennis Erb, Jr., Matt Melvin, Charles Floyd

QA1 SECOND ROUND Heat Race #4 Finish: Dustin Linville, RJ Conley, Jackie Boggs, Jonathan Davenport, Jeep VanWormer, Justin Rattliff, John Melvin, Michael Lake, Kirk Phillips, Delbert Crum, Jr.

OPTIMA Batteries SECOND ROUND Heat Race #5 Finish: Rick Eckert, Jason Papich, Boom Briggs, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Audie Swartz, Evyian Terry, Derek Fisher, Michael Wright, Rich Bond, Kyle Hardy

NAPA Auto Parts SECOND ROUND Heat Race #6 Finish: Greg Johnson, Jason Feger, Colton Burdette, Zack Dohm, Doug Drown, Russ Frohnapfel, Craig Wolford, Randy Armes, Tim McCreadie-DNS, Delmas Conley-DNS

ASi Racewear SECOND ROUND Heat Race #7 Finish: Don O'Neal, Josh Richards, Chris Brown, Jake Keaton, Chris Hackett, Kayne Hickman, D.J. Wells, Shannon Thornsberry, Anthony Kinkade, Jon Hodgkiss-DNS

DirtOnDirt.com SECOND ROUND Heat Race #8 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Steve Francis, Alex Ferree, Stephen Breeding, Colton Flinner, Chad Hollenbeck, Ronnie Whitt, Gregg Satterlee, Charlie Jude, Mick Sansom

Fast Shafts B-Main #1 Line Up (Top 2 Transfer):

Rod Conley 71R 157 Mike Marlar
Doug Drown 79 17D Zack Dohm
Earl Pearson Jr. 1 16 Justin Rattliff
Nick Bocook 1B 44 Colton Burdette
Stephen Breeding 5B 55 Jeep VanWormer
Kayne Hickman H3 12D Daniel Williams
Derek Fisher 38 007 Rick Bond
Duane Pick 37 CJ1 Charlie Jude
Michael Lake 27 11W DJ Wells
Delbert Crum III 34C B52 Delbert Crum Jr.
Kyle Hardy 99V C2 Charles Floyd

Keyser MFG B-Main #2Line Up (Top 2 Transfer):
Darrel Lanigan 29 99M Devin Moran
Jason Jameson 12J B5 Brandon Sheppard
Billy Gullion 11G 10 Audie Swartz
Chris Hackett 33 H1 Jared Miley
Chad Hollenbeck 4D-s 28E Dennis Erb Jr.
Craig Wolford 36 11B Tommy Bailey
Anthony Kinkade 53C 58 Evyian Terry
Ronnie Whitt 11 21K Kirk Phillips
John Melvin 81 8R Randy Armes
Michael Wright 18 81M Matt Melvin
Steve Casebolt C9 7 Billy Staker

Lucas Oil Products Fuels B-Main #3 Line Up (Top 2 Transfer):
Jackie Boggs 4B 32 Bobby Pierce
Paul Wilmoth Jr. B1 25Z Mason Zeigler
Tim Dohm 6T 22F Chris Ferguson
Jake Keaton 10K 54W Matt Westfall
Boom Briggs 99B 91P Jason Papich
Colton Flinner 75 159 Avery Taylor
Gregg Satterlee 22 1AM Austin Mills
Tim McCreadie 1* 45 Russ Frohnapfel
Shannon Thornsberry 17T 28T Tyler Carpenter
Mick Sansom 20M 71D Delmas Conley
Jon Hodgkiss 69

Feature Line Up (100 Laps):
Scott Bloomquist 88 Greg Johnson
Don O'Neal 5 1R Josh Richards
RJ Conley 71C 777 Jared Landers
Rick Eckert 7v D8 Dustin Linville
Alex Ferree 47 21b Chris Brown
Jason Montgomery 21m 28 Eddie Carrier Jr.
Steve Francis 15 20 Jimmy Owens
Jason Feger 25F 6 Jonathan Davenport
B-Main #1 - 1st 17 18 B-Main #2 - 1st
B-Main #3 - 1st 19 20 B-Main #1 - 2nd
B-Main #2 - 2nd 21 22 B-Main #3 - 2nd
Series Provisional #1 23 24 Series Provisional #2
Track Provisional #1 25 26 Track Provisional #2

Live Timing

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2019 Championship Points

lmd dlUpdated: 10/22/19 - FINAL After Portsmouth

1 49 Jonathan Davenport 8170
2 39 Tim McCreadie 7700
3 14 Josh Richards 7660
4 1t Tyler Erb ® 7590
5 20 Jimmy Owens 7540
6 1m Devin Moran ® 7305
7 71 Hudson O'Neal 7235
8 1 Earl Pearson, Jr. 7160
9 40b Kyle Bronson 6525
10 50 Shanon Buckingham ...