SWAINSBORO, GA(June 18, 2009)Taking advantage of a final lap Dale McDowell flat tire, Performance Rod and Custom Fast Time driver Casey Roberts of Toccoa, Georgia made the outside pass for his first career Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series win. Roberts, who won his heat race, held off LOLMDS Point Leader Scott Bloomquist for the second spot over the waning laps. But as the leaders approached a gaggle of cars including Don O’Neal, Roberts moved up to the outside to find a way around McDowell for the lead. Bloomquist took the second spot when Roberts slid high exiting turn four. McDowell finally cleared O’Neal as the Indiana driver cut down his right rear tire. The bottle neck effect caused a near miss with Roberts and Bloomquist, but the veterans were able to avoid disaster. O’Neal’s handicapped machine brought out the caution when he rolled to a stop at the bottom of turn four.

When the field went back to green flag racing, McDowell was firmly in command. With just under ten laps remaining McDowell opened up a five car length advantage which was washed away with only three laps remaining. The yellow flag waved once again when Ed Basey lost a right rear tire on the front straightaway. The final caution set up a green, white and checkers finish. When McDowell took the final green flag, he was unable to get away from Roberts. As the leaders spilled onto the back straightaway for the final time, McDowell’s right rear went flat. Roberts made the evasive outside pass and then held off Bloomquist for the $7000 payday.

“Man this is great. We had a great car for sure. As soon as we fired on that initial start I knew Dale (McDowell) was on softer tires than we were. We kind of gambled and it paid off. I said to myself on the first lap that I was going to ride it out and hope that he used his stuff up. I need to thank Mr. Cushman for a giving me such great equipment and the chance to drive for him. And I need to really thank Randy Clary for such a great motor. And our Victory Circle Car by Billy Moyer has been really good too. I appreciate everybody hanging in here and getting this race in. It is definitely one of the biggest wins of my career, “ said a very happy Casey Roberts in the Lucas Oil Victory Lane.

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Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Race Summary Thursday Night, June 18, 2009 Swainsboro Raceway – Swainsboro, GA

PRC Fast Time: Casey Roberts/ 15.249 seconds                  

Hawk Brake First Heat (10 Laps-Top 6 Advance): Casey Roberts, Scott Bloomquist, Earl Pearson Jr., Ben Faircloth, Don O’Neal, Shon Flanary, Jimmy Owens, Michael Walker, Daniel Baggerly

Hawk Brake Second Heat (10 Laps-Top 6 Advance): Dale McDowell, Josh McGuire, Brad Neat, Eric Jacobsen, David Breazeale, Freddy Smith, Ches-ley Dixon, Mike Nasworthy, Tommy Gandy

AFCO Racing Products Third Heat (10 Laps-Top 6 Advance): Steve Casebolt, Jonathan Davenport, Ed Basey, Dan Schlieper, Ray Cook, John Blankenship, Jeremy Faircloth, Henry Carter, Brian Nuttall, Dennis Franklin-DQ

Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main (12 Laps- Top 4 Advance): Jimmy Owens, Mike Nasworthy, Ches-ley Dixon, Henry Carter, Dennis Franklin, Daniel Baggerly, Brian Nuttall, Michael Walker, Tommy Gandy, Benji Cole, Jeremy Faircloth-DNS     

Feature Finish (40 Laps): Casey Roberts, Scott Bloomquist, Dale McDowell, Steve Casebolt, Josh McGuire, Earl Pearson Jr., Jonathan Davenport, Brad Neat, Eric Jacobsen, Dan Schlieper, Ray Cook, Freddy Smith, Jimmy Owens, Don O’Neal, David Breazeale, John Blankenship, Henry Carter, Shon Flanary, Mike Nasworthy, Michael Walker, Ed basey, Ches-ley Dixon, Ben Faircloth, Jeremy Faircloth

Finish (Start) Car Number Driver Name

1.  (1) #101 Casey Roberts 2.  (4) #0 Scott Bloomquist 3.  (2) #17M Dale McDowell 4.  (3) #c9 Steve Casebolt 5.  (5) #41 Josh McGuire 6.  (7) #44 Earl Pearson Jr. 7.  (6) #18 Jonathan Davenport 8.  (8) #41N Brad Neat 9.  (11) #5 Eric Jacobsen 10.  (12) #s9 Dan Schlieper 11.  (15) #53 Ray Cook 12.  (17) #00 Freddy Smith 13.  (19) #20 Jimmy Owens 14.  (13) #71 Don O’Neal 15.  (14) #54 David Breazeale 16.  (18) #23 John Blankenship 17.  (22) #20C Henry Carter 18.  (16) #98 Shon Flanary 19.  (20) 0N Brian Nasworthy 20.  (23) #64 Michael Walker 21.  (9) #4B Ed Basey 22.  (21) #3 Ches-ley Dixon 23.  (10) #27F Ben Faircloth 24.  (24) #4F Jeremy Faircloth

Race Statistics

Entries:  29 Caution Flags: Michael Walker, Henry Carter (Lap 2); Don O’Neal (Lap 37); Ed Basey (Lap 38) Lap Leaders: Dale McDowell (Lap 1-39); Casey Roberts (Lap 40) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisional: Michael Walker Fast Time Provisional: Jeremy Faircloth PBM/Erson Cams Hard Charger of the Race: Jimmy Owens Allstar Performance Performer of the Race: Casey Roberts K&N Filters Clean Pass of the Race: Freddy Smith Quarter Master Rookie of the Race: David Breazeale Comp Cams Engine Builder of the Race: Randy Clary Racing Engines Time of the Race: 22 minutes 28 seconds

2009 Championship Points Standings

1.  Scott Bloomquist (Mooresburg, TN) 2970 2.  Earl Pearson Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)  2615 3.  Dale McDowell (Chickamauga, GA)  2585 4.  Jimmy Owens (Newport, TN)  2575 5.  Ray Cook (Brasstown, NC)  2525 6.  Don O’Neal (Martinsville, IN)  2470 7.  Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN) 2430 8.  Brad Neat (Dunnville, KY)  2355 9.  Josh McGuire (Grayson, KY) 2300 10.  Eric Jacobsen (Seacliffe Beach, CA)  2160 11.  John Blankenship (Williamson, WV)  2115 12.  Dan Schlieper (Sullivan, WI)  2045 13.  David Breazeale (Four Corners, MS)  1850 14.  Billy Moyer (Batesville, AR)  1810 15.  Freddy Smith (Seymour, TN)  1805 18. Michael Walker (Franklin, TN)  1445

2009 Quarter Master Rookie of the Year Points Standings

1.  John Blankenship (Williamson, WV)  2115 2.  David Breazeale (Four Corners, MS) 1850 3.  Jeep VanWormer (Pinnconning, MI)  1590 4.  Michael Walker (Franklin, TN) 1445

2020 Championship Points

Points as of 7/4/2020
Pos Competitor Points
1stJimmy Owens (#20)4015
2ndJonathan Davenport (#49)3595
3rdTyler Erb (#1T)3535
4thTim McCreadie (#39)3475
5thDevin Moran (#9)3465
6thJosh Richards (#14)3435
7thKyle Bronson (#40B)3365
8thShane Clanton (#25)3275
9thBilly Moyer (#21)3130
10thTanner English (#81E)3000

Live Timing