SWAINSBORO, GA (April 3, 2008) – Terry Casey of New London, WI drove the Arnie Ranta Motorsports/Brewer Concrete Rayburn/Pro Power to his third Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the season on Thursday night at Swainsboro Raceway in the 30-lap main event.  Casey started third, took the lead from Dan Schlieper of Sullivan, WI on lap seven, and then weaved his way through lapped traffic late in the race to post the victory.


The main event win gave Casey a “clean sweep” of the event, as he was the Fast Qualifier among the 45 entrants with a lap around the 3/10-mile clay oval in 14.577 seconds, he also won the Hawk Brakes First 10-lap Heat Race, and he also padded his Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series point lead.


Schlieper took the second spot in the Hawkeye Trucking/Miller Brothers Coal Rayburn/Pro Power, and Ivedent Lloyd Jr. of Ocala, FL finished third in the HTI Mastersbilt/Lloyd.  Dennis “Rambo” Franklin of Gaffney, SC was fourth in the Swiftco Racing/Encompass Solutions Barry Wright/Clements, and the defending and three-time Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Champion Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL finished fifth after starting 15th in the Lifelong Locks Mastersbilt/Larry Wallace.


Bart Hartman of Zanesville, OH drove the Imler’s Poultry Rocket/Cornett to a sixth-place finish, and Randle Chupp of Troutman, NC was seventh in the Starrette Trucking/Powell Construction Rocket/RC.  Steve Casebolt of Richmond, IN finished eighth in the Fatheads/Dixie Choppers Rocket Cornett, and Don O’Neal of Martinsville, IN was ninth in the Harrod Farms Rayburn/Dickens.  Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC rounded out the top ten in the A+ Moving & Storage/Fairway Ford Mastersbilt/Grover.


The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series now moves to Screven Motor Speedway in Sylvania, GA on Friday night.


You can find out more about the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series by logging on to www.lucasdirt.com or call the series off ice at (951) 532-2503.


Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Race Summary

Saturday Night, April 3, 2008

Swainsboro Raceway-Swainsboro, GA


PRC Fast Time: Terry Casey 14.577 seconds


Hawk Brake First Heat (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Terry Casey, Tim Dohm, Donnie Moran, John Mason, Shane Williams, Jordy Nipper, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, John Henderson, Scott James, Ches-ley Dixon, Damon Eller, Terry Lumley


Hawk Brake Second Heat (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Casey Roberts, Randy Weaver, Bart Hartman, Ivedent Lloyd, Randle Chupp, Freddy Smith, Jimmy Owens, Jeremy Faircloth, Steven Howard, Travis Pennington, Sean Meeks


AFCO Racing Products Third Heat (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Dan Schlieper, Don O'Neal, Dillon Wood, Earl Pearson Jr., Bob Robertson, Jason Fitzgerald, Michael England, Dion Deason, Ed Basey, Scott Bloomquist, Brian Nuttall - DNS


Tiger Rear Ends Fourth Heat (10 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Justin Rattliff, Billy Drake, Dennis Franklin, Ray Cook, Steve Casebolt, Ben Faircloth, Brent Dixon, Henry Carter, Jeff Fortner, Jimmy Sharpe, Wayne Chinn


Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance): Randle Chupp, Freddy Smith, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, John Henderson, Jordy Nipper, Damon Eller, Shane Williams, Jimmy Owens, Scott James, Jeremy Faircloth, Ches-ley Dixon, Steven Howard - DNS, Travis Pennington - DNS, Sean Meeks - DNS, Terry Lumley - DNS


Quarter Master Second B-Main (12 Laps-Top 2 Advance): Steve Casebolt, Ben Faircloth, Bob Robertson, Wayne Chinn, Dion Deason, Henry Carter, Jason Fitzgerald, Michael England, Brent Dixon, Ed Basey - DNS, Jeff Fortner - DNS, Scott Bloomquist - DNS, Jimmy Sharpe - DNS, Brian Nuttall - DNS


Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Feature Finish (50 Laps): Terry Casey, Dan Schlieper, Ivedent Lloyd, Dennis Franklin, Earl Pearson Jr., Bart Hartman, Randle Chupp, Steve Casebolt, Don O'Neal, Ray Cook, John Mason, Justin Rattliff, Donnie Moran, Ben Faircloth, Billy Drake, Freddy Smith, Dillon Wood, Damon Eller, Randy Weaver, Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Tim Dohm, Scott James, Casey Roberts, Bob Robertson


Race Statistics


Entries:  45

Caution Flags: 6

Lap Leaders: Schlieper 1-6, Casey 7-30

Series Provisionals: Scott James, Damon Eller

PBM/Erson Cams Hard Charger of the Race:  Ivedent Lloyd (Started 14th and finished third-advanced 11 positions)

Allstar Performance Performer of the Race: Dan Schlieper

K&N Filters Clean Pass of the Race: Ivedent Lloyd

Quarter Master Rookie of the Race:  Terry Casey

ASI Racewear Lucky 7 Award:  Randle Chupp

Integra Crew Chief of the Race:  Jason Palubicki (Dan Schlieper)

Comp Cams Engine Builder of the Race:  Pro Power Engines

Time of the Race:  45 minutes


Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Championship Points Standings


1)        Terry Casey (New London, WI) 740

2)        Earl Pearson Jr. (Jacksonville, FL) 600

3)        Steve Casebolt (Richmond, IN) 595

4)        Bart Hartman (Zanesville, OH) 545

5)        Justin Rattliff (Campbellsville, KY) 540

6)        Don O’Neal (Martinsville, IN) 535

7)        Dan Schlieper (Sullivan, WI) 515

8)        Donnie Moran (Dresden, OH) 490

9)        Scott James (Lawrenceburg, IN) 465

10)      Ray Cook (Brasstown, NC) 455


Quarter Master Rookie of the Year Points Standings

1)        Terry Casey (New London, WI) 740

2)        Wayne Chinn (Bradford, OH) 420

3)        John Blankenship (Williamson, WV) 140

4)        Eric Jacobsen (Seacliffe Beach, CA) 75

5)        Tony Knowles (Tyrone, GA) 75

2021 Championship Points

Points as of 3/21/2021
Pos Competitor Points
1stHudson O'Neal (#71)1390
2ndDevin Moran (#9)1345
3rdTim McCreadie (#39)1330
4thKyle Bronson (#40B)1270
5thBrandon Sheppard (#1s)1265
6thJosh Richards (#14)1230
7thMike Marlar (#157)1230
8thRicky Thornton (#20RT)1220
9thTyler Erb (#1T)1200
10thShane Clanton (#25)1195

Live Timing