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PONTOON BEACH, IL (July 31, 2005)-After recording five second place finishes this season for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL finally broke through with his first win of '05 on Sunday Night, July 31 at the Tri-City Speedway in Pontoon Beach, IL as the 33 year old racer took the "Miller Lite-Wallace Brother Homecoming" 50 lap $10,000 to win main event to become the 15th different winner in 25 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series events this season. 

Pearson who started fifth on the grid inherited the lead on the 23rd lap after race leader Don O'Neal went pitside.  Pearson was driving the Carlton and Kemp Lamm owned/Lucas Oil Products/Dunn-Benson Ford/K&N Engineering Inc./All Star Performance/Sunoco Race Fuels/Larry Wallace Racing Engines powered MasterSbilt Ford Taurus.  Finishing second and hounding Pearson until the finish was Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH in the PBM Performance Products/SMS Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Third was Matt Miller of Waterville, OH in the Dirt Shop, Inc/Lo Temp Brazing/Rocket Grand Prix with fourth place to Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA in the Daufeldt Transport/Pro Power Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo and completing the top five was  Darren Miller of Chadwick, IL in the Seubert Calf Ranches/Pro Power Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus. Shannon Babb and Don O'Neal would make up a stout front row starting line up and just as he had done in his heat race win Babb would show his strength early on grabbing the point from the start and immediately opening up a lead over O'Neal.  Babb would quickly start to pick up the tail end of the field as the cars were flying around the 1/2 mile dirt track.  O'Neal was trying to keep Babb with in eyesight as Babb started to lap cars by the 10th circuit.  Pearson, who started fifth was running third a this point with Moran and Darren Miller holding down fourth and fifth places.  As Babb and O'Neal were working their way through traffic O'Neal started to close down the lead on Babb closing to within two car lengths by lap 20.  Just when O'Neal looked like he had something for Babb a caution flew for a slowed Scott James on lap 21 for the only caution of the race.  During the caution Babb developed a flat tire and went pitside to change a tire giving up his lead to O'Neal.  When the race resumed O'Neal would sprint to the lead with Pearson in second followed by Moran, Matt Miller and Darren Miller. But O'Neal would last one lap in front until motor woes sidelined as he pulled his car to the infield and out of the race. Pearson would then pick up the point with Moran all over him.  Pearson would go to five car lengths out in front until Moran would chop that down to two car lengths at times.  By the 32nd lap traffic started to be in Pearson's future as Moran was right on him now.  As the duo would race through traffic Pearson would still hold the advantage.  Matt Miller and Brian Birkhofer were duking it out for third in a tight battle for that spot, but they were several car lengths behind the front two at this point.  With ten laps to go Moran was all over Pearson looking for a way to get past him with five laps to go Pearson would be four lengths ahead but Moran again would stage one last ditch effort in the closing laps and tried to drive his car harder into the turns to catch Pearson, but it was not to be as Pearson would handle the pressure of Moran and take his car to victory lane for the first time in 2005.  Moran was second with Matt Miller, Brian Birkhofer and Darren Miller completing the top five. "It feels good to finally get a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win" said Pearson on the victory podium where he was surrounded by his crew and Forrest Lucas, who was attending the event. "I'm glad we got one here in front of Forrest, this one is for him for sticking with me and believing in me even through the tough times earlier this year."  Just three weeks ago Pearson and the Dunn-Benson crew made the switch to a MasterSbilt Chassis. "This series has become the toughest to win on and this MasterSbilt car was great tonight I want to thank Keith and Tader Masters for their help along with some of the other guys running their equipment they have been helpful in giving me advice on the car." Rounding out the top ten were Shannon Babb, who re-entered the race after the flat tire, Freddy Smith, Brian Shirley, Steve Casebolt, Jr. and Brady Smith. The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event will be on Saturday Night, August 27 at the Bluegrass Speedway in Bardstown, KY paying $10,000 to win.Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Sunday Night, July 31, 2005 Tri-City Speedway-Pontoon Beach, IL Fast Qualifier:  Darren Miller  21.200 Heat #1:  Freddy Smith, Donnie Moran, Darren Miller, Randy Korte, Steve Sheppard, Jr., Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace, Mark Oller, Reid Mallard Heat #2:  Don O'Neal, Earl Pearson, Jr., Scott James, Brian Birkhofer, Tim Dohm, Jason Frankel, Jayme Zidar, Bert Cheatham, Mike Hammerle, Mike Wallace Heat #3:  Shannon Babb, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Matt Miller, Brian Shirley, Brady Smith, Whitney McQueary, Bryan Collins, Kyle Steffens, Ron McQuerry, Billy Laycock B-Main:  Kenny Wallace, Bryan Collins, Mark Oller, Kyle Steffens, Ron McQuerry, Bert Cheatham, Reid Mallard, Mike Wallace, Jayme Zidar, Billy Laycock, Mike Hammerle Miller-Lite Wallace Brothers Homecoming 50 Lap Main Event:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Donnie Moran, Matt Miller, Brian Birkhofer, Darren Miller, Shannon Babb, Freddy Smith, Brian Shirley, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Brady Smith, Randy Korte, Ken Schrader, Steve Sheppard, Jr., Whitney McQueary, Mike Wallace, Kyle Steffens, Bryan Collins, Kenny Wallace, Jason Frankel, Tim Dohm, Jayme Zidar, Don O'Neal, Scott James, Mark Oller, Mike HammerleRace Statistics: Entries:  30 Cautions: 1 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Shannon Babb 1-21, Don O'Neal 22, Earl Pearson, Jr. 23-50 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Brady Smith Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Brian Birkhofer (started 11th and finished 4th) advanced 7 positions Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Jayme Zidar and Mike Hammerle Track Provisional:  Mike Wallace


LASALLE, IL (July 30, 2005)-The official score sheets from the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on Saturday Night at the LaSalle Speedway shows seven lead changes in the race, of course that is at the start-finish line but there were at least twice that many lead exchanges in the thrilling 50 lap $10,000 to win "Illinois Valley Challenge" that saw Muscatine, IA driver Brian Birkhofer park his car in victory circle for the second time this season in Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series competition. 

Birkhofer led the last 16 laps of the race as he piloted his Daufeldt Transport/TB & Company/Simon Trucking/J&J Steel/McFarland Pain Clinic/Pratt Motorsports/Community Bank of Muscatine/S&S Concrete/Eastern Iowa Landscape/Executive Finish/Reed's Lawn Service/Bryant Roofing/Precision Machine/Pro Power Race Engines sponsored MasterSbilt Monte Carlo to the win in front of a packed house.   Trailing Birkhofer across the finish line was Earl Pearson, Jr of Jacksonville, FL, who came back from a flat tire to take second in the Lucas Oil Products/Larry Wallace Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus.  Dennis Erb, Jr. of Carpentersville, IL was third in the Petroff Towing/Malcuit Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo with fourth going to Matt Miller of Waterville, OH in the Doug Herbert Performance Parts/Russell Baker Racing Engines/Rocket Grand Prix.  Rounding out the top five was hard charger of the race, Billy Drake of Bloomington, IL in the Steidinger Construction/Mullvain Motors/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo who came from the 19th starting spot.

Earl Pearson, Jr. and 18 year old high school junior, Travis Rokey would make up the front starting row for the 50 lap main event.  The race would go green for one lap until an accident in turn two slowed the action.  Pearson had grabbed the point from the get go with Brady Smith sliding into second followed by Don O'Neal.  Pearson would lead another circuit after the restart, but Smith would get a run on Pearson down the backstraight to take the lead.  O'Neal would then go to second by Pearson as Pearson fell to third place.  Brian Birkhofer was headed towards the front as he started in fifth and roared past O'Neal and Pearson to take second on lap five.  The tremendous racing up front continued with Darren Miller pounding the cushion and going from 10th to third in only six laps.  On lap 6 the caution would fly for flat tires for Donnie Moran and Pearson.  Both pitted and returned to racing action.  The top five now would consist of Smith in front followed by Birkhofer, Miller, O'Neal and Dennis Erb, Jr.  Erb would get by O'Neal on lap for fourth.  The race for the lead had the capacity crowd cheering loudly as Smith and Birkhofer then would get toe to toe for the lead.  Smith and Birkhofer would race side by side down the straightways with Smith holding the advantage at the scoring line.  On lap 16 Smith would get too high in turn four and Birkhofer would slip by him to take the lead for the first time in the race.

Smith would then pull even with Birkhofer again and the two went side by side for two laps until Smith was out in front again on lap 18.  But a lap later Birkhofer retook the lead as the cars were really pouding the cushion that had built up in turns three and four.  Miller was a solid third with Erb and O'Neal still in the top five. O'Neal then would pass both Miller and Erb to take over third on lap 21.  With the halfway signal given it was still Birkhofer barely in front followed by Smith, O'Neal, Erb and now Matt Miller.  Scott James would slow and bring out a caution on lap 26.  On the restart O'Neal would blast by Smith and a lap later Birkhofer to take over the lead.  At the 30 lap mark it was now O'Neal showing the way and threatening to pull away from the field.  Birkhofer was second trailed by Smith, Erb and Matt Miller.  Jason Feger started to get it cranked up as the youngest entered the top five on lap 31 by Matt Miller.  A caution on lap 33 would halt the exciting action temporarily.  At this time Darren Miller who had been really strong left the race and did not return.  On the restart O'Neal bolted out to a three car length lead over Birkhofer, but Birkhofer would catch up and slide by O'Neal coming off of turn number four on lap 35.  Smith who was fourth in the running order would catch the burm in turn four and see Feger and Steve Casebolt, Jr. who was on the move from his 15th starting spot collide with him with all three cars retired for the night.

After that there would be no more cautions as the race would go green the rest of the way.  Birkhofer would be the lead with Pearson who had pitted earlier to change a flat tire now up to second in an incredible comeback.  Pearson had passed O'Neal for second on lap 35 as the two went door to door.  Pearson then set his sights on Birkhofer in the final 10 laps of the race, but Birkhofer would not make any mistakes and smoothly drive the track taking his car all the way to the checkers for his second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of '05.  Pearson's comeback netted him a second place finish for the fifth time in series competition as Erb would take third.  Fourth place was Matt Miller with Billy Drake charging up from his 19th starting position to take fifth place as he was right on Miller's heels at the finish.

In victory circle Birkhofer thanked previous LaSalle winner, Jimmy Mars for some expert advice.  "I want to thank Jimmy Mars for telling me what to do here tonight, he won here in May coming from 14th and I trusted his advice since he couldn't be here tonight I talked to him on the phone earlier,"  "That was a really exciting race and I want to thank the fans for coming out tonight and they surely got their money's worth watching that race."

Completing the top ten were Don O'Neal, Brian Shirley, John Provenzano, Michael Glynn and Freddy Smith.

In preliminary events Earl Pearson, Jr. was the Fast Qualifier for the 28 car field at 12.685 seconds.  The Heat Race winners were Pearson, Brady Smith and Travis Rokey.  The B-Main was won by Billy Drake.

Race Summary 

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 

Saturday Night, July 30, 2005 

LaSalle Speedway-LaSalle, Illinois

Fast Time:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 12.685 seconds

Heat #1:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Dennis Erb, Jr., Jason Feger, Darren Miller, Kevin Weaver, Jay Fiene, John Provenzano, Denny Eckrich, Frank Reaber, Edward Williams

Heat #2:  Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer, Matt Miller, Scott James, Michael Glynn, Freddy Smith, Billy Drake, Tom Markham, Whitney McQueary

Heat #3:  Travis Rokey, Don O'Neal, Rick Aukland, Donnie Moran, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Bart Schwartz, Tim Dohm, Tony Izzo, Jr., Brian Shirley

B-Main:  Billy Drake, Brian Shirley, John Provenzano, Denny Eckrich, Whitney McQueary, Tom Markham, Frank Reaber, Tim Dohm, Edward Williams

"Illinois Valley Challenge" 50 Lap Feature:  Brian Birkhofer, Earl Pearson, Jr., Dennis Erb, Jr., Matt MIller, Billy Drake, Don O'Neal, Brian Shirley, John Provenzano, Michael Glynn, Freddy Smith, Tim Dohm, Frank Reaber, Whitney McQueary, Donnie Moran, Brady Smith, Jason Feger, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Darren Miller, Scott James, Jay Fiene, Travis Rokey, Kevin Weaver, Bart Schwartz, Rick Aukland

Race Statistics

Entries:  28

Cautions:  6

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leaders:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 1-2, Brady Smith 2-16, Brian Birkhofer 16-17, Smith 18,  Birkhofer 19-27, Don O'Neal 28-34, Birkhofer 35-50

Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Billy Drake (started 19th and finished 5th) advanced 14 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Tim Dohm

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Tim Dohm and Whitney McQueary

Track Provisional:  Frank Reaber


WEST LIBERTY, IA (July 28, 2005)-Matt Miller of Waterville, OH led all 50 laps while outdueling Donnie Moran to win the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on Thursday Night at the West Liberty Raceway in West Liberty, Iowa.  The 34 year old 2005 $100,000 Dream Winner rolled to the lead at the start of the 50 lap main event on his way to the $10,000 payday for his second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of '05.  Miller drove the Scott Smith crew chiefed, Dirt Shop, Inc/McCullough Industries/Performance Rod and Custom/Doug Herbert Performance Circle Track Parts/Lo-Temp Brazing/Banshee Graphics/Hoosier Tires/Whaley and Son Collision/McDonald Refrigeration/Russell Baker Racing Engines/Rocket Pontiac Grand Prix #7 to victory circle over Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH in the PBM Performance Products/SMS Race Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Third place went to Andy Eckrich of Iowa City, IA in his first career start with the series as he was driving the Precision Performance/GroveAutomotive/Barry Wright Grand Prix with fourth place going to Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA in the Daufeldt Transport/Pro Power Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo with Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL in the Lucas Oil/Larry Wallace Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus. Andy Eckrich and Matt Miller would make the front row with 50 laps of racing in front of them it would be very important as to who would get the lead in this race at the start with the stout field on hand.  Miller would be the man to do that as he outpowered the younger Eckrich on the start and blasted into the lead heading into turn number one.  Eckrich would fall in behind Miller for second with Donnie Moran, Brian Birkhofer and Steve Boley making up the top five after one lap was scored. The race would go green until a three car accident in turn two slowed the action.  Once the race resumed Miller was still holding the point and building his lead to six and seven car lengths lap after lap over Eckrich.  Eckrich was receiving heavy pressure from Moran at this point and on lap 10 Moran would scoot by Eckrich to take over second place. Moran would now have Miller in his sights, but it would take a tremendous effort now to track down Miller has he had built a sizable lead.  A caution on lap 16 for a slowed Steve Casebolt Jr would close the field up behind Miller.  The race would then see five more laps of green flag racing with Moran all over Miller for the lead, but Denny Eckrich blew a tire on lap 21 necessitating another caution flag period. Scott James would stop with a flat on lap 24 for another caution as tire wear was becoming a factor among some of the top ten drivers. With the halfway mark given it was still Miller showing the way with Moran in second and a good battle for third between Andy Eckrich and Birkhofer was also taking place.  On the restarts Miller would open up a five car length lead over Moran and it would take Moran several laps to catch back up to Miller.  With 15 laps to go Moran was right on Miller's rear bumper and would close significantly in the corners as Miller would pull away down the straightaways.  A caution for debris on lap 39 would slow the field one more time and set up an 11 lap shootout to the finish line. Miller would again restart with force and get away from Moran as Andy Eckrich was fighting off all challenges from Birkhofer.  With five laps remaining Moran was again right on Miller, but it was going to take a mistake by Miller for Moran to pass him.  Miller would hold his line lap after lap in the closing segment of the race as he would power to win over Moran. Andy Eckrich the current point's leader at West Liberty Raceway would do a nice job all race long in securing the third spot at the pay window. Birkhofer would wind up fourth with Earl Pearson, Jr. coming on strong from his 12th starting spot to pass two cars in the waning laps to finish fifth. "It is real good win for the team," said Miller in victory lane afterwards. "I knew I had to get the jump on the 56 car heading into turn one, because I felt like once we had the lead it would be hard for anyone to pass us out here tonight," said the former Eldora Speedway track champion.  "I knew Donnie would be tough, he always is in the thick of things and I knew he was going to give me a strong effort to try and pass me, but I knew if I held my line it would be tough for him to beat me and on the restarts the car was exceptional and I want to give credit to Scott Smith and everybody with team for giving me such a great race car tonight and thanks to the fans for coming out tonight was well." Completing the top ten were Gary Webb, Don O'Neal, Darren Miller, Chad Simpson and Chris Simpson. In preliminary events for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Don O'Neal was the top qualifier in the Time Trials with a lap of 20.545 seconds among the 30 entrants on hand.  The Heat Race Winners were Matt Miller, Donnie Moran and Andy Eckrich.  The B-Main was taken by Chad Holladay.Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Thursday Night, July 28, 2005 West Liberty Raceway-West Liberty, IowaFast Qualifier:  Don O'Neal   20.545 seconds Heat #1:  Matt Miller, Darren Miller, Steve Boley, Don O'Neal, Thomas Christenson, Rob Moss, Chad Holladay, Rick Aukland, Chad Simpson, Boone McLaughlin Heat #2:  Donnie Moran, Brian Birkhofer, Brady Smith, Scott James, Tommy Elston, Chris Simpson, Tim Dohm, Chuck Mayerhofer, Whitney McQueary, Todd Davis Heat #3:  Andy Eckrich, Gary Webb, Denny Eckrich, Earl Pearson, Jr., Dave Eckrich, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Freddy Smith, Jay Johnson, Johnny Johnson B-Main:  Chad Holloday, Tim Dohm, Chuck Mayerhofer, Chad Simpson, Rick Aukland, Johnny Johnson, Whitney McQueary, Boone McLaughlin, Freddy Smith, Todd Davis Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series A-Main:  (50 Laps):  Matt Miller, Donnie Moran, Andy Eckrich, Brian Birkhofer, Earl Pearson, Jr., Gary Webb, Don O'Neal, Darren Miller, Chad Simpson, Chris Simpson, Brady Smith, Tim Dohm, Chad Holloday, Freddy Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Steve Boley, Dave Eckrich, Chuck Mayerhofer, Scott James, Denny Eckrich, Todd Davis, Rick Aukland, Rob Moss, Thomas Christenson, Tommy ElstonRace Statistics:Entries: 30 Cautions:  5 Red Flags: 0 Lap Leaders:  Matt Miller 1-50 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Brady Smith Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Chad Simpson (started 22nd and finished in 9th) advanced 15 positions Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Freddy Smith and Rick Aukland Track Provisionals:  Todd Davis


MIDDLEBOURNE, WV (July 23, 2005)-Twenty-nine year old Robbie Scott of Shinnston, WV scored the biggest of his racing career on Saturday night by winning the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series sanctioned Earl Hill Memorial at Tyler County Speedway. The payday was worth $7,000 for the Tyler County Speedway regular and came aboard the Bob Scott owned Banshee Graphics/Rocket Chassis sponsored #18 Rocket Chassis, Gary Stanton Race Engines powered entry. 

Scott would take the initial lead at the start of the race, with Freddy Smith giving chase, followed by Scott James, Steve Casebolt, Jr., and Chuck Harper. Steve Shaver would work his way into the top five with a pass of Harper in the early going, while Scott motored away from the field after a lap 3 caution that would see Donnie Moran, Matt Miller, and Paul Wilmoth tangle, with all three going pitside for repairs, with Moran and Miller returning to action. 

This event would see second place not be the place to be as Freddy Smith would have a flat tire while running second on lap 7 and draw the caution flag and pit for fresh rubber.  Scott James would then assume the runner-up slot behind Scott and would pass Robbie Scott for the race lead on lap 17, only to have the pass voided for a stalled Steve Casebolt, Jr. in turn four. Back under green, Scott would have James all over him again, only to see the night go sour for James when a busted oil cooler ended his night one lap after the restart. This would put Tim Dohm into the runner-up slot as this point, while Steve Shaver would go third, with 16th starting and defending Earl Hill Memorial winner Mike Benedum now fourth and Earl Pearson, Jr. fifth.   

Scott and Dohm race for lead for several laps, as Don O’Neal would bring the heat to Pearson, Jr. for the fifth spot with 15 circuits remaining.  Dohm’s run in the second spot would also end around lap 30 when he pulled his mount to the infield with a blown engine.  A final caution flag appeared on lap 38, bunching the bunch back together one final time to give everyone one last shot at the top spot.  Benedum would deal Shaver a slider to take the runner-up slot, with Keith Barbara driving by O’Neal and Harper to break into the top five.

Scott would drive away over the final dozen laps to score the win with defending event winner Benedum finishing second in the Hayhurst Equipment/Benedum and Sons, Inc. Right of Way Cleaning#25 Rocket Chassis, Butch Hixson Race Engines powered entry.  Shaver would finish third in the Bill Bland Motorsports owned Richard Construction/Bland’s Towing #0 Rocket Chassis, Draime Race Engines mount.  Pearson, Jr. would finish fourth in the Lucas Oil Products/Dunn Benson Ford #1 MasterSbilt Race Cars, Larry Wallace Race Engine powered, Carlton Lamb owned entry. Barbara’s Triangle Benefit Services/S and S Auto Repair #17 Rocket Chassis, Rhodes Performance Engines unit would complete the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Chuck Harper, Don O’Neal, Matt Miller, Freddy Smith, and Bobby Hill.

Thirty-six entries signed in for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event, with Rob Blair establishing a new track record during time trials with a 12.430 second lap. heat wins went to Smith, Scott, Casebolt, Jr., and James. The 1st B-Main was won by Blair, with Matt Miller winning the 2nd B-Main.  Series provisional starting spots were taken by Rick Aukland and Corey Conley, with track provisionals going to Bobby Hill and Greg Baumberger. 

Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Saturday July 23, 2005 Tyler County Speedway – Middlebourne, WV 

Fast Time- Rob Blair - 12.430 (New Track Record)

Heat #1- Freddy Smith, Chuck Harper, Earl Pearson, Jr., Donnie Moran, Rob Blair, Steve Wilmoth, Sonny Conley, Steve Lucas, Mitch Gillian

Heat #2- Robbie Scott, Steve Shaver, Tim Dohm, Mark Banal, Steve Weigle, Rick Aukland, M.T. Hall, Gary Knollinger, Doug Eaton

Heat #3- Steve Casebolt, Jr., Don O’Neal, Mike Balzano, Keith Barbara, Jared Hawkins, Matt Miller, Mike Eaton, D.J. Pellen, Nick Corbitt

Heat #4- Scott James, Tim Hitt, Paul Wilmoth, Mike Benedum, Charlie Maloney, Bobby Hill, Corey Conley, Greg Baumberger, Dave Gorrell

B-Main #1- Rob Blair, Steve Weigle, Rick Aukland, Steve Lucas, M.T. Hall, Mitch Gillian, Gary Knollinger, Sonny Conley, Doug Eaton, Steve Wilmoth

B-Main #2- Matt Miller, Jared Hawkins, Greg Baumberger, Bobby Hill, Dave Gorrell, Mike Eaton, D.J. Pellen, Charlie Maloney, Corey Conley, Nick Corbitt

Lucas Oil A-Main Earl Hill Memorial- Robbie Scott, Mike Benedum, Steve Shaver, Earl Pearson, Jr., Keith Barbara, Chuck Harper, Don O’Neal, Matt Miller, Freddy Smith, Bobby Hill, Steve Weigle, Greg Baumberger, Mike Balzano, Donnie Moran, Tim Dohm, Scott James, Tim Hitt, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Corey Conley, Rick Aukland, Mark Banal, Robbie Blair, Jared Hawkins, Paul Wilmoth  

Race Statistics Total Entries- 36 Race Leaders- 1 (Scott; Lap 1-50) Cautions- 6 Red Flags- None Weld Racing Hard Charger- Mike Benedum (16th to 2nd-advanced 14 positions) Lucas Oil Rookie of the Race- Tim Dohm Series Lucas Oil Late Model Series Provisionals- Rick Aukland, Corey Conley Track Provisionals- Bobby Hill, Greg Baumberger


ELKINS, WV (July 22, 2005)-Steve Casebolt, Jr. scored the biggest win of his racing career by winning the R.H. Armstrong Memorial for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series at Elkins Speedway on Friday night.  The win was also Casebolt, Jr. first ever win with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.  Casebolt, Jr. drove his Seubert Calf Ranches/Arizona Sport Shirts #c9 Rocket Chassis, Dargie Race Engines powered mount to victory. 

Casebolt took the lead at the drop of the green flag and would have Mike Benedum breathing down his neck, with Booper Bare pressuring Benedum from his third spot.  This trio would quietly sneak away from the pack, while Donnie Moran and Rob Blair would battle for fourth.  Benedum would really turn the wick up on Casebolt, Jr. around the lap 15 mark and would pull along side of the leader exiting turn two on lap 17, but Casebolt, Jr. would use slower traffic to keep Benedum at bay.  Bare would finally get by Benedum for second around the midpoint of the 50 Lucas Oil A-Main, while Moran would get by Benedum for third.   

The only caution flag of the race waved on lap 33 when Tim Senic rolled to a stop just over the banking in turn two.  The Delaware double file restart would see Casebolt, Jr. continue his pace at the point, while Moran would move to second past Bare.  Fourteenth starter Matt Miller would begin to flex his muscles at this point and make his way into the top five and begin to battle with Blair for the fourth position.   

The final ten laps would Casebolt, Jr. drive away from the field and work slower traffic to his advantage and drive on the biggest win of his career.  Donnie Moran would take runner-up honors in his PBM Performance Products/Eddie’s Sunoco #99 MasterSbilt Race Car, SMS Race Engines entry.  Bare would drive home in third place in the Cecil B. Arthur General Contractors/ Poske Performance Parts #00 Rocket Chassis, Malcuit Race Engines powered entry.  Miller would drive by Blair on the final lap to take fourth in Dirt Shop, Inc. McCullough Industries/Performance Rod and Custom #7 Rocket Chassis, Russell Baker Race Engines mount, while Rob Blair would round out the top five in his Specialty Products/Bossards’s Used Auto Parts #won11 Rocket Chassis, Draime Race Engines entry.  Completing the top ten were Benedum, Steve Shaver, Paul Wilmoth, 22nd starting Earl Pearson, Jr., and Steve Wilmoth. 

Thirty eight entries representing six states were signed in, with Denny Chamberlain earning the fast time with a 15.520 second lap.  The heat race wins went to Benedum, Bare, Casebolt, Jr., and Moran.  The 1st B-Main was scored by Freddy Smith, with the 2nd B-Main was taken by Scott Rhodes.  Don O’Neal and Earl Pearson, Jr. were Lucas Oil Late Model Series provisionals, with track provisionals going to Shawn Poling and Tim Dohm.  

Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Friday July 23, 2005 Elkins Speedway-Elkins, West Virginia 

Fast Time- Denny Chamberlain 15.520

Heat #1- Mike Benedum, Steve Wilmoth, Chamberlain, Tim Senic

Heat #2- Booper Bare, Rob Blair, Scott James, Matt Miller

Heat #3- Steve Casebolt, Jr., Steve Shaver, Mike Balzano, Chuck Harper

Heat #4- Donnie Moran, Jared Hawkins, Paul Wilmoth, Gary Dalton

B-Main #1- Scott Rhodes, Rick Aukland, Robbie Scott, Billy Holbert, Tim Hitt

B-Main #2- Freddy Smith, Bobby Hill, D.J. Cline, Butch McGill, Don O’Neal

Lucas Oil A-Main- Casebolt, Jr., Moran, Bare, Miller, Blair, Benedum, Shaver, Paul Wilmoth, Pearson, Jr., Steve Wilmoth, Balzano, James, Aukland, Hawkins, O’Neal, Smith, Harper, Dohm, Dalton, Chamberlain, Senic, Rhodes, Poling, Hill 

Race Statistics Entries- 38 Lap Leaders-1 (Casebolt, Jr. 1-50) Cautions-1 (Lap 33) Red Flags-None Weld Racing Hard Charger- Pearson, Jr. (22nd to 9th; advances 13 positions) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Year- Scott James Lucas Oil Late Model Series Provisionals- O’Neal, Earl Pearson, Jr. Track Provisionals- Shawn Poling, Tim Dohm

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2021 Championship Points

Points as of 10/16/2021
Pos Competitor Points
1stTim McCreadie (#39)7355
2ndHudson O'Neal (#71)6815
3rdJonathan Davenport (#49)6640
4thJimmy Owens (#20)6515
5thTyler Erb (#1T)6445
6thKyle Bronson (#40B)6410
7thRicky Thornton (#20RT)6230
8thJosh Richards (#14)6165
9thShane Clanton (#25)5905
10thEarl Pearson (#46)5875

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