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TAMPA, FL (February 8, 2006)- Dale McDowell would make his first ever visit to East Bay Raceway Park’s victory lane on the third night of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt  Series’ 30th Annual Winter Nationals. The win by McDowell in the RaceTek Engine powered Dover Cylinder Heads/ J and J Steel/ New Vision Graphics/ Hennessey Rental Tools/ Hoosier Tires sponsored number 17m Rocket by Shaw Grand Prix  would mark the third different winner in the first three nights of racing at East Bay. McDowell was able to make the pass on the Petroff Towing sponsored Rayburn of Tuesday night’s winner Billy Moyer on lap two and then go on unchallenged the rest of the way to pick up the $5,000 first place prize.   “I can’t believe it! Am I actually at East Bay?” said an elated McDowell in victory lane.” It feels good getting our first victory here, the place has been very, very challenging for me, but I guess you have to keep coming to places that are challenging in order to make you a better racer. I felt good after last nights second and we made some changes and it just feels so good to finally win here.” The 39 year old Chickamauga, GA racing veteran would go on to say after his first ever Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt  Series win before another packed grandstand on Wednesday night.   Billy Moyer jumped to the lead on the first lap of racing action. McDowell would then pull alongside Moyer and make the move under Moyer for the lead coming off of turn number two on the second lap. Moyer would then fall behind the Sweeteners Plus sponsored Rocket of Tim McCreadie until passing him back and leaving McCreadie to battle with Donnie Moran. A slowing Scott James would bring out the first and only caution of the race on lap eight.. When the green flag flew again the eighth starting Petroff Towing sponsored number 28 Rayburn of Dennis Erb, Jr. would pull into the top five. Erb would then set his sights on McCreadie before making his pass for third position to battle with second place running Moyer.  The two would battle for second up to the last lap where Moyer would win the position by a thin margin over the third place finisher Dennis Erb. Tim McCreadie would hang on the fourth spot beating out Donnie Moran to round out the top five. The 17th starting  Earl Pearson Jr. would work his way through the field to bring home the sixth spot and the hard charger of the night was the car of  Don O’Neal who worked his way to seventh from the 19th starting position on the grid.  The 18th starter, Steve Francis would finish in eighth while Marshall Green and Eddie Carrier, Jr. Completed the top ten drivers   89 cars were on hand for the third night of competition at East Bay Raceway Park with Benton Arkansas’ Jared Landers setting fast time at 15.185 seconds around the 3/8th mile oval. Heat race winners were Justin Rattliff, Dennis Erb, Jr., Donnie Moran, Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer, Wendell Wallace, Tim McCreadie and Dale McDowell. The B-Main winners of the evening were Earl Pearson Jr., Steve Francis, Don O’Neal, and Brian Birkhofer. The winner of the Wednesday night Strawberry Dash was Dan Stone.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will kick it up a notch on Thursday February 9th with a $7,000 to win 40 lap feature event. The fourth night of late model racing action at East Bay will also mark the beginning of the 2006 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Car Series points championship as the defending champion Earl Pearson Jr. along with all the other stars and cars of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series begin their quest for the series title as the side by side, dirt slingin’ action kicks off what promises to be an exciting season of racing.    Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park – Tampa, FL   Comp Cams Fast Time – Jared Landers – 15:185   PBM Performance Products Heat Race #1- Justin Rattliff, Marshall Green, John VanDenBerg, Jason Montgomery, Tim Dohm, Sonny Conley, Bo Feathers, Richard Wheelihan, Jared Landers, Ricky Arms   PBM Performance Products Heat Race  #2- Dennis Erb, Jr., Clint Smith, Earl Pearson, Jr.,  Rick Eckert, Dan Schlieper, Doug Horton, Davey Johnson, Ricky Elliott, Jason Flory, Clint Coffman, Scott Riggs   DART Machinery Heat Race #3- Donnie Moran, Shannon Babb, Gerald Davis, Terry English, Bart Hartman, Darren Miller, Daniel Stone, Joe Morris, Joey Tanner, Kristin Flory   DART Machinery Heat Race #4- Jimmy Mars, Matt Miller, Steve Francis, Jackie Boggs, Vic Coffey, Dean Carpenter, Wayne Johnson, Larry Smith, Dave Hess, Rodney Melvin, Don Hammer   Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #5- Billy Moyer, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Don O’ Neal, Terry Casey, Jordan Bland, Bryan Collins, Robbie Blair, Chub Frank, Brent Robinson, Charlie Duncan, Bob Geiger   Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #6- Wendell Wallace, Brad Neat, Randy Korte, Mike Johnson, Garrett Durrett, Freddy Smith, Anthony Rushing, Marshall Austin, John Mason, Wade Witherspoon, Jeff Gress   K&N Engineering Heat Race #7- Tim McCreadie, Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer, David Scott, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Tim Fuller, Anthony White, Corey Conley, Christian Rayburn, CJ Rayburn   K&N Engineering Heat Race #8- Dale McDowell, Scott James, Kevin Cole, Michael England, Damon Eller, Freddie Carpenter, Tim Senic, Lynn Chapman, Ray Cook, Patrick Sheltra, Brian Shirley   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #1-  Earl Pearson, Jr., Rick Eckert, Dan Schlieper, Tim Dohm, Davey Johnson, Ricky Elliott, Sonny Conley, Bo Feathers, John VanDenBerg, Jason Flory, Doug Horton, Clint Coffman, Jared Landers, Richard Wheelihan, Scott Riggs, Jason Montgomery   Penske Shocks B-Main #2- Steve Francis, Jackie Boggs, Daniel Stone, Darren Miller, Gerald Davis, Bart Hartman, Dean Carpenter, Rodney Melvin, Terry English, Vic Coffey, Kristin Flory, Joey Tanner,  Don Hammer, Bob Geiger, Larry Smith, Wayne Johnson, Joe Morris   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #3- Don O’ Neal, Bryan Collins, Randy Korte, Chub Frank, Garrett Durrett, Robbie Blair, Marshall Austin, Mike Johnson, John Mason, Anthony Rushing, Jordan Bland, Charles Duncan, Terry Casey, Brent Robinson, Wade Witherspoon, Jeff Gress, Freddy Smith   Penske Shocks Dyno B-Main #4- Brian Birkhofer, David Scott, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Ray Cook, Damon Eller, Tim Fuller, Christian Rayburn, Corey Conley, CJ Rayburn, Freddie Carpenter, Lynn Chapman, Kevin Cole, Michael England   Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash- Dan Stone, Sonny Conley, Terry Casey, Terry English, Corey Conley, Christian Rayburn, Clint Coffman, Doug Horton, Scott Riggs   Feature (30 Laps) – Dale McDowell, Billy Moyer, Dennis Erb Jr., Tim McCreadie, Donnie Moran, Earl Pearson, Jr., Don O’ Neal, Steve Francis, Marshall Green, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Wendell Wallace, Bryan Collins, Brady Smith, Matt Miller, Rick Eckert, Clint Smith, Justin Rattliff, Jackie Boggs, Jimmy Mars, David Scott, Brad Neat, Shannon Babb, Scott James  Race Statistics: Entries:  89 Cautions:  1 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Billy Moyer 1, Dale McDowell 2-30 All-Star Performer of the Race:  Don O’Neal (started 19th and finished 7th) Advanced 12 positions Hawk Tough Break Award:  Steve Hillard Quarter Master Clutch Move of the Race:  Jimmy Mars    Top Ten in DART Machinery Winternationals Points Standings   1.       Earl Pearson Jr. - 640 2.       Dale McDowell   - 590 3.       Donnie Moran    - 580 4.       Billy Moyer         - 580 5.       Dennis Erb Jr     - 565 6.       Tim McCreadie   - 550 7.       Clint Smith          - 515 8.       Rick Eckert         - 495 9.       Brian Birkhofer   - 485 10.     Dan Schlieper     - 480


TAMPA, FL (February 7, 2006)- Batesville Arkansas’s Billy Moyer made a late race pass on Dale McDowell to take home the win on night 2 of Lucas Oil Dirt Car Series’ 6 nights of racing at the 30th Annual East Bay Winter Nationals. The 4th starting J and J Steel/ Car City/ Petroff Towing/ Karl Chevy/ Waters Auto Land/ Redline Oil/ Chase Race Decals / Platinum Motors and RV’s/ Pro Power sponsored Rayburn of Moyer made the winning pass on lap 26 of 30 to take home the $5,000 prize and his first ever Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win in the latest installment of fast paced racing action at the 3/8th mile oval. The win would also mark Moyer’s 13th trip to the victory at East Bay Raceway, the all time late model record. The packed crowd at East Bay Raceway would see early race leader Dale McDowell led 26 laps while battling Billy Moyer, defending Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Champion Earl Pearson Jr., and the 9th place starting Donnie Moran.    McDowell would jump to the early race lead over pole starter Rick Eckert. A lap 3 pile up in turn one would bring a red flag stop the racing action. The caution would again fly when 2nd place running Rick Eckert and 3rd running Moyer made contact resulting in a flat tire for Eckert and ending his night early.  After the restart Donnie Moran would grab the third spot and swap spots with Earl Pearson Jr. and compete in a 4 way battle for the lead with him race leader McDowell, and Billy Moyer.   Anthony White would bring out a midway caution and on the restart both Moyer and Earl Pearson Jr. would find their way around Moran and set their sights on McDowell. The three battled for the lead while Donnie Moran competed with Anthony Rushing for the 4th spot.  A spin by Shannon Babb would set the stage for a restart were a three way battle for the lead would result in Moyer and McDowell racing side by side at the flag stand on lap 25 and the final pass by Moyer for lead on lap 26.  Moyer would go on to victory followed by McDowell, Earl Pearson Jr., and Anthony Rushing who made a last lap pass on 5th place car Donnie Moran. Rounding off the top 10 were Brady Smith, David Scott, Clint Smith, Doug Horton, and Dennis Erb.   90 cars were entered in Tuesday evening’s event with Donnie Moran capturing his 2nd fast time of the week after a slight rain delay. Heat winners earlier in the night included Clint Smith, Anthony Rushing, Billy Moyer, Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, Brady Smith, Earl Pearson Jr., and David Scott. Wisconsin’s Jimmy Mars won the Strawberry Dash.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will once again return to East Cay Raceway on Wednesday February 8th for the 3rd night of the 30th Annual Winter National where another $5,000 to win, all out, side by side, white knuckle, dirt racing battle.  Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Tuesday Night, February 7, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL

Comp Cams Fast Time:  Donnie Moran 15.438   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  Clint Smith, Donnie Moran, Marshall Green, Rodney Melvin, Butch McGill, Robbie Blair, John VanDenBerg, Wayne Johnson, Joey Tanner, Larry Smith, Corey Conley   PBM Performance Products Second Heat: Anthony Rushing, Davey Johnson, Doug Horton, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Tim Fuller, Jimmy Mars, Jimmy Owens, Bo Feathers, Tim Senic, Richard Wheelihan   Third Heat:  Billy Moyer, Scott James, Jason Montgomery, Scott Dedwylder, Bryan Collins, Daniel Stone, Damon Eller, Brad Neat, Roger Lucas, Bob Geiger, Kevin Cole   Fourth Heat:  Dale McDowell, Gerald Davis, Don O’Neal, Anthony White, Brian Birkhofer, Brian Shirley, Nick Baggett, Freddie Carpenter, Charlie Duncan, Lynn Chapman   Fifth Heat:  Rick Eckert, Shannon Babb, Tim McCreadie, Ricky Arms, Patrick Sheltra, Garrett Durrett, Marshall Austin, Jordan Bland, Mike Johnson, Rusty Dixon, Don Hammer   Sixth Heat:  Brady Smith, Dennis Erb Jr., Randy Korte, Steve Francis, Matt Miller, Michael England, Sonny Conley, Jeff Gress, Clint Coffman, Danny Mitchell, C.J. Rayburn   Seventh Heat:  Earl Pearson Jr., Chub Frank, Steve Casebolt, Terry English, John Mason, Dean Carpenter, Wendell Wallace, Frank Shickel Jr., Christian Rayburn, Kristin Flory   Eighth Heat:  David Scott, Terry Casey, Steve Hillard, Dan Schlieper, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Ricky Elliott, Jason Flory, Dave Hess Jr., Wade Witherspoon   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main:  Doug Horton, Tim Fuller, Rodney Melvin, Eddie Carrier Jr., Jimmy Mars, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Bo Feathers, Wayne Johnson, Joey Tanner, Richard Wheelihan, Marshall Green, Robbie Blair, John VanDenBerg, Larry Smith   Penske Shocks Second B-Main:  Brian Birkhofer, Anthony White, Don O’Neal, Brian Shirley, Damon Eller, Daniel Stone, Nick Baggett, Bob Geiger, Freddie Carpenter, Bryan Collins, Scott Dedwylder, Chalie Duncan, Jason Montgomery, Brad Neat   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno Third B-Main:  Tim McCreadie, Matt Miller, Patrick Sheltra, Steve Francis, Sonny Conley, Michael England, Jordan Bland, Don Hammer, C.J. Rayburn, Marshall Austin, Jeff Gress, Ricky Arms, Garrett Durrett, Mike Johnson, Clint Coffman, Rusty Dixon, Randy Korte   Penske Shocks Fourth B-Main:  Steve Hillard, Steve Casebolt, Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Dan Schlieper, John Mason, Dean Carpenter, Ricky Elliott, Tim Dohm, Christian Rayburn, Jason Flory, Wendell Wallace, Kristin Flory, Wade Witherspoon   Feature: (30 Laps):  Billy Moyer, Dale McDowell, Earl Pearson Jr., Anthony Rushing, Donnie Moran, Brady Smith, David Scott, Clint Smith, Doug Horton, Dennis Erb Jr., Scott James, Gerald Davis, Brian Birkhofer, Anthony White, Tim Fuller, Shannon Babb, Davey Johnson, Tim McCreadie, Rick Eckert, Terry Casey, Chub Frank, Steve Hillard, Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt    Race Statistics: Entries: 90 Caution Flags:  6 Red Flags: 1 Lap Leaders: Dale McDowell 1-25, Billy Moyer 26-30 All-Star Performer of the Race:  Doug Horton (started 17th and finished 9th) advanced 8 positions Quarter Master Clutch Move of the Race: Don O’Neal Hawk Brake Tough Break Award: Rick Eckert


TAMPA, FL (February 6, 2006)- The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series kicked off its 2006 campaign in stellar fashion on Monday night at East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa, Fl as Wisconsin’s Dan Schlieper came home with the $5,000 win amid a packed grandstands. Schlieper’s win is his 1st ever Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series victory that saw the fans on their feet for the action packed 30 lap event on night 1 of the 30th Annual Winternationals. Schlieper driving the S9, Miller Bros. Coal, Uncle Buck’s, Hoosier Racing Tire, Five Star Bodies, VP Racing Fuels, All Star Performance, Integra shocks sponsored Rayburn Monte Carlo powered by a Pro-Power engine. Schlieper raced fellow Wisconsin native Jimmy Mars throughout the course of the race before finally making the final pass for the lead on lap 20.   West Virginia’s Doug Horton took the early lead at the start of the fast and furious A-Main. On lap 4 Jimmy Mars would battle with Horton to take the point. Meanwhile Dan Schlieper who would fall as far back as the 5th position before starting to make his move to the topside of the track to work his way back to the second position to battle with Mars after the first caution of the night for Anthony White on lap 6. Schlieper would take the lead from Mars on the 7th lap. The two would swap positions several times until the S9 of Schlieper edged out the lead on lap number 9. Schlieper put several car lengths on Mars until a lap 17 caution for the car of Terry Casey spun in turn 4.   After the restart the battle of the Wisconsin natives would continue with Mars taking the lead again on lap 19 until Dan Schlieper made the winning pass on lap 20. Behind Schlieper and Mars at the checkered was the Lucas Oil Products, Dunn Benson Ford MasterSbilt of Earl Pearson Jr., 14th starting Rick Eckert of the Ray Vest Rocket and Dale Beitler Rocket of Davey Johnson. Rounding off the top 10 were Tim McCreadie, Doug Horton, Terry English, Eddie Carrier Jr., and Clint Smith.   88 cars were entered in the 1st event of the 2006 East Bay Winternationals with Donnie Moran setting fast time of the evening at 15.244 around the 3/8ths mile oval. The Lucas Oil Dirt Car Series will be in action Tuesday, February 6th for night 2 of the 30th Annual Winter Nationals for another night of side by side full throttle Dirt Late Model Action with another $5,000 to win 30 lap racing extravaganza .    Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Race Summary Monday Night, February 6, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL   Comp Cams Fast Qualifier:  Donnie Moran 15.244   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  Donnie Moran, Terry English, Matt Miller, Steve Francis, Chub Frank, Joe Morris, Roger Lucas, Freddie Carpenter, Scott Riggs, Rusty Dixon, Frank Shickel Jr   PBM Performance Products Second Heat:  Doug Horton, Dennis Erb Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Jimmy Owens, Brad Neat, Anthony Rushing, Michael England, Brian Shirley, Sonny Conley, Don Hammer, Mike Johnson   Third Heat:  Anthony White, Robbie Blair, Jackie Boggs, Terry Casey, Freddy Smith, Brady Smith, Scott James, Damon Eller, Scott Dedwylder, Kevin Cole, Wade Witherspoon   Fourth Heat:  Dan Schlieper, Clint Smith, Randy Korte, Dale McDowell, Ricky Elliott, Marshall Austin Jr., Ricky Arms, Jason Flory, Richard Wheelihan, Jeff Gress, Tim Fuller   Fifth Heat:  Davey Johnson, Tim Senic, Eddie Carrier Jr., Corey Conley, Butch McGill, Gerald Davis, Kristin Flory, Clint Coffman, Joey Tanner, Dean Carpenter, Don O’Neal   Sixth Heat:  Jimmy Mars, Rick Eckert, John VanDenBerg, John Mason, Steve Hillard, Billy Moyer, Charlie Duncan, Wayne Johnson, Jordan Bland, C.J. Rayburn, Christian Rayburn   Seventh Heat:  Earl Pearson Jr., Tim McCreadie, Steve Casebolt, Patrick Sheltra, Daniel Stone, Marshall Green, Rodney Melvin, Garrett Durrett, Larry Smith, Bob Geiger, Dave Scott   Eighth Heat:   Bart Hartman, Shannon Babb, Justin Rattliff, Wendell Wallace, Mike Marlar, Jason Montgomery, Tim Dohm, Bo Feathers, Bryan Collins, Brent Robinson, Lynn Chapman   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main:  Brian Birkhofer, Matt Miller, Steve Francis, Jimmy Owens, Joe Morris, Chub Frank, Brian Shirley, Brad Neat, Anthony Rushing, Sonny Conley, Michael England, Frank Shickel Jr., Freddie Carpenter, Scott Riggs   Penske Shocks Second B-Main:  Terry Casey, Jackie Boggs, Randy Korte, Freddy Smith, Dale McDowell, Ricky Elliott, Scott James, Brady Smith, Ricky Arms, Marshall Austin Jr., Jason Flory, Kevin Cole, Jeff Gress, Scott Dedwylder, Richard Wheelihan, Wade Witherspoon, Damon Eller   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno Third B-Main:  Eddie Carrier, Jr., John VanDenBerg, John Mason, Butch McGill, Gerald Davis, Steve Hillard, Billy Moyer, Don O’Neal, Corey Conley, Clint Coffman, Wayne Johnson, Jordan Bland,Kristin Flory, Joey Tanner, Christian Rayburn, C.J. Rayburn, Dean Carpenter, Charlie Duncan   Penske Shocks Fourth B-Main:  Justin Rattliff, Wendell Wallace, Steve Casebolt, Dave Scott, Tim Dohm, Daniel Stone, Bryan Collins, Marshall Green, Rodney Melvin, Garrett Durrett, Bo Feathers, Bob Geiger, Patrick Sheltra, Larry Smith, Lynn Chapman, Mike Marlar, Jason Montgomery, Brent Robinson   Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash:  Steve Francis, Michael England, Steve Casebolt, Kevin Cole, Joe Morris, Jason Montgomery, Garrett Durrett, Bob Geiger, Joey Tanner, Wayne Johnson   Feature (30 Laps):  Dan Schlieper, Jimmy Mars, Earl Pearson Jr., Rick Eckert, Davey Johnson, Tim McCreadie, Doug Horton, Terry English, Eddie Carrier Jr., Clint Smith, Matt Miller, Bart Hartman, Dennis Erb Jr., Shannon Babb, Wendell Wallace, Donnie Moran, Brian Birkhofer, Justin Rattliff, John VanDenBerg, Robbie Blair, Terry Casey, Jackie Boggs, Anthony White, Tim Senic  Race Statistics: Entries: 88 Cautions:  2 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Doug Horton 1-3, Jimmy Mars 4-6, Dan Schlieper 7,  Mars 8, Schlieper 9-18, Mars 19, Schlieper 20-30 All Star Performance Performer of the Race:  Rick Eckert (started 14th and finished 4th) advanced 10 positions Hawk Brake Tough Brake Award:  Jackie Boggs Quarter Master Clutch Move of the Race:  Dan Schlieper


CALVERT CITY, KY (October 29, 2005)-Randy Korte of Highland, IL inherited the lead on lap 24 after leader Don O'Neal suffered a flat tire and then went on to hold off repeated challenges from Matt Miller at the end to claim his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win on Saturday Night at the Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway as he won the 9th Annual "Commonwealth Cup". The 40 year old Korte took home $10,000 in becoming the 20th different driver to win a series event in 2005.  The race closed out the season for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and Earl Pearson, Jr. won the series championship by 65 points over Don O'Neal.  Korte behind the wheel of the Mid Continental Fuels, Inc., Seubert Calf Ranches, T.E. Motorsports, TMCI Transportation, Rick's Towing, Banshee Graphics, Hoosier Tires, Performance Rod and Custom, RaceTek Race Engines sponsored Rocket Chassis Grand Prix won by just one car length over Matt Miller of Waterville, OH in the DSI/Denny Thornton/McCullough Industries/Rocket Grand Prix.  The rest of the top five all finished on the same straightaway with Brian Shirley of Chatham, IL placing third in the Petroff Towing/Pro Power/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo just ahead of Terry English of Benton, KY in the AAA Fence/Runion Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo and Oval Craft Fast Timer, Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN in the Mach 2 Motorsports/Cornett Engines/C.J. Rayburn Ford Taurus.  A total of 65 cars were on hand for the event in front of a large audience. 

It would be Randy Korte and Brian Shirley starting on the front row for the 50 lap event with Shirley taking the point heading into turn one at the drop of the green flag.  Korte would settle into second with Tim Tungate in third.  Those three would run in that order for the first 11 laps of the race as the fast and furious pace would see Korte's eight car length lead wiped off because of Tungate's flat tire on the 11th circuit which brought out the first caution of the race.  On the lap 12 restart it would be Korte showing the way with Shirley in second now followed by Matt Miller and Don O'Neal.  O'Neal who started the race in 12th was on a march to the front as his thoughts were on not only winning the race, but the series championship at the same time.  With O'Neal in fourth and points leader, Earl Pearson, Jr. taking a provisional and starting 22nd, Pearson would be up to 16th at the first caution.  But O'Neal was not done yet.  On lap 12 Miller would go by Shirley for second and a lap later O’Neal displaced Shirley another spot dropping the young charger to fourth.  The three car race for the lead was hot and heavy with Korte, Miller and O’Neal putting on a show for the large and appreciative crowd.  Another car making his presence known was Jimmy Mars.  Mars who started eighth on the grid was up to fourth making it a four car tussle for the lead.   

Dennis Erb, Jr. would slow on the track bringing out the second caution on lap 16 which would set up an incredible restart to begin lap 17.  When the race restarted it would become another four car battle for the point with O'Neal going to outside of Korte, Miller and Mars who were all side by side coming off of turn four.  O’Neal would just squeeze by on the outside against the wall to take the lead at the flagstand.  With O'Neal in front and Pearson still mired in mid pack, O'Neal now had visions of the not only winning the race but taking the points title.  By lap 23 O'Neal was still showing the way with Korte, Miller, Mars and Shirley still in the thick of things.  On a fateful lap 24 for O'Neal heading into turn four his right rear tire went down putting him up on the cushion and bringing out the third caution of the race.  O'Neal's chances for the win and points title would take a big hit as he pitted for a new tire rejoining the field at the back with still 27 laps to go. 

After O'Neal's untimely flat, Korte would pick back up the lead with Shirley, Mars, Miller and now Terry English in the top five.  Korte would pull out to a three car length advantage with Shirley, Mars and Miller racing three wide for a couple of laps for second.  Miller would jump into second on lap 28 and with 22 circuits to go he set his sights on the high flying, Korte.  With 20 laps to the top five was Korte, Miller, Shirley, Mars and fast qualifier, Jimmy Owens who was up to fifth.  As far as the points chase was concerned at this point Pearson was in front of O'Neal as O'Neal was making very little progress after pitting to replace a flat tire.  If they stayed in that running order Pearson had the title locked up.  But suddenly coming off of turn four Pearson showed a puff of smoke from his racer and for a brief time tense moments for his fans, crew and himself who thought maybe the championship hopes were gone with that smoke.  But it turned out to be the power steering hose breaking and after losing a couple of positions he regained full power and still held positions in front of O'Neal. 

Over the last 20 laps of the race Korte and Miller would put on a show for the fans as they chased each other around the 3/8ths mile high banked track pulling away from Shirley and everyone else.  With the race up front exciting a three car race for third was going on between Shirley, Owens and English.  With five laps to go that trio was hunting down Korte and Miller who had nearly picked up the back of the field in the closing laps.  Miller was all over Korte pulling alongside him heading into and coming off of the corners but Korte still held the lead down the straight-aways.  As Shirley, English and Owens reeled in the leads it was going to possibly turn into a five car showdown for the win.  As the cars took the white flag Miller would give it all he had this time diving to the outside going down the backshute trying to surprise Korte with an outside move.  As the two entered turn three Korte took the inside route and Miller went to the very top trying to take that momentum past Korte.  Miller got right alongside Korte's right rear quarter coming off of four and slight contact took place as Korte drifted up the track.  As the two headed to the checkers Korte would get a little sideways but straightened back up to cross the line in first just one car length ahead of Miller.  Shirley, English and Owens would bear down on the leaders at the finish as all five cars finished on the same straightaway. 

In victory circle after the race Korte was emotional after taking one of the biggest wins of his career.  "I was thinking about my brother, who passed away a couple of years ago and about what he would say about that race, I know he was riding with me in the last few laps."  Korte said of the challenges by Miller.  "I know Matt's a great racer and I felt comfortable racing with him, you can't say that about everyone, but I knew he would race me clean, I think we touched coming off of four, but we were racing hard to the flag, I just glad the race was over at that point." 

Also after the race a relieved Pearson and his crew was elated over taking the 2005 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series despite coming home 16th two spots ahead of O'Neal.  "Oh man, what a long night, I about wrecked qualifying, then someone ran over my nose in the heat, we had to take a provisional and then the power steering hose came off, but somehow we survived and brought home this championship for Carlton and Kemp Lamm, Lucas Oil Products, Dunn-Benson Ford and all my guys on the crew.  During his post race interview O'Neal came over to congratulate Pearson on his title.  "Don O'Neal is a great race car driver, he showed his class by coming over him to congratulate us, we've raced each other hard this year and either one of us would have made a great champion." 

Completing the top ten in the final Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race of the season was Darren Miller, who came from the tail after changing a flat tire, Jimmy Mars, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Greg Johnson and Tim Dohm. 

In preliminary events Jimmy Owens was the Oval Craft Racing Aluminum Products Fast Qualifier with a lap of 14.016 seconds for the 66 entries on hand.  The five VP Fuels Makin' Power Heat Races were won by Brian Shirley, Tim Tungate, Greg Johnson, Billy James and Randy Korte. The Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main went to Tim Dohm, the PPM Racing Products B-Main was taken by Eddie Carrier, Jr. and the Real Wheels third B-main was won by Steve Casebolt, Jr. 

Race Summary 

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 

Saturday Night, October 29, 2005 

Kentucky Lake Motor SpeedwayCalvert City, KY

Fast Time:  Jimmy Owens 14.016 seconds 

Heat #1:  Brian Shirley, Matt Miller, Jimmy Owens, Rodney Melvin, Shannon Babb, Duane Mahder, John Tindal, Caley Emerson, Sandy Goddard, Johnny Johnson, Wendell Wallace, Rod Reed 

Heat #2:  Tim Tungate, Brad Neat, Don O'Neal, Dennis Erb, Jr., Justin Rattliff, Duane Chamberlain, Joe Morris, Matt Taylor, Charles LaPlant, Jack Sullivan, Earl Pearson, Jr., Brett Chappell, Todd Bennett 

Heat #3:  Greg Johnson, Jimmy Mars, Brian Birkhofer, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Tim Brown, Donnie Moran, Johnny Wheeler, Michael Chilton, Michael Bradley, Jordan Bland, Joe Mike, Jerry Buck 

Heat #4:  Billy James, Darren Miller, Terry English, Tim Dohm, Ray Cook, Frank Shickel, Jr., Freddy Smith, Terry Hicks, Scotty Earl, Frank Heckenast, Jr., Jarryd Holshouser, Chuck Proctor 

Heat #5:  Randy Korte, Billy Faust, Scott James, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Chris Combs, Tait Davenport, Randy Sellars, Dylan Thompson, Michael England, Kevin Cole, Michael Steele, Jeff Larson, Jeff Sloan 

First B-Main:  Tim Dohm, Chris Combs, Rodney Melvin, Donnie Moran, Justin Rattliff, Freddy Smith, John Tindal, Michael Bradley, Matt Taylor, Dylan Thompson, Earl Pearson, Jr., Michael Steele 

Second B-Main:  Eddie Carrier, Jr., Dennis Erb, Jr., Michael Chilton, Jack Sullivan, Duane Mahder, Scotty Earl, Frank Shickel, Jr., Randy Sellars, Sandy Goddard, Tim Brown, Joe Morris, Rod Reed, Joe Mike, Todd Bennett, Jeff Sloan 

Third B-Main:  Steve Casebolt, Jr., Ray Cook, Duane Chamberlain, Johnny Wheeler, Terry Hicks, Caley Emerson, Tait Davenport, Jordan Bland, Charles LaPlant, Jeff Larson, Jarryd Holshouser, Michael England 

9th Annual Commonwealth Cup Main Event: (50 Laps):  Randy Korte, Matt Miller, Brian Shirley, Terry English, Jimmy Owens, Darren Miller, Jimmy Mars, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Greg Johnson, Tim Dohm, Brad Neat, Brian Birkhofer, Eddie Carrier, Jr., John Tindal, Billy James, Earl Pearson,Jr., Dennis Erb, Jr., Don O'Neal, Scott James, Donnie Moran, Chris Combs, Ray Cook, Billy Faust, Tim Tungate 

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  66

Cautions:  3

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leaders:  Brian Shirley 1, Randy Korte 2-16, Don O'Neal 17-23, Korte 24-50

Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Steve Casebolt, Jr. (started 18th and finished 8th) advanced 10 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Tim Dohm

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Earl Pearson, Jr. and Donnie Moran

Track Provisional:  John Tindal


WOODSTOCK, GA (October 8, 2005)-Shannon Babb of Moweaqua, IL held off Earl Pearson, Jr. and Jake Knowles to win the 16th Annual Lucas Oil Dixie Shootout Presented by Coca-Cola on Saturday Night at the Dixie Speedway. For the 31 year old Babb, the 2004 NARA DirtCar Series Champion he earned $10,000 in purse money for winning plus an additional $5,000 bonus that was offered for being a former Dixie Shootout champion who could win the 50 lap main event.  Friday Night's "Jimmy Mosteller Classic" was cancelled due to all day rains and will not be made up. 

Babb was the third different leader of the highly competitive feature as he took the lead on the 11th lap and led the rest of the way.  Babb was behind the wheel of the Arkansas Motors/Car City/J&J Steel/Watters Autoland/Performance Rod and Custom/Wicks Racing Products/Platinum Motors/G&C Engineering/All-Star Performance/Hoosier Tires/RaceTek Race Engines sponsored C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo has he scored his 22nd win overall this year and became the 19th different driver to win a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race in 2005.   

Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL finished a close second in the Carlton and Kemp Lamm/Lucas Oil Products/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus and in doing so took over the series points lead from Don O'Neal with one race left. Pearson leads O'Neal by 55 points heading into the series finale at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway on October 29th.  12th place starter and 20 year old Jake Knowles of Tyrone, GA was third in the Mike Stuart/M&S Concrete/Rocket Monte Carlo.  Completing the top five was Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC in the Engines Inc/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus and Darren Miller of Chadwick, IL in the Out Pace/Pro Power Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus.  A total of 69 cars were on hand for the yearly event. 

The 50 Lap Lucas Oil Dixie Shootout saw Randy Weaver and Ray Cook start on the front row as both drivers were looking to score their first career Dixie Shootout victory.  In fact the first three rows were made up of drivers seeking to etch their names for the first time on the Dixie Speedway win list for this popular event.  On the initial start there would be a three car pileup in turn two which would force a complete restart.  Once the race got going it was Cook looking like to man to beat as the veteran driver pull out in front with Weaver and Earl Pearson, Jr. who started third in close pursuit.  Gary McPherson would bring out the caution on lap 3 slowing the action.  Pearson by then had gotten around Weaver and was running in second.  On the Delaware double file restart Cook would again show the way with Pearson all over him for the lead.  Eighth place starter and defending Dixie Shootout champion, Shannon Babb would be a force to be reckoned with.  Coming on strong through the field was Babb as he went by Weaver on lap six to take over third place.  Pearson then would go to the front of the field passing Cook on lap eight to take over the point. 

The race really started to heat up on lap 9 as Babb overhauled Cook using the top side to go to second.  Babb then pulled alongside Pearson and the two would race side by side by two laps until Babb was finally able to forge ahead on lap 11. By lap 16 the running order was Babb, Pearson, Cook, Weaver and former Shootout winner, Wendell Wallace.  Wallace however would see a good run go awry on lap 19 with a spin forcing him to the tail.  On the restart the fastest car appeared to be young gun, Jake Knowles.  Knowles, who started in 12th was making his debut in the Dixie Shootout and drove like a seasoned veteran.  Knowles was up to fourth at this point and was all over Cook for third.  Up front Babb and Pearson had pulled away from Cook and Knowles and started to enter lapped traffic again.  At the halfway mark Babb was still in front with Pearson starting to pressure him again.  Cook was receiving heavy pressure from Knowles for third and Darren Miller was now in fifth. 

With half the race in books the last 25 laps would be a true shootout in the race for the lead.  By lap 31 Babb and Pearson were racing in heavy traffic when 2005 Dixie Speedway Late Model Track Champion, Tim Day would bring out the third caution in turn four.  The race would go green for two more laps until the fourth and final caution would come out for a stalled Wendell Wallace on lap 34.  On what would be the final restart of the race Babb, Pearson, Cook, Knowles and Miler would set sail in the final 16 laps to decide who would be the 2005 Shootout winner.  Knowles would fire the first shot passing Cook on lap 44 to take third.  With six laps to go it looked like it would come down to Babb and Pearson, but the youngster, Knowles would have something to say about that.  With more traffic in the last five circuits Pearson was able to close on Babb.  Pearson took a couple of shots at passing Babb for the lead in the final few laps pulling alongside of Babb, but Babb would fight off all of Pearson's best efforts as he would go on to take his second consecutive Lucas Oil Dixie Shootout victory.  Pearson finished second by one car length with Knowles right on the front runners at the end as he just simply ran out of laps in his bid to upset the field.  Cook finished fourth followed by Miller. 

In victory lane a relieved Babb spoke of his battle with Pearson.  "That was a tough one to win here tonight, the competition was stout and I figured it was Earl on me hard a couple of times trying to pass me.  The traffic was little tedious and it kind of held me up a bit, but the track was well prepared and you could race on it anywhere."  "We went back to some notes we took here last year after winning and it paid off tonight, because the track was real similar last year and we set the car up to run the top side and it worked out great."   

Completing the top ten were Frank Ingram, Billy Ogle, Jr., Freddy Smith, Randy Weaver and 24th place starter, Scott James. 

Pearson came into the race 25 points behind Don O'Neal in the race for the 2005 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Championship.  After setting fast time for the night Pearson had earned the 10 bonus points for that feat and the lead was now down to 15 points as the two started the feature. Pearson started third and O'Neal started in 19th.  In the final rundown Pearson as mentioned, finished 2nd and O’Neal was 14th after running as high as seventh in the race.  Heading to the final race of '05 at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway in Calvert City, KY on October 29 Pearson now leads O'Neal by 55 points.

Race Summary

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Dixie Speedway-Woodstock, GA

Saturday Night, October 8, 2005

Fast Qualifier:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 14.723 seconds 

Heat #1:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Wendell Wallace, Marshall Green, Don O'Neal, Brandon Rose, Donnie Moran, Kenneth Westmoreland, Steve Warren, Jerry Bradley, Phil Coltrane 

Heat #2:  Darren Miller, Shannon Babb, Shane Tankersley, Tim Dohm, Rodney Martin, Jody Davis, Don Farmer, Ronnie Payne, Devin Sebree, Brady Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Chuck Laney 

Heat #3:  Skip Arp, Freddy Smith, Wayne Echols, Mike Marlar, David Payne, Kent Hicks, Scotty Chatham, Bryan Sumner, Lamar Haygood, James Roulette 

Heat #4:  Randy Weaver, Billy Ogle, Jr., Gary McPherson, Ricky Williams, Jeff Smith, Laddie Fulcher, Vic Hill, Shane Fulcher, Tracy Pearson, Craig Scott 

Heat #5:  Tim Day, Frank Ingram, Jonathan Davenport, Joe Armistead, Jr., Jeff Cooke, Brett Wyatt, Sam Ruff, Tyson Herrell, Derrick Rainey, Bobby Turner 

Heat #6:  Ray Cook, Jake Knowles, Aaron Ridley, Dale McDowell, Mark Douglas, Rex Richey, mike Head, Matt Hubbard, Johnny Chastain, Scott James 

First B-Main:  Don O'Neal, Tim Dohm, Donnie Moran, Mike Marlar, Rodney Martin, David Payne, Brandon Rose, Kenneth Westmoreland, Kent Hicks, Don Farmer, Chuck Laney, Scotty Chatham, Devin Sebree, Jody Davis, Lamar Haygood, Ronnie Payne, Steve Casebolt, Jr. 

Second B-Main:  Ricky Williams, Dale McDowell, Joe Armistead, Jr., Rex Richey, Jeff Smith, Jeff Cooke, Vic Hill, Laddie Fulcher, Mike Head, Derrick Rainey, Brett Wyatt, Tyson Herrell, Shane Fulcher, Craig Scott, Tracy Pearson, Matt Hubbard, Sam Ruff, Johnny Chastain, Scott James, Mark Douglas 

16th Annual Lucas Oil Dixie Shootout Feature Finish:  Shannon Babb, Earl Pearson, Jr., Jake Knowles, Ray Cook, Darren Miller, Frank Ingram, Billy Ogle, Jr., Freddy Smith, Randy Weaver, Scott James, Jonathan Davenport, Skip Arp, Ricky Williams, Don O'Neal, Donnie Moran, Marshall Green, Shane Tankersley, Tim Day, Aaron Ridley, Tim Dohm, Gary McPherson, Wendell Wallace, Dale McDowell, Wayne Echols 

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  69

Cautions:  4

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leaders:  Ray Cook 1-7, Earl Pearson, Jr. 8-10, Shannon Babb 11-50Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Scott James (started 24th and finished 10th) advanced 14 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Donnie Moran and Scott James

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2021 Championship Points

Points as of 10/16/2021
Pos Competitor Points
1stTim McCreadie (#39)7355
2ndHudson O'Neal (#71)6815
3rdJonathan Davenport (#49)6640
4thJimmy Owens (#20)6515
5thTyler Erb (#1T)6445
6thKyle Bronson (#40B)6410
7thRicky Thornton (#20RT)6230
8thJosh Richards (#14)6165
9thShane Clanton (#25)5905
10thEarl Pearson (#46)5875

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