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Mineral Wells, WV (September 25, 2005)-Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL roared to his second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the season on Sunday Night at the West Virginia Motor Speedway as the 33 year old racer captured the $10,000 to win "Legends of the Fall 50" leading all 50 laps in dominating fashion.  Pearson driving the Carlton and Kemp Lamm owned, Lucas Oil Products, Dunn-Benson Ford, Sunoco Fuels, K&N Engineering, All Star Performance, Larry Wallace Racing Engines, MasterSbilt Ford Taurus now closes to within 25 points of series points leader, Don O'Neal heading to Dixie Speedway on October 7 and 8.  Darren Miller of Chadwick, IL finished second in the Ideal Ready Mix/Pro Power Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus and Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN came home third in the A1 Auto Salvage/Jay Dickens Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Completing the top five was Jackie Boggs of Grayson, KY in the Miller Brothers Coal/Cropper Racing Engines/Swartz Monte Carlo and Bart Hartman of Zanesville, OH in the Urgent Cash/Cornett Engines/Rocket Grand Prix.  A total of 54 cars were on hand for the second night of racing during the weekend at West Virginia Motor Speedway. 

Pearson was one of the six VP Fuels heat race winners and drew the coveted number two starting spot for the main event.  Darren Miller would draw the pole and those two would lead the 24 car starting field to the green flag, but three times the race had to be restarted due to incidents with the last one seeing one of the top contenders, Scott Bloomquist, who started third pull to the inside of the race track and stop in turn one with mechanical issues sidelining him for the rest of the race without a lap being scored.  When the race finally picked up the pace Pearson would take the lead with Miller going to second followed by Don O’Neal, Jackie Boggs and Mike Balzano.  By the 11th circuit scored Pearson had already picked up the back of the field which would allow Miller and the rest of the top five to close somewhat on Pearson.  In traffic O'Neal would make a move on Miller passing him on lap 16 to take second so that meant the top two in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series would occupy the top two spots at this time.  As the cars would complete the halfway mark lap with 25 laps scored it was Pearson still showing the way in a strong performance up to that point followed by O'Neal, Miller, Boggs and Balzano.  On lap 26 Rick Aukland would slow on the 5/8ths mile track bringing out the caution flag.   

When the race restarted Miller would dive to the inside of turn one and coming off the corner he would pass O'Neal and go back into second place on the 28th circuit.  Miller tried to run down Pearson at this juncture of the race, but Pearson was already extending his lead out by lap 30.  The final caution of the race would fly on lap 33 when fifth place runner, Mike Balzano and sixth place driver, Davey Johnson would both stop in turn four with the result being both drivers would exit the event.  On the final restart of the race with 17 laps to go Pearson would immediately flex his muscle building a lap that would be insurmountable dominating the final 17 laps to pick up his second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the '05 season.  In doing so Pearson now sits just 25 points behind Don O'Neal in the battle for the series championship.  Miller, who finished second the World 100 this year would run a solid second place and in doing so gained enough points to move into the top ten of the series standings after the race at WVMS.  O'Neal would take third place after winning one of the most exciting heat races of the year to gain a starting spot in the main event.  Jackie Boggs would pick up fourth as he would challenge O'Neal several times in the last half of the race for third.  Hartman who was the previous night's winner was fifth. 

"This is a big win for the Lucas Oil, Dunn-Benson Ford Team," said Pearson.  "The race car was perfect from the get go today and it feels good to get another Lucas Oil Series win and we gained some valuable points on O'Neal."  "This Larry Wallace Race Engine and MasterSbilt Chassis really got around this place tonight and I want to thank Keith and Tader Masters for their help and all the fans that came out tonight as well for their support." 

Rounding out the top five was Scott James, Aaron Scott, Josh Richards, Matt Miller and Eddie Carrier, Jr. 

The next two Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series events will be at the Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA on October 7 and 8 with each night paying $10,000 to win with bonus money up for grabs. 

Race Summary

Lucas Oil Late Model Series

West Virginia Motor Speedway-Mineral Wells, WV

Sunday Night, September 25, 2005 

Fast Qualifier: Donnie Moran  22.160 seconds 

Heat #1:  Scott Bloomquist, Donnie Moran, Aaron Scott, Rick Aukland, Brian Eaton, Chris Combs, Chris Garnes, Larry Moran, Brandon Russell 

Heat #2:  Jackie Boggs, Bart Hartman, Freddy Smith, Corey Conley, Freddie Carpenter, Jared Hawkins, Greg Buckland, Jason Brookover, Jeff Gress, Greggie Oliver 

Heat #3:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Shaver, Josh Richards, Matt Miller, Tim Dohm, Jimmy Owens, Greg Lucas, Keith Barbara, Tony Lombardi  

Heat #4:  Mike Balzano, Scott James, Steve Casebolt Jr., Steve Francis, Mark Banal, Eric Myers, D.J. Miller, Roy Roush, Gary Knollinger 

Heat #5:  Darren Miller, Davey Johnson, Chuck Harper, Randle Chupp, Brad Eitniear, Chuckie May, Sonny Conley, Jason Edge, Rodney Combs 

Heat #6:  Don O'Neal, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Chad Hina, Brad Malcuit, Barry Bragdon, Ben Adkins, Anthony Adams, Frank Wilson, Jr., Joe Ramey 

First B-Main:  Corey Conley, Matt Miller, Rick Aukland, Jimmy Owens, Tim Dohm, Brian Eaton, Freddie Carpenter, Greg Lucas, Chris Combs, Keith Barbara, Jared Hawkins, Chris Garnes, Greg Buckland, Jason Brookover, Brandon Russell, Larry Moran, Tony Lombardi, Jeff Gress 

Second B-Main:  Steve Francis, Mark Banal, Randle Chupp, Barry Bragdon, Brad Malcuit, Brad Eitniear, Eric Myers, Chuckie May, Anthony Adams, Sonny Conley, Ben Adkins, Rodney Combs, Frank Wilson, Jr., Gary Knollinger, Roy Roush 

"Legends of the Fall 50" Main Event:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Darren Miller, Don O'Neal, Jackie Boggs Bart Hartman, Scott James, Aaron Scott, Josh Richards, Matt Miller, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Freddy Smith, Steve Francis, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Chuck Harper, Tim Dohm, Donnie Moran, Chad Hina, Mark Banal, Mike Balzano, Davey Johnson, Corey Conley, Steve Shaver, Rick Aukland, Scott Bloomquist  

Race Statistics:

Entries:  54

Cautions:  2

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leader:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 1-50

Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Matt Miller (started 21st and finished 9th) advanced 12 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Tim Dohm and Rick Aukland


Mineral Wells, WV (September 24, 2005)-Bart Hartman of Zanesville, OH became the 18th different winner of  a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event in 2005 as he captured the $7,000 to win “Tribute 30” on Saturday Night at the West Virginia Motor Speedway.  Hartman drove his Hartman Racing/Urgent Cash/Gress Oil/Imler’s Poultry/Banshee Graphics/Hoosier Tires/Jarrett’s Body Shop/All Star Performance/Cornett Racing Engines/Rocket Pontiac Grand Prix to victory lane after starting in the fourth position.  Donnie Moran of Dresden, Oh finished second in his PBM Performance Products/SMS Race Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Coming home in third was Rick Aukland of Zanesville, OH in the K&E Trucking/Malcuit Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Grand Prix.  Fourth place was Steve Shaver of Vienna, WV the Bland Motorsports/Draime Racing Engines/Rocket Monte Carlo with Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN taking fifth in the Miller Brothers Coal/All Star Performance/Bloomquist Race Cars entry.  A total of 62 cars were on hand for the first of two nights of racing at the 5/8ths mile speedplant.

Donnie Moran and Rick Aukland started on the front row of the 30 lap main event with Aukland grabbing the point on the opening lap.  Aukland’s lead was short lived as Bart Hartman would come from his fourth starting spot to take the over the lead on lap 2.  Moran who slipped to third on the first lap came back to second by Aukland on lap three.  With five laps in the books Hartman was showing the way with Moran, Aukland, Steve Shaver and Matt Miller in the top five. The first caution of the race came out on lap five when Steve Lucas lost a wheel coming down the back stretch.   On the restart Moran would take a stab at the lead diving to the inside in turn two trying to pass Hartman for the lead, but Hartman would pull away from Moran and start to stretch is lead out. 

Hartman started to enter lapped traffic by lap 13 with Moran still holding second spot ahead of Aukland, Shaver and Miller who were tightly bunched up.  Hartman would handle lapped traffic well enough keeping Moran at bay and maintaining his lead at the halfway mark of the race.  A couple of more cautions would bunch the field up with Hartman still maintaining the lead. Moran would try on every restart slide job Hartman in turn two, but Hartman just too strong as he held off every challenge put forth by Moran.  With five laps to go the final caution flag would come giving Moran one last shot at Hartman, but it was not to be as Hartman again pulled away in the final five circuits to score his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win becoming the 18thdifferent winner in 29 events in 2005.  Moran would record his eighth second place finish of the season on the series tour with Aukland having a consistent race taking third at the pay window.  Steve Shaver would finish fourth with Scott Bloomquist getting by Matt Miller in the final laps to finish fifth. 

An elated Hartman said in victory circle that it was a team effort.  “The car was excellent tonight, my crew chief, Jerry Farmer had his Rocket Chassis set up to perfection, it was rough in three and four, but the car held up real well and we are happy to win this Lucas Oil Late Model race, because they are a tough group of drivers to outrun.” 

Completing the top ten were Matt Miller, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Darren Miller, Aaron Scott and Tim Dohm.

Race Summary

Lucas Oil Late Model Series

West Virginia Motor Speedway-Mineral Wells, WV

Saturday Night, September 24, 2005 

Fast Qualifier:  Donnie Moran 22.00 seconds 

Heat #1:  Donnie Moran, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Jimmy Owens, Brad Malcuit, Mark Banal, Chuckie May, Randle Chupp, Roy Roush, Audie Swartz, Scott Lyon, Jason Edge 

Heat #2:  Rick Aukland, Don O’Neal, Scott James, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Jared Hawkins, Paul Davis, Keith Berner, Robbie Scott, Sonny Conley, Greg Buckland 

Heat #3:  Matt Miller, Chuck Harper, Davey Johnson, Earl Pearson, Jr., Ralph Withem, Patrick Sheltra, Chad Hina, Steve Wilmoth, Ed Shuman, Brad Eitniear 

Heat #4:  Steve Shaver, Scott Bloomquist, Jackie Boggs, Matt Urban, Larry Moran, John Brown, Gary Knollinger, Keith Barbara, Paul Wilmoth 

Heat #5:  Steve Lucas, Tim Dohm, Corey Conley, Freddy Smith, Brian Eaton, Freddie Carpenter, Tony Lombardi, Ben Adkins, D.J. Miller, Jeff Gress  

Heat #6:  Bart Hartman, Darren Miller, Aaron Scott, Eric Myers, Chris Garnes, Frank Wilson, Jr., Larry Smith, Joel Prosser, Greggie Oliver, Rodney Combs 

First B-Main:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Casebolt, Jr., Mark Banal, Brad Malcuit, Chuckie May, Chad Hina, Keith Berner, Randle Chupp, Ralph Withem, Brad Eitinear, Greg Buckland, Ed Shuman, Jared Hawkins, Paul Davis, Roy Roush, Steve Wilmoth, Audie Swartz, Sonny Conley, Scott Lyon, Jason Edge 

Second B-Main:  Freddy Smith, John Brown, Rodney Combs, Gary Knollinger, Tony Lombardi, Frank Wilson, Jr., Joel Prosser, Freddie Carpenter, Ben Adkins, Larry Smith, Chris Garnes, Jeff Gress, Eric Myers, Brian Eaton, Greggie Oliver, Matt Urban, Larry Moran, D.J. Miller 

“Tribute 30” Main Event:  Bart Hartman, Donnie Moran, Rick Aukland, Steve Shaver, Scott Bloomquist, Matt Miller, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Darren Miller, Aaron Scott, Tim Dohm, Earl Pearson, Jr., Chuck Harper, Don O’Neal, Freddy Smith, John Brown, Jimmy Owens, Scott James, Jackie Boggs, Corey Conley, Davey Johnson, Eric Myers, Jeff Gress, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Steve Lucas 

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  62

Cautions:  4

Red Flags:  0

Lap Leaders:  Rick Aukland 1, Bart Hartman 2-30Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Aaron Scott (started 18th and finished 9th) advanced 9 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race: Tim Dohm

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Jeff Gress and Eric Myers


IMPERIAL, PA (September 18, 2005)-Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH inherited the lead on lap 82 after race leader Matt Miller developed a flat tire and then he went on to lead the last 18 laps of the 17th Annual "Pittsburgher 100" sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series on Sunday Night at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway.  Moran won $22,000 for his second career Pittsburgher win.  His first came in 1991. 

Moran driving his familiar #99 MasterSbilt Monte Carlo sponsored by PBM Performance Products, Eddie's Sunoco, Sunoco Race Fuels, Balderson Dodge, Muskingum County Speedway with power under the hood from SMS Race Engines.  Brad Malcuit of Strasburg, OH finished a strong second in his Malcuit Race Engines/MOPAR/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo.  Third went to Gary Stuhler of Greencastle, PA in the Glen Nininger owned/Nininger's Tire and Auto Center/MasterSbilt Grand Prix. Completing the top five was 2005 PPMS Track champion, John Flinner of Zelienople, PA in the Flinner Signs and Decals/Rocket Monte Carlo and Lou Bradich of Chester, WV in the H&F Trucking/Bill Kell Racing Engines/Rocket Grand Prix.  A total of 54 cars were on hand for the event.

 Alex Ferree and Lou Bradich would make up the front row for the event as Bradich would get the early advantage over Ferree grabbing the point right from the start.  Ferree would run second with Tim Hitt, Matt Miller and Mark Banal in the top five after one lap was completed.  The first caution appeared on lap four for a slowed Jared Miley who left the race with damage to the front end of his race car.  At this time current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series points leader, Don O'Neal made his first of several pit stops for an apparent water pump issue.  Bart Hartman would make his way into the top five on lap four and then get by Miller a lap later for fourth, but soon after on lap seven Hartman would develop suspension problems as he went pitside and out of the race.  Hartman was trying to become the first back to back winner in the history of the event.  With 10 laps in the books Bradich was still showing the way with Ferree in second followed by two time Pittsburgher 100 winner, Tim Hitt, Miller and Steve Casebolt, Jr.  The race would run green until lap 14 when debris was spotted on the racing surface and the yellow came out. 

Two drivers on the move early in the race were 2005 Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway track champion, John Flinner and Jackie Boggs.  Flinner and Boggs who started 15th and 16th respectfully in the stout field were up to fourth and fifth in the running order after 16 laps were recorded.  Miller would make a move for second on lap 17 passing Ferree for the runner-up slot.  A yellow came out for Tim Hitt on lap 18 and at this time O'Neal would leave the race for good calling it a night.  On the restart Ferree would head for the point going from third to first in just one lap around the big half mile track.  Ferree then started to pull away from the pack of cars behind him that would see Bradich and Miller duel side by side for second.  Boggs then went to third on lap 23 putting Bradich to fourth with Flinner in fifth.  As the cars completed lap 30 Ferree was leading the race with Miller tracking him down.  Boggs then reached Miller and started to battle with him for position. Flinner would slide by Bradich for fourth on lap 31.  Up front action was heating up as Ferree would see his lead shrink as Miller and Boggs had caught up to him.  Ferree would slip up out of the groove on lap 35 allowing Miller to get by for the lead.  On lap 43 Boggs would go to second with Ferree falling to third.  As the cars headed towards the 50 laps fuel break Miller and Boggs were in charge of the field now.  At the halfway mark the running order was Miller, Boggs, Ferree, Davey Johnson and Flinner. 

Over the last 50 laps of the race Miller looked to be the man to beat despite having Boggs all over him.  Donnie Moran was headed to the front.  Moran, who started 17th was up to third by lap 55 and went by Ferree on the outside to take over third place.  Ferree would slow and exit the race on lap 64 after a strong effort.  With 30 laps to go it was now a three car battle for the lead with Miller, Boggs and Moran putting on a show.  Moran would pull alongside Boggs on several occasions but could not pass him for second.  Boggs then slowed with a flat tire on lap 75 as he would head pitside for a tire change.  With 25 laps left it was Miller, Moran, Malcuit, Gary Stuhler and Casebolt in the top five.  Boggs would come back out and last two laps until his car went up in smoke causing another caution flag.  Miller and Moran were racing hard and clean for the lead until Miller developed a flat tire slowing on lap 82 while leading.  Miller would bring out the caution as he pitted for a tire change.  On lap 83 Casebolt would get a little sideways in turn four with cars scrambling to get by.  Ed Ferree would stop on the main straight bringing out the caution.  After Miller had the flat Moran was now the car to beat.  His two main competitors at the end were Malcuit and Stuhler. 

With 10 circuits to go Moran held a six car length advantage over Malcuit.  Malcuit tried to cut down Moran's lead in the final circuits but Moran was just too strong and would take the checkers first followed by Malcuit, Stuhler, Flinner and Bradich.

"We are very happy to get this win," said Moran in victory circle after being interviewed by Army Armstrong for the ESPN2 telecast which will be shown at a date and time to be announced.  "What can I say, Keith and Tader Masters build a great car, my crew worked hard all weekend getting this car right and we just took our time at the start and the car was working real well and we just kept passing cars."  "That was a tough break for Matt, he was running well, I was just hoping that my tires would hold up and I don't know how many more laps I could have lasted, but we did." 

Completing the top ten were 25th starting, Freddy Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Davey Johnson and Earl Pearson, Jr.  By virtue of Pearson's 10th place finish and O'Neal DNF there is just a 65 point lead for O'Neal heading into this weekend's racing action at West Virginia Motor Speedway. 

The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series events will be on Saturday and Sunday, September 24 and 25 at the West Virginia Motor Speedway in Mineral Wells, WV.  On Saturday there will be a complete show with a $7000 first place prize up for grabs and Sunday's event will also see a complete show and $10,000 to win to top off the West Virginia Hall of Fame Weekend.  

Race Summary 

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 

Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway - Imperial, PA 

Saturday and Sunday, September 17 & 18 

Fast Qualifier:  Don O'Neal 18.903 seconds 

First Heat:  Alex Ferree, Don O'Neal, Earl Pearson, Jr., John Mason, Bill Cunningham, Keith Berner, Keith Rodriguez, Jon Hodgkiss, Larry Moran 

Second Heat:  Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Lynn Geisler, Gary Stuhler, Bob Close, Rick Aukland, Mike Johnson, Scott Gunn, Freddy Smith 

Third Heat:  Mark Banal, Brad Malcuit, John Flinner, Steve Baker, Brian Ruhlman, Rich Apolito, Keith Barbara, Todd Andrews, Jim Lepro 

Fourth Heat:  Bart Hartman, Jeep VanWormer, Jackie Boggs, Tim Dohm, Brent Rhebergen, Rodney Sweitzer, D.J. Miller, Tony Musolino, Mark Moats 

Fifth Heat:  Tim Hitt, Ed Ferree, Donnie Moran, Lance Elson, Dave Hess, Danny Rich, Chad Ruhlman, Ben Miley, Dave Wade 

Sixth Heat:  Lou Bradich, Jared Miley, Davey Johnson, Scot James, Al Atallah, Jim Kutas, George Kowatic, Rick Biggs, Tim Gould 

First B-Main:  Gary Stuhler, Steve Baker, John Mason, Bill Cunningham, Bob Close, Brian Ruhlman, Keith Berner, Keith Barbara, Mike Johnson, Rick Aukland, Freddy Smith, Rich Apolito, Scott Gunn, Jon Hodgkiss, Keith Rodriguez, Jim Lepro, Larry Moran 

Second B-Main:  Scott James, Tim Dohm, Lance Elson, Brent Rhebergen, Al Atallah, Dave Hess, D.J. Miller, Tony Musolino, Rodney Sweitzer, Chad Ruhlman, Danny Rich, Jim Kutas, Dave Wade, Rick Briggs, Ben Miley, Tim Gould 

17th Annual "Pittsburgher 100" Finish:  Donnie Moran, Brad Malcuit, Gary Stuhler John Flinner, Lou Bradich, Freddy Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Scott James, Davey Johnson, Earl Pearson, Jr., Ed Ferree, Steve Baker, Jeep VanWormer, Matt Miller, Tim Dohm, Lance Elson, Jackie Boggs, John Mason, Alex Ferree, Lynn Geisler, Tim Hitt, Rick Aukland, Scott Gunn, Don O'Neal, Mark Banal, Bart Hartman, Dave Wade, Jared Miley  

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  54

Cautions:  10

Red Flags:  0

Lap Leaders:  Lou Bradich 1-18, Alex Ferree 19-34 Matt Miller 35-82, Donnie Moran 83-100

Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Freddy Smith (Started 25th and finished 6th) advanced 19 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Freddy Smith and Rick Aukland

Track Provisionals:  Dave Wade and Scott Gunn


TAZEWELL, TN (September 4, 2005)-Before one of the largest crowds in the 40 year history of Tazewell Speedway, Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN led all 75 laps in claiming the "Citizens Bank 75" for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series on Sunday Night.  Owens earned $10,000 for the win as he became the 17th different winner in 27 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series events in 2005.  Owens was behind the wheel of the Mach 2 Motorsports entry #20 sponsored by Ultra Pro Machining, PPM Racing Products, Carolina Finishing, VP Racing Fuels, Red Line Oil, West Haven Speed Equipment, Cornett Racing Engines, C.J. Rayburn Ford Taurus.  Vic Hill of Morristown, TN was second in the Landair Transport Inc./Vic Hill Racing Engines/GRT Grand Prix with Anthony White of Clinton, TN a close third in the DWB Motorsports/Freddy White Masonry/DWB Race Cars Grand Prix.  Taking the fourth spot at the finish was Brett Miller of Asheville, NC in the Donna Laws/Perg Leg Motorsports/GRT Monte and 24th starting, Tom Dohm of Cross Lanes, WV rounded out the top five in the Dohm Cycle Sales/Custom Race Engines/Rocket Monte Carlo.  A total of 39 cars were on hand for the series' first ever visit to the Tennessee speedplant.

Jimmy Owens and Earl Pearson, Jr. would make up a strong starting contingent for the race as they would start from the front row.  When chief starter Noel Hargis let fly with the green flag to start the race Owens immediately took charge taking the lead from Pearson heading off of turn two down the back straight.  Local favorite Scott Sexton would take second from Pearson on the second lap with Pearson falling to third in front of Anthony White and Billy Ogle, Jr.  Freddy Smith would be the first car out of the race heading pitside on lap three.  Owens had set sail and was dominating the race as he was already picking up the tail end of the 24 car starting field by lap seven.  A torrid battle for second was going on with Sexton and Pearson going at it side by side on several occasions on the super fast track.  By lap 10 there were three cars out of the event with Rex Richey and Tommy Kerr joining Smith in the infield.  Owens was setting a blistering pace working through traffic diving in and out all over the race track in lapping cars.  By the 15th circuit Owens had cleared some heavy traffic and had plenty of free space in front of him on the race track.  The Sexton and Pearson duel would see Pearson get back by Sexton on lap 15 to regain second place, but that race was not over yet as Sexton would mount another charge taking Pearson on the outside two laps later to go back into second.  With Owens in complete control of the race by lap 20 the showdown for second was really exciting as Pearson would fight back and go by Sexton yet again on lap 20.   

With 20 laps in the books it was still Owens showing the way followed by Pearson, Sexton, 8th place starter Mike Marlar and White in the top five.  Owens was starting to pick up the back end of the field again by lap 22 and Pearson and Sexton would start to chop his lead down considerably.  Lucas Oil late Model Dirt Series points leader, Don O'Neal was on the move.  O'Neal had pulled out his backup car after a heat race incident and from the 21st starting spot without the aid of any cautions up until this point he was up to sixth place.  The first caution of the race would wave on lap 22 when Frank Merritt slowed on the main straightaway.  At this same point after the yellow came out Marlar who had just passed Sexton for third saw the coil quit in his car killing his motor which forced White and O'Neal to take evasive action as both cars had to stop to avoid Marlar.  There was contact between the cars with O'Neal suffering some right side body damage on his mount. 

Both O'Neal and White would continue in the race, but Marlar's night was done after making a strong charge to the front.  With the field at caution, it was Owens, Pearson, Sexton, O'Neal and Vic Hill running in the top five order.  On the restart it would be Owens again on a rail sprinting away from the field as the race for second place would keep the interest as Sexton and Pearson would race side by side again with Sexton moving into second once again on lap 25.  O'Neal then would break into the top three on lap 26 getting by Pearson.  O'Neal and Pearson, who are the top two in the series points standings would go neck and neck for several circuits with O'Neal holding the lead at the score line.  With 32 laps in the books Owens was on a mission as he continued to dominate the event building a sizable lead with Sexton, O'Neal, Pearson and new fifth place runner, Scott James trying to catch him. 

A caution on lap 33 for a slowed Brian Smith would be fateful for Sexton as he pulled his overheated machine to the infield pit and retired from the race.  That would move O'Neal into second place on the restart with Pearson, James and Hill.  Owens went to a straightaway advantage over O'Neal and the rest of the pack by lap 42.  White would slow on lap 47 for a flat tire bringing out another yellow flag.  The race would go green for five laps when O'Neal slowed and pitted after climbing to second place.  With 54 laps scored it was Owens, Pearson, James, Hill and White in the top five running order.  A caution for debris on lap 60 would only slow Owens momentarily.  Pearson was a solid second and James had pulled away from Hill and White and was looking for a solid finish, but that would come to an end on lap 67 as he slowed on the race track causing a caution as he dived into the pit area with an overheating car.  James would not return to the race.  Pearson would also have problems and go pitside after a false restart as his night ended as well. 

With eight laps to go and several of his main competitors out of the race Owens was hoping for no more cautions as he rode his mount around the top of the race track with eight perfect laps which took him to the checkered flag for his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win in front of the appreciative crowd.  "The track was great tonight", said the winner on the victory podium.  "We had the car freed up and it performed tremendous, it was little hairy there in traffic for a few laps, but we managed to get through that and really had no problems for the entire race."  Hill the famed engine builder would come home in second followed by White, who despite two pit stops was third followed by Brett Miller and the hard charger of the race, Tim Dohm, who started in the 24th and last starting spot was fifth at the end. 

Completing the top ten were Bobby Giffin, Ricky Arms, David Payne, Michael Smith and Pearson. 

After Tazewell O'Neal holds a 110 point advantage over Pearson in the race for the championship with Donnie Moran, Matt Miller and Scott James rounding out the top five drivers. 

The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18 at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway in Pittsburgh, PA for the running of the 17th Annual Pittsburgher 100" paying $22,000 to win. 

Race Summary

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 

Tazewell Speedway-Tazewell, TN 

Sunday Night, September 4, 2005

Fast Qualifier: Jeff Wolfenbarger 11.358 seconds

Heat #1:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Brett Miller, Bobby Giffin, Frank Merritt, Ricky Arms, Don O'Neal, Jeff Wolfenbarger, Tim Dohm, David Payne, Joey McCoy,  

Heat #2:  Billy Ogle, Jr., Anthony White, Donnie Moran, Brian Smith, Ruben Mayfield, Freddy Smith, Jason Trammell, Chris Chandler, Matt Henderson-DNS, Brad Hall-DNS 

Heat #3:  Scott Sexton, Vic Hill, Jeff Neubert, Rex Richey, Marty Calloway, Michael Smith, Steve Carr, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Casey Roberts, Steve Smith-DNS 

Heat #4:  Jimmy Owens, Mike Marlar, Scott James, Terry Wolfenbarger, Tommy Kerr, David McCoy, Jason McCall, Doug Smith, Brandon Williams 

1st B-Main:  Ricky Arms, David Payne, Don O'Neal, Tim Dohm, Ruben Mayfield, Jason Trammell, Joey McCoy, Freddy Smith 

2nd  B-Main:  Tommy Kerr, Michael Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., David McCoy, Steve Carr, Jason McCall, Doug Smith, Marty Calloway 

"Citizens Bank 75" Main Event:  Jimmy Owens, Vic Hill, Anthony White, Brett Miller, Tim Dohm, Bobby Giffin, Ricky Arms, David Payne, Michael Smith, Earl Pearson, Jr., Scott James, Terry Wolfenbarger, Don O'Neal, Donnie Moran, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Scott Sexton, Brian Smith, Mike Marlar, Billy Ogle, Jr., Frank Merritt, Tommy Kerr, Jeff Neubert, Rex Richey, Freddy Smith  

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  39

Cautions:  6

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leader:  Jimmy Owens 1-75Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race: Tim Dohm (Started 24th and finished 5th) advanced 19 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Tim Dohm

Series Provisionals:  Freddy Smith and Tim Dohm


BARDSTOWN, KY (August 27, 2005)-Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame Racer Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN roared from his 15th starting position taking the lead from Donnie Moran and led the final 22 laps of the 5th Annual Bluegrass Classic for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series on Saturday Night at the Bluegrass Speedway.  The 41 year old Bloomquist became the 16th different event winner in '05 on the series tour as he pocketed $10,000 for his victory.  Bloomquist was behind the wheel of his own Bloomquist Race Cars designed chassis which is sponsored by Miller Brothers Coal, Hawkeye Trucking and All Star Performance.  John Gill of Mitchell, IN had a strong finish coming from the 10th starting spot to take second in the Harrod Farms/Central Painting/Rocket Grand Prix.  Third place was 16th starter Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL in the Lucas Oil Products/Dunn Benson Ford/Larry Wallace Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Ford Taurus.  Completing the top five was polesitter Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA in the Daufeldt Transport/Pro Power Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo and current series points leader Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN in the A1 Auto Salvage/Jay Dickens Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  A total of 53 cars were on hand for the event which was also a tribute to the late David Speer a longtime racer from the state of Kentucky who passed away last November.  Scott Bloomquist gave his winning trophy to Brenda Speer, Mr. Speer's widow.

When the green flag waved for the 60 lap main event which saw Brian Birkhofer and Donnie Moran start on the front row but it was first time Arkansas visitor, Jeff Taylor grabbing the headlines as he raced from his fourth starting spot and made his presence known early in the race that he would be a force to be reckoned with.  Taylor would get by both Birkhofer and Moran on the opening lap taking the lead on a track he had never seen before.  Taylor would pull away from Moran who was running in second and third place competitor, Birkhofer.  A forced spin by Matt Miller on lap two would bring out the first caution of the race.  With the races lined back up the Delaware double file restart would be in order with Taylor out in front and Moran and Birkhofer lined up side by side.  Taylor would sprint away from those two drivers again as he quickly made his way around the well prepared 1/2 mile oval opening up a sizable lead.  By the 10th circuit Taylor would be seven car lengths ahead of the field in a dominating performance so far.  Birkhofer who had gotten by Moran on lap three was running in second followed now by Darren Miller, who was on the move. 

With 15 laps scored it was Taylor on the point with now a ten car length advantage over Birkhofer.  D. Miller was still in third with Moran and Steve Francis in the top five.  At this point in the race Taylor would start to encounter some heavy traffic as he had picked up the back of the field.  Taylor's sizable lead was big enough that Birkhofer even in traffic could not catch up to him.  Taylor would slice through traffic making daring moves and coming out unscathed until a fateful lap 27 would lead to his undoing.  With a large lead Taylor would enter turn four with Jimmy Owens sitting in the groove he was running, Taylor tried to avoid the stopped Owens but he clipped Owens with the right front of his race car causing a flat tire and other damage.  Taylor would go pitside in the infield and his crew changed the tire, but enough damage was done to where Taylor did not like how his car would handle and he came back in calling it a night after such a superb run. 

Birkhofer then would inherit the lead with Miller, Moran and Francis behind him on the double file restart.  When the green came out to restart the race D. Miller would see a right front tire go down and he would be passed by several cars as he eventually would stop on the track bringing out another caution flag.  On the restart Birkhofer would still be on the point with Moran now in second followed by 15th starting, Scott Bloomquist who had quietly made his way to the front.  Don O'Neal was running fourth with Francis in fifth.  When the green flew again Moran would go side by side with Birkhofer for two circuits before finally clearing him and taking over the lead on lap 30.  Bloomquist would then pick up the pace again getting by Birkhofer for second as the trio of Moran, Bloomquist and Birkhofer were now putting on quite a show for the large crowd in attendance racing with inches of each other. Bloomquist would pull alongside Moran and for the next six laps those two would fight tooth and nail for the lead.  With seven World 100 wins between them those two know when the pressure is on and they performed flawlessly battling it out lap after lap for the lead.

 Bloomquist was able to clear Moran and take over the lead on lap 39 after the breathtaking duel with Moran.  Birkhofer would get back into the thick of things as he would get by Moran for second on lap 41.   With 15 to go Bloomquist was holding the advantage with Birkhofer, Moran, 10th starting, John Gill and O'Neal trying to track him down.  An incredible battle for third would see Moran, Gill and O'Neal go three wide on several occasions with Gill getting the spot on lap 48.   As the laps were winding down Bloomquist was strong holding a four car length advantage over the pack of hot pursuers.  Moran who started to slip back because he had a tire going down would slow to a stop in turn three on lap 53.  With seven to go the stage was now set for the finish.  Bloomquist would be in front on the double file restart with Birkhofer, Gill, Earl Pearson, Jr. up from 16th and O'Neal all trying to steal away a win from him.  When chief starter Brian Axsom dropped the green a seven lap shootout would take place, not for the lead but for second place.  Bloomquist would continue to be firmly in control of the race but action for second through fifth would be amazing.  Birkhofer, Gill, Pearson and O'Neal would go at like they were racing for the lead.  Gill would race to second with three laps to go as he Birkhofer, Pearson and O'Neal would slug it out until the checkers fell.  Pearson was trying very hard up against the retaining wall to gain some spots and on the final lap he was able to pass Birkhofer on the outside for third place.   Birkhofer would finish fourth followed closely by O'Neal. 

In victory circle, Bloomquist was happy over his win.  "The track tonight was great, you could pass on it and we all had a great battle out there, this is a nice facility and the way the track was prepared tonight that's the way it should be everywhere, I think we put on a great show for the fans tonight."  "We have fought some engine issues this year, but I believe we are on the right track to finish strong the rest of the season and we look forward to the challenge."

Completing the top ten were Francis, Darren Miller, Matt Miller, Greg Johnson and Mike Marlar. 

Pre race festivities for the 5th Annual Bluegrass Classic included a Special Guest appearance by Morgan Lucas, driver of the Joe Amato-owned Lucas Oil Products NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. Lucas was on hand to sign autographs and greet race fans. 

The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event will be on Sunday Night, September 4th at the Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN paying $10,000 to win.  

Race Summary

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Saturday Night, August 27, 2005]

Bluegrass Speedway-Bardstown, KY 

Fast Qualifier:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 15.828 seconds 

Heat #1:  Steve Francis, Darren Miller, Matt Miller, Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Casebolt, Jr., Eddie Carrier, Jr., David Powers, Justin Rattliff, Mike Jewell, Bryant Woodcock, Mike Hawley

Heat #2:  Johnny Wheeler, Brad Neat, Dustin Neat, Jimmy Owens, Josh Richards, Bryan Barber, Chris Combs, Anthony Rushing, Michael England, Joey Daniel, Tim Prince 

Heat #3:  Jeff Taylor, Don O'Neal, Mike Marlar, Michael Chilton, Jason Keltner, Tim Tungate, Freddy Smith, Gary Yeager, Aaron Hatton, Shannon Babb, C.J. Rayburn 

Heat #4:  Brian Birkhofer, Scott James, Greg Johnson, Lee DeVasier, Whitney McQueary, Jeff Watson, Brandon Kinzer, Tim Dohm, Jesse James Lay, Cody Mahoney

Heat #5:  Donnie Moran, John Gill, Scott Bloomquist, Darrell Lanigan, Timmy Yeager, Jordan Bland, Scotty Earl, Rick Corbin, Dan Deaton, Doug Smith 

1st B-Main:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Darrell Lanigan, Michael Chilton, Josh Richards, Jordan Bland,Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brandon Kinzer, Shannon Babb, Rick Corbin, Justin Rattliff, Chris Combs, Michael England, Gary Yeager, Bryant Woodcock, Tim Tungate, Doug Smith 

2nd B-Main:  Bryan Barber, Jimmy Owens, David Powers, Jeff Watson, Tim Dohm, Timmy Yeager, Mike Jewell, Freddy Smith, Scotty Earl, Anthony Rushing, Cody Mahoney, Joey Daniel, Dan Deaton, Steve Casebolt, Jr. 

5th Annual Bluegrass Classic Main Event: (60 Laps):  Scott Bloomquist, John Gill, Earl Pearson, Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Don O'Neal, Steve Francis, Darren Miller, Matt Miller, Greg Johnson, Mike Marlar, Dustin Neat, Brad Neat, Bryan Barber, Jimmy Owens, Darrell Lanigan, Scott James, Donnie Moran, Johnny Wheeler, Michael Chilton, Tim Dohm, Joey Daniel, Jeff Taylor, Timmy Yeager, Freddy Smith, David Powers  

Race Statistics: 

Entries:  53

Cautions:  4

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leaders:  Jeff Taylor 1-27, Brian Birkhofer 28-29, Donnie Moran 30-38, Scott Bloomquist 39-60Weld Racing Hard Charger of the Race:  Scott Bloomquist (started 15th and finished in 1st) advanced 14 positions

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Freddy Smith and Tim Dohm

Track Provisionals:  Joey Daniel and Timmy Yeager

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2021 Championship Points

Points as of 10/16/2021
Pos Competitor Points
1stTim McCreadie (#39)7355
2ndHudson O'Neal (#71)6815
3rdJonathan Davenport (#49)6640
4thJimmy Owens (#20)6515
5thTyler Erb (#1T)6445
6thKyle Bronson (#40B)6410
7thRicky Thornton (#20RT)6230
8thJosh Richards (#14)6165
9thShane Clanton (#25)5905
10thEarl Pearson (#46)5875

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