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NEW RICHMOND, WI (June 18, 2005)- Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH withstood a slide job extravaganza in the closing laps as he came out on top winning the second night of the 7th Annual "Masters" at the Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday Night, June 18 as the 42 year old veteran driver earned $10,000 for his 50 lap win.  The thrilling affair would see Moran, Matt Miller and Jimmy Mars put on a wild and fierce race to the finish.  Moran a four time World 100 champion and the Eldora Million winner drove his PBM Performance Products/Eddie's Sunoco/SMS Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo to his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win becoming the ninth different winner in 13 races and keeping a streak alive where no winner has come from the front row in now nine consecutive Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series races, Moran started third.  2005 Dream Winner, Matt Miller of Waterville, OH finished second in the Dirt Shop Inc./McCullough Industries/Russell Baker Racing Engines/Rocket Grand Prix with Mars of Menomonie, WI grabbing third in the Deppe Enterprises/Pro Power/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Rounding out the top five was Kyle Berck of Marquette, NE in the Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing/Swartz Chassis #14 and Keith Foss of Winona, MN in the Equality Die Cast/Rocket Grand Prix.  A total of 46 cars were on hand for the second night of the 7th Annual "Masters" race at Cedar Lake as points were awarded to the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and the World Dirt Racing League. 

Don O'Neal and 2004 Cedar Lake Speedway Track Champion, Justin Fegers would lead the stout field to green but disaster on the first lap as the cars were coming to complete the first lap Fegers lost control of his racer sending him into a spin which saw a massive pileup result in turn four.  Several racers would see body damage with Brady Smith going to the pits with suspension woes that knocked him out the race without a lap being scored.  When the accident was cleaned up the race would fire up again with O'Neal and Scott James on the front row as the two Hoosier State hotshoes would lead the field to start the race again.  O'Neal would quickly bolt into the lead with Matt Miller going to second followed by James.  A caution for James would come out on lap three as he would suffered a right rear flat forcing him pitside.  He did not return to the race.  After a rocky start in the first three circuits the race would settle downa bit with O'Neal holding the point followed by Miller, Donnie Moran, Trent Follmer and Jimmy Mars.  Moran would go from third place to second around Miller on lap seven.  O'Neal then would see the back of the field on his radar as he would pick them up by the 11th lap.  A lapped car would come down on O'Neal on lap 12 forcing him into a near spin as Miller had to take evasive action as he was right on O'Neal when it happened.  Moran would squeeze by O'Neal after the lapped car incident to take over the lead of the race.  O'Neal and Miller then had to regroup with Follmer on the move the young Minnesota racer would also get past O'Neal and Miller.  As the 17th lap was scored with Moran in front followed by Follmer, O'Neal, Miller and Mars the top five drivers. 

O'Neal would jump back into second on lap 18 with Miller following him by Follmer.  Meanwhile up front it was all Moran as he would stretch his lead to 10 car lengths over the field.  With Moran now running away with the race he would start to approach the back of the field by the 28th lap.  At this point his lead had grown to 12 lengths over O’Neal and Miller.  Follmer would take to the top side of the race track going by Miller on lap 32 and started to close up to O'Neal.  O'Neal and Follmer would go nose to tail for several laps with Follmer taking a peek on O'Neal to try and find a way around him.  A final caution on lap 39 for a slowing Tim Dohm would bunch the field up for a thrilling finish that was about to take place..  Under the caution O'Neal's car was leaking fluids on the and he went to the pit area giving up his second place position.  That would move Follmer and Miller to second and third on the restart.  Miller would pounce on the opportunity after the race would restart and with 10 laps to go it was on.  Moran and Miller would be joined by Mars who quietly raced around the bottom of the race track making it a three way tussle for the lead in the waning laps. 

The last five laps of the race would see incredible racing action with slidejob after slidejob taking place between the frontrunners.  Miller would lead for two laps then Moran would shoot in front of him to regain the lead with four to go.  Mars would pull even with Moran for the lead with three to go as the crowd rose to its feet witnessing a great finish as Miller would fire back with two to go briefly taking the lead back from Moran, but Moran would drive it in hard into turns one and two taking the lead back as the cars headed to the white flag.  Miller would try one last valiant effort to pass Moran but he could not get it done as Moran held on for the win.  Miller finished second followed by Mars, Kyle Berck, who started 12th and Keith Foss, who started 17th. 

"Man I'll tell you that was some kind of racing," said the jubilant Moran afterwards." I believe that was three Dream winners going at it and it was really fun."  "I want to thank my crew and my sponsors after leading last night and having to drop out they worked their tails off getting this car ready for tonight and it paid off, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is the best thing going right now and they have some outstanding drivers running it and I especially want to thank the fans for coming out here at Cedar Lake, this is truly a racey track and nice facility." 

Completing the top ten were Trent Follmer, Shannon Babb, Darren Miller, Earl Pearson, Jr. and Jerry Redetzke. 

In preliminary events Terry English was the Fastest Qualifier of the 46 entrants with lap of 13.474 seconds.  The Heat Race winners were Don O'Neal, Justin Fegers, Scott James and Matt Miller.  The First B-Main went to Keith Foss and the Second B-Main was won by Kerry Hansen. 

The next events for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will be on Tuesday Night, June 21 at the Davenport Speedway in Davenport, IA, Friday Night, June 24 at the Belleville High Banks in Belleville, KS and Saturday Night, June 25 at McCool Junction, NE. 

Race Summary  Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series  Saturday Night, June 18, 2005  Cedar Lake Speedway-New Richmond WI  

Fast Qualifier:  Terry English  13.474 

Heat #1:  Don O'Neal, Donnie Moran, Terry English, Brian Birkhofer, Keith Foss, Freddy Smith, Dave Eckrich, Toby Patchen, Duane Mahder, Larry Stockwell, Joel Cryderman 

Heat #2:  Justin Fegers, Trent Follmer, Denny Eckrich, Jerry Redetzke, Andrew McKay, Tim Isenberg, Scott CRamer, Matt Furman, Jon Chrest, Bill Koons, Shannon Babb 

Heat #3:  Scott James, Darren Miller, Earl Pearson, Jr., Eric Pember, Pat Doar, Eric Breeschoten, Steve Isenberg, Andy Simoson, Mike Nutzmann, Bill Stettner 

Heat #4:  Matt Miller, Brady Smith, Kyle Berck, Tim Dohm, Kerry Hansen, John VanDenBerg, John Hampel, Pete Parker, George Scheffler, Steve Hucovski, Bryan Wennen 

First B-Main:  Keith Foss, Dave Eckrich, Duane Mahder, Matt Furman, Toby Patchen, Larry Stockwell, Bill Koons, Freddy Smith, Andrew McKay, Tim Isenberg, Joel Cryderman, Shannon Babb 

Second B-Main:  Kerry Hansen, John VanDenBerg, Pat Doar, Eric Pember, Eric Breeschoten, John Hampel, Mike Nutzmann, Steve Isenberg, Pete Parker, George Scheffler, Steve Hucovski, Bill Stettner, Andy Simonson, Bryan Wennen 

7th Annual "Masters" Feature: (50 Laps):  Donnie Moran, Matt Miller, Jimmy Mars, Kyle Berck, Keith Foss, Trent Follmer, Shannon Babb, Darren Miller, Earl Pearson, Jr., Jerry Redetzke, Denny Eckrich, Dave Eckrich, John VanDenBerg, Eric Pember, Don O'Neal, Tim Dohm, Terry English, Freddy Smith, Matt Furman, Kerry Hansen, Scott James, Justin Fegers, Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer 

Race Statistics:  Entries:  46 Caution Flags:  5 Red Flags: 0 Lap Leaders:  Don O'Neal 1-11. Donnie Moran 12-42, Matt Miller 43-44, Moran 46-50 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Tim DohmWeld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Shannon Babb (started 21 and finished in 7th) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Shannon Babb and Freddy Smith WDRL Provisionals:  Eric Pember and Matt Furman


NEW RICHMOND, WI (June 17, 2005)- The opening race of the 7th Annual "Masters" at the Cedar Lake Speedway on Friday Night, June 17 would see the return of Don O'Neal to the race track after a 14 year absence as he would pass Jimmy Mars on the final lap to win the 50 lap $10,000 to win race to open the weekend at Cedar Lake.  For O'Neal it was his fourth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of '05 as he padded his series points lead.  The 40 year old driver took the Well-Pict Berries/All-Star Performance/A-1 Auto Salvage/Living Room Centers/O'Neal Wood Products/Jay Dickens Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo to victory lane after a race in which there were seven lead changes among four drivers.  Mars of Menomonie, WI finished second by less than one car length in the T.L. Sinz Plumbing/Pro Power/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo with third place going to Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA in the Daufeldt Transport/Pro Power/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Fourth at the finish was Shannon Babb of Moweaqua, IL in the Arkansas Motors/Jay Dickens Racing Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo with Scott James of Lawrenceburg, IN in the Powell Motorsports/Baylor Trucking/Rocket Grand Prix.  A total of 53 cars were on hand for the event which gave points for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and the World Dirt Racing League. 

This 50 lap race would be dandy all the way with a terrific battle for the lead which went on most of the way.  Brian Birkhofer would take the point at the start of the race with Jimmy Mars going to second followed by third place starting, Don O'Neal.  O'Neal by the second lap was by Mars taking second from the former Dream winner as O'Neal would then start to pressure Birkhofer for the race lead.  Fifth place starter and two time WDRL champion, Kyle Berck was up to third around Mars on lap three with Donnie Moran up to fourth as Mars fell back to fifth.  The leaders would start to pick up the tail end of the field by the 10th circuit with Birkhofer still holding the advantage over O'Neal.  The first car to go a lap down happened on lap 11 and then two laps later the first caution of the race came on for a stalled Eric Breeschoten in turn number three.  On the restart the running order would be Birkhofer, O'Neal, Berck, Moran and Scott James in the top five.  When the race went green again Moran would bolt from third on the double file restart grabbing the lead away from Birkhofer in a tremendous move to the head of the field.  Moran then started to immediately pull away from the pack as the four time World 100 winner opened up a five car length lead.  Birkhofer and O'Neal were dicing it out for second place with James getting past Berck for fourth on lap 18.   As the race reached the halfway mark it was still Moran showing the way with a fierce duel between Birkhofer and O'Neal for second which saw the two veteran drivers go door to door around the 3/8ths mile high banked track. 

There would be traffic ahead for Moran by lap 27 and that would allow Birkhofer, O'Neal, James and now fifth place runner, Shannon Babb to close up on the leader of the race.  Mars then regrouped and started picking up his momentum again getting by Babb and then James to move into fourth by lap 38.  Moran was feeling the heat in traffic from the rest of the top five now, but suddenly Moran would slow on the front straight on lap 40 after something apparently had gone through his radiator damaging it enough that he would pull his car to the infield and out of the race after leading 27 laps.  As a disappointed Moran would sit and watch from the infield Birkhofer would then inherit the lead from Moran but he still had O'Neal and Mars to deal with in the final 10 circuits.  Those three drivers would put on a great show in the final laps with O'Neal scooting past Birkhofer for the lead on lap 43.  O'Neal, Birkhofer and Mars would go three wide a lap later with O'Neal getting a little bit sideways down the back straight making slight contact with Birkhofer's car.  Both O'Neal and Birkhofer would see Mars slide by on the inside around them as the two gathered their race cars.  Mars would then go to a three car length lead and looked to be on his way to a win, but with two to go O'Neal picked up the pace closing right in on Mars and as the two took the white flag O'Neal would pull alongside Mars and take the lead as the two would race clean all the way to the checkers with O'Neal coming out on top by less than a car length to take his fourth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of 2005 in his first visit to Cedar Lake since 1991.  Mars would finish second followed right on his heels by Birkhofer.  Babb and James would round out the top five. 

"That was pretty exciting," said O'Neal in victory lane.  "I have not been here since 1991 so I really didn't have a baseline to go off of, I though I really messed up there on the back stretch with Birky, I didn't know that he was there and we touched just a little bit and I then saw Jimmy go by us so I drove the car harder in the turns and caught up to him there in the last few laps and the car worked real good on top and it stuck and I was able to pass him, hoped the fans liked that one," said O'Neal who in 2004 was the winningest dirt late model driver in the country with 26 feature wins. 

Completing the top ten were Earl Pearson, Jr., Matt Miller, Kyle Berck, Brady Smith and Duane Mahder. 

In preliminary events for the 53 entrants, the Heat Race Winners were Don O'Neal, Kyle Berck, Jimmy Mars, Brian Birkhofer, Shannon Babb and Donnie Moran.  The First B-Main was won by Earl Pearson, Jr. and the Second B-Main was taken by Tim Dohm. 

Race Summary  Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series  Cedar Lake Speedway-New Richmond, WI  Friday Night, June 17, 2005  

Heat #1:  Don O'Neal, Scott James, Tim Dohm, Brady Smith, Justin Fegers, Freddy Smith, Tony Bahr, Matt Furman, Bill Koons 

Heat #2:  Kyle Berck, Eric Breeschoten, Pat Doar, Steve Laursen, Troy Kuyoth, Steve Isenberg, Barry Underdahl, Larry Stockwell, Trent Follmer 

Heat #3:  Jimmy Mars, John Anderson, John VanDenBerg, Duane Mahder, Scott Cramer, Bryan Wennen, Jon Chrest, Kerry Hansen 

Heat #4:  Brian Bikhofer, Terry English, Keith Foss, Joel Cryderman, Mike Nutzmann, Paul Brust, Paul Hipsag, Larry Skalberg, Caley Emerson 

Heat #5:  Shannon Babb, Jerry Redetzke, Denny Eckrich, Eric Pember, Pete Parker,Tom Nesbitt, Tim Isenberg, Andy Simonson 

Heat #6:  Donnie Moran, Darren Miller, Matt MIller, Earl Pearson, Jr., Dave Eckrich, John Hampel, George Scheffler, Jeff Kenney 

First B-Main:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Duane Mahder, Brady Smith, Matt MIller, Freddy Smith, Justin Fegers, Steve Isenberg, Tony Bahr, Kerry Hansen, Andy Simonson, Jon Chrest, Pete Parker, Matt Furman, Bill Koons, Joel Cryderman, John Hampel, Tim Isenberg 

Second B-Main:  Tim Dohm, Eric Pember, Paul Brust, Steve Lauresen, Mike Nutzmann, Barry Underdahl, George Scheffler, Larry Stockwell, Bryan Wennen, Scott Cramer, Trent Follmer, Paul Hipsag, Dave Eckrich, Larry Skalberg, Troy Kuyoth, Tom Nesbitt 

7th Annual "Masters" Feature Event: (50 Laps):  Don O'Neal, Jimmy Mars, Brian Birkhofer, Shannon Babb, Scott James, Earl Pearson, Jr., Matt Miller, Kyle Berck, Brady Smith, Duane Mahder, Terry English, Denny Eckrich, Keith Foss, Jerry Redetzke, Tim Dohm, Justin Fegers, Eric Pember, Dave Eckrich, Donnie Moran, Pat Doar, John VanDenBerg, Darren Miller, Eric Breeschoten, John Anderson 

Race Statistics: Entries:  53 Cautions:  1 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Brian Birkhofer 1-13, Donnie Moran 14-40, Birkhofer 42, Don O'Neal 43-45, Jimmy Mars 46-49, O'Neal-50 Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Matt Miller (Started 22nd and finished in 7th) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals:  Matt Miller and Brady Smith WDRL Provisionals:  Dave Eckrich and Justin Fegers


UNION, KY (June 4, 2005)- Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN came from his seventh starting position and got by race leader Earl Pearson, Jr. with just three laps remaining to win the 19th Annual "Ralph Latham Memorial" race for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series on Saturday Night, June 4 at the Florence Speedway. O'Neal earned $10,000 for his win which was his third this season for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series as he became the 15th different driver to win in 19 "Ralph Latham Memorial" races and he is the third Hoosier State driver to win this event in the last three years.  O'Neal was driving the A1 Auto Salvage/Living Room Centers/O'Neal Wood Products/All-Star Performance/Fast Graphix/Well Pict Berries/Ken Schrader Racing/Hoosier Tires/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Earl Pearson, Jr. of Jacksonville, FL was second by one car length in the Carlton and Kemp Lamm owned/Lucas Oil/Rocket Ford Taurus.  Right behind O'Neal and Pearson at the finish was third place runner, Matt Miller of Waterville, OH in the Dirt Shop, Inc/McCullough Industries/Rocket Grand Prix.  15th starting Scott James of Lawrenceburg, IN was gaining rapidly on the frontrunners when the checkered fell in the Powell Motorsports/Baylor Trucking/Rocket Grand Prix as he would come in fourth with Bart Hartman of Zanesville, OH nabbing fifth in the Urgent Cash/Cornett Engines/Rocket Grand Prix.  A total of 64 cars were on hand for the 19th annual event.

It would be Earl Pearson, Jr. grabbing the lead at the start of the 50 lap main event on the well prepared half-mile oval with Brad Neat going to second.  Matt Miller showed his strength early going by Neat for second a lap further into the race.  Pearson and Miller then started to pull away from the stout field of 25 starters with O'Neal on the prowl from his seventh starting slot up to fourth to challenge Neat passing the young KY driver for third on lap five.  The race was moving along at a quick pace with two and three wide racing commonplace throughout the field.  Donnie Moran would be the first car out of the race heading pitside on lap nine.  Up front it was Pearson, Miller and O'Neal now in a three way race for the lead as O'Neal had rapidly caught up to them.  Neat was settled in fourth with Bart Hartman in fifth at the 15 lap mark.  At this point the frontrunners had picked up the back of the field tightening things up even further in the battle for the lead.  Heavy traffic was playing a role in the race as Pearson, Miller and O'Neal were all right together on the race track.  All three would slice and dice through traffic with Miller and O’Neal putting the heat on Pearson for the top spot.  A car on the move at the juncture was Scott James.  James had started in the 15th spot and with his experience at Florence Speedway starting to show he would race his way around Neat and Hartman for take fourth on lap 25, the halfway mark of the race, trying very hard to put himself in a position to chase down the leaders.

With 25 to go Pearson, Miller and O'Neal were putting on quite a show for the fans using every bit of the race track to try and gain an advantage over the other.  O'Neal would finally slide by Miller coming off turn four on lap 31 to take over second and with Pearson right in front of him he saw an opportunity to take over the lead and win this race.  Pearson and O'Neal then would set up a 15 lap showdown for the ages going door to door several times throughout the later half of the race.  It seemed like Pearson would have the strength down the straightaways and O'Neal would handle a touch better in the corners.  While those two were duking it out for the lead, Miller was still in the hunt keeping his car right there to take a stab at the leaders in the final laps.  James was really starting to track down the leaders and after being more than a half a lap down in the early part of the race, James was now on the same straightaway as the top three runners, but he was running out of laps.

With five to go the crowd was on its feet as Pearson and O'Neal kept battling to see who would come out victorious in this hard fought race.  Miller lurked in third waiting for any opportunity he could find to steal with way away from Pearson or O'Neal.  O'Neal was diving into the turns trying to slide by Pearson coming off of those turns and finally on lap 48 coming off of turn two O'Neal went wide forcing Pearson to lift and O'Neal would take the lead, but Pearson fought back heading into three going to the outside of O'Neal and pulling even with him, but off of four O'Neal would now show the way with two to go.  Pearson was valiant in his return volley as he would stay within one car length of O'Neal to the finish as Pearson's last lap pass on the outside failed to materialize falling just one length short.  Miller was right on Pearson at the finish and James had closed to the bumper of Miller as the race concluded.  The appreciative crowd gave all four drivers a standing ovation after the race to say they enjoyed the racing that went on between those men.

Completing the top ten were Rick Aukland, Brad Neat, Wendell Wallace, Ray Cook and Jerry Rice.

In preliminary action at Florence, Don O'Neal was the Fast Qualifier at 16.421 seconds.  The Heat Races were won by Matt Miller, Davey Johnson, Earl Pearson, Jr., Bart Hartman, John Gill and Brad Neat.  The First B-Main went to Eddie Carrier, Jr. and the PBM Racing Products Second B-Main was won by Mike Balzano.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will next be in action on June 17 and 18 at the Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, WI for a pair of $10,000 to win races.

Race Summary  Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series  Saturday Night, June 4, 2005  Florence Speedway-Union, KY

Fast Qualifier:  Don O'Neal 16.421 seconds

Heat #1:  Matt Miller, Don O'Neal, Ray Cook, Mike Marlar,, Keith Berner, John Mason, Tim Dohm, Barry Doss, Spensor Watson, David Spille, Donnie Moran

Heat #2:  Davey Johnson, Rick Aukland, Darrell Lanigan, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Josh Williams, Ted Nobbe, John Whitney, Bill Blair, Jr., Joe Rice, Scotty Earl

Heat #3:  Earl Pearson, Jr., R.J. Conley, Scott James, Terry English, Steve Hillard, Eric Myers, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Chris Combs, Devin Sebree, Michael England, Sandy Goddard

Heat #4:  Bart Hartman, Wendell Wallace, Jerry Rice, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jesse James Lay, Audie McWilliams, Brady Smith, Rick Combs, Rodney Combs, Larry Pickelheimer, Jr., Ronnie Douglas

Heat #5:  John Gill, Freddy Smith, Mike Jewell, Mike Balzano, Roger Williams, Rick Corbin, Mike Johnson, Kyle Scheer, Chad Smith, Adrian Nichols

Heat #6:  Brad Neat, Steve Landrum, Rod Conley, Tim Hitt, Dan Hoard, Bryan Barber, Aaron Hatton, Robert Hensley, Blake Chinn,, Anthony Adams

1st B-Main:  Eddie Carrier, Jr., Mike Marlar, Eric Myers, Terry English, Keith Berner, Steve Hillard, Ted Nobbe, Bill Blair, Jr., John Mason, Steve Casebolt, Jr., John Whitney, Joe Rice, Spensor Watson, Donnie Moran, Tim Dohm, Scotty Earl, Sandy Goddard, David Spille, Devin Sebree, Chris Combs, Michael England, Josh Williams, Barry Doss

2nd B-Main:  Mike Balzano, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jesse James Lay, Tim Hitt, Roger Williams, Rick Corbin, Audie McWilliams, Brady Smith, Dan Hoard, Bryan Barber, Rick Combs, Robert Hensley, Kyle Scheer, Mike Johnson, Blake Chinn, Adrian Nichols, Chad Smith, Anthony Adams, Ronnie Douglas, Larry Pickelheimer, Jr.

19th Annual "Ralph Latham Memorial" Main Event: (50 Laps):  Don O'Neal, Earl Pearson, Jr., Matt Miller, Scott James, Bart Hartman, Rick Aukland, Brad Neat, Wendell Wallace, Ray Cook, Jerry Rice, Davey Johnson, Freddy Smith, Mike Jewell, John Gill, Terry English, Eddie Carrier, Jr., R.J. Conley, Mike Balzano, Roger Williams, Rod Conley, Darrell Lanigan, Dennis Erb, Jr., Mike Marlar, Steve Landrum, Donnie Moran

Race Statistics: Entries:  64 Time of Race: 17 minutes Cautions:  0 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 1-47, Don O'Neal 48-50 Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Scott James (started 15th and finished 4th) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James Series Provisionals:  Terry English and Donnie Moran Track Provisional:  Roger Williams


LaSalle, IL (May 21, 2005)- In one of the best Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series events so far in 2005, Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, WI came from his 14th starting spot to win the Jeff's Enginemasters "Spring Shootout" on Saturday Night, May 21 at the LaSalle Speedway in LaSalle, IL.  Mars took the lead with just three laps to go from Donnie Moran and then proceeded to be the first driver across the finish stripe and collecting $10,000 for his efforts.  Mars piloted his Deppe Enterprises, T.L. Sinz Plumbing, Heeg Well Drilling, Keyes Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Pro Power Engines, MasterSbilt Monte Carlo to the win as the 33 year old racer earned his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win.  Moran finished second in his PBM Performance Products/SMS/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Third place finisher Don O'Neal in the A1 Auto Salvage/Jay Dickens/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo edged out fourth place runner, Brian Shirley in the Jayco Construction/Capitol Machine/C.J. Rayburn entry with Brady Smith finishing fifth in the AMSOIL/Pro Power/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo. 

The 50 lap main event would see Donnie Moran grabbing the point from his pole starting spot with Matt Miller going to second and Brian Birkhofer in third.  Moran would hold a steady car length lead over Miller until the first caution of the race came out on lap four for Shannon Babb.  On the restart Kerry Hansen and Jay Fiene got together with another caution flying.  On the restart Moran still held the point with Miller in second, a car heading to the front was that of Brady Smith.  Smith who started fourth began to put the heat on Miller for second as Moran would pull out to a three to four car length advantage by the 10th circuit.  Brian Shirley, who then showed some strength as he would join the mix moving up to race with the leaders.  Smith would get by Miller on lap 15 for second as the race for the top five was getting exciting.  Moran still was showing the way with Smith in second followed by Miller, Shirley and Don O'Neal.  A caution on lap 18 for Jason Feger would momentarily halt the action.  On the lap 19 restart Moran would fend off all challengers again keeping the lead, but after the restart Miller and Moran would make contact coming off of turn two and continuing into turn three with Moran spinning into the infield.  Officials placed Moran back at the head of the field and Miller had to go to the tail.  With Moran back on the point, Shirley became his chief concern as the young Illinois driver was knocking on the door several laps trying to get by Moran, but the four time World 100 champion was not letting go of his lead as Shirley fought tooth and nail with him.  Smith was now fending off handling problems on his racer as O'Neal stepped up to the top of the race track and went to third on lap 22.  A lap later a fast moving, O'Neal would go around Shirley using the same outside line.  But Shirley would take notice and get on the gas even harder going back into second a lap later.  

At the halfway mark Moran was still leading with a torrid race for second behind him with Shirley, O'Neal, Smith and now Jimmy Mars, who had started 14th now in the hunt.  Those five remained in the same running order until a caution for a slowed Scott James on lap 29 would set up quite a shootout in the remaining 21 laps.  Moran would get no father than a one to two car length lead over Shirley on the restart.  With O'Neal and Mars running the top side and Moran and Shirley hugging the bottom, there were now four cars racing for the win and Smith not that far behind them in fifth.  With 13 laps to go Brian Birkhofer stopped in turn two bringing out the final caution of the race.  On the restart Moran would be in front just as he had been the entire race, but now O'Neal and Mars looked like they would be able to go right by Moran and Shirley using the top groove.  Moran, Shirley, O'Neal and Mars would put on quite a finish for the packed grandstand as the fans were on their feet the last 10 laps of the race.  O'Neal had second on lap 41 with him and Mars racing hard trying to overtake Moran.  The cars would slide back and forth around the quarter-mile oval putting on a spectacular race for the money.  Mars would sweep past O'Neal in the waning laps and then with three laps to go he would finally get around Moran for the lead.  Mars would then take his mount to the checkers first securing a thrilling win.  Moran was second with O'Neal taking home third followed by Shirley and Smith.

Afterwards, Mars said, "We're still trying to figure out these new Hoosier Tires, we really haven't been that good here on the top, there were cars swooping past our nose and side by side and the tires really started to work good and the car handled real well and we were able to have a good race there with O'Neal and we got by him and the 3 car and Moran, the fans surely enjoyed that one."  "We have had some bad luck this year, so hopefully we are getting it turned around now said the soft-spoken driver.

Completing the top ten were Dennis Erb, Jr., Tim Hamburg, Billy Drake, Earl Pearson, Jr. and Matt Miller.

In preliminary events the Fast Qualifier for the 36 entries on hand was Dennis Erb, Jr. with a lap of 12.682 seconds.  The Heat Race Winners were Donnie Moran, Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer and Matt Miller.  The First B-Main the Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main was Jay Fiene and the PPM Racing Products Second B-Main was won by Frank Reaber.

The next Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event will be on Saturday Night, June 4 at the Florence Speedway in Union, KY paying $10,000 to win.

Race Summary  LaSalle Speedway-LaSalle, IL  Saturday Night, May 21, 2005  Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Fast Qualifier:  Dennis Erb, Jr. 12.682 seconds

Heat #1:  Donnie Moran, Darren Miller, Michael Glynn, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jay Fiene, John Mason, Mike Miller, Brian Harris, Jerry Pitts, Jr.

Heat #2:  Brady Smith, Don O'Neal, Kerry Hansen, Jimmy Mars, Freddy Smith, Jason Feger, Rich Bell, Dan Sorce, Gary Wetsel

Heat #3:  Brian Birkhofer, Tim Dohm, Skip Martin, Earl Pearson, Jr., Terry English, Frank Reaber, Tim Hamburg, Edward Williams

Heat #4:  Matt Miller, Brian Shirley, Shannon Babb, John VanDenBerg, Scott James, Billy Drake, Jason Jaggers, Darin Furar, Steve Oeder

B-Main #1:  Jay Fiene, Jason Feger, Freddy Smith, John Mason, Mike Miller, Brian Harris, Dan Sorce, Rich Bell, Gary Wetsel, Jerry Pitts, Jr.

B-Main #2:  Frank Reaber, Scott James, Tim Hamburg, Billy Drake, Jason Jaggers, Darin Furar, Steve Oeder, Edward Williams, Bart Schwartz

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series "Spring Shootout" A-Main (50 Laps):  Jimmy Mars, Donnie Moran, Don O'Neal, Brian Shirley, Brady Smith, Dennis Erb, Jr., Tim Hamburg, Billy Drake, Earl Pearson, Jr., Matt Miller, Terry English, Darren Miller, Brian Birkhofer, Michael Glynn, John Mason, John VanDenBerg, Tim Dohm, Frank Reaber, Jay Fiene, Scott James, Freddy Smith, Jason Feger, Kerry Hansen, Shannon Babb

Race Staistics: Entries:  36 Cautions:  4 Lap Leaders:  Donnie Moran 1-47  Jimmy Mars 48-50 Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Billy Drake (Started 23rd and finished 8th) Lucas Oil Late Model Series Rookie of the Race:  Brady Smith Series Provisionals:  Billy Drake and John Mason


FARLEY, IA (May 20, 2005)- Off to the best start in his racing career, Scott James of Lawrenceburg, IN continues to impress race fans across the country as the 33 year old second generation driver came from the 12th starting spot to win the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on Friday Night, May 20 at the "Palace of Speed" the Farley Speedway in Farley, IA. 

James became the new leader of the race on lap 44 when leader Shannon Babb went pitside with motor problems.  James then went on to hold off Brady Smith for his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event win.  James earned $10,000 driving the Powell Motorsports, Baylor Trucking, Whitewater Laser Auto Wash, Welsh Excavation, VP Racing Fuels, James Art Design, Hoosier Racing Tires, Jay Dickens powered Rocket Pontiac Grand Prix to the win in the series' first ever visit to the Hawkeye State.  Brady Smith of Solon Springs, WI was second in the AMSOIL/Pro Power/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo for his best career Lucas Oil finish.  Third place went to Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH in the PBM Performance Products/SMS Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.  Finishing fourth was Terry English of Benton, KY in the AAA Fence Inc/Runion Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo and completing the top five was Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN driving the Well Pict Berries/Jay Dickens Race Engines/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo.

Earl Pearson, Jr. would grab the lead at the start of the 50 lap main event from his outside front row starting spot.  Pearson would lead Don O'Neal, Terry English and Kerry Hansen across the stripe for the first scored lap of the race.  Jimmy Marts would quickly find the upper groove on the race track going to fourth around Hansen on lap two bringing Brian Birkhofer along with him.  The first five would remain in the same running order as the cars were quickly making their way around the half-mile track.  The first caution of the race took place on lap 14 when fifth place running Birkhofer stopped in turn two with front end suspension damage ending his night.  One of the cars on the move before the caution was Darren Miller.  Miller had driven from the 16th starting slot up to sixth at the time of the caution.  On the restart Shannon Babb, who began the race in the ninth hole made some unbelievable moves jumping on the gas and sprinting past four cars after the green came out zooming all the way up to second to immediately challenge Pearson for the lead.  A caution for a slowed Donnie Moran on lap 15 would slow the field momentarily, but things were about to heat up.  Miller's fine run ended at this time as he would go to his pit with brake problems.

On the second restart Pearson would lead a circuit, but Babb was up to the challenge passing Pearson on lap 17 to take over the point.   Pearson would go to second with English in third followed by Mars and Scott James, who was up from his 12th starting position.  The exciting racing action would continue as English went by Pearson for second on lap 20 and then started to close the gap on Babb.  English would try several times on the outside of the racy oval to get by Babb with the two running side by side in the corners.  A caution on lap 22 for Mars who stopped in turn two would briefly half the terrific battle for the lead.  On the restart it would be Babb in front with English, Pearson, James and O'Neal the top five drivers.  James would benefit from the Delaware double file restarts as he would get to third on lap 23.  At the halfway point of the race it was still anyone's guess as to who would bring home the top prize among the top five drivers.  Babb would hold off repeated challenges from English with James peering at English's car. The top five would remain in the same running order as the race settled down.  James would make his move for second passing English on lap 34 to gain that spot.  Babb was still in good shape at the point holding a four to five car length advantage over James, English, Pearson and O'Neal.  A caution on lap 42 for Ron Barker would bring the field under the watchful eye of chief starter, Noel Hargis for a restart.  Up front Babb had pretty much held his own and looked to be on his way to the win, but under caution Babb's mount started to show more and more smoke from under the hood as his car was starting to get overheated.  With eight laps to go the green came back out again, but it would be a brief run as someone got into Pearson's left front causing him to lose the steering capabilities of his race car coming out of turn two.  Pearson's car would drift across the race track and Ace Ihm would clip the left side of Pearson's car with result being a racing incident that saw Ihm go flipping several times down the backstretch.  Ihm would emerge uninjured in the wreck, but his car was destroyed.  Ihm had ventured into the top ten and was heading to the front when the unfortunate incident occurred.

With eight laps to go Babb now had several concerns.  Under the red flag for Ihm's wreck Babb pitted with crew members putting more water in the engine trying to cool it down.  Babb would come back out on the track before the yellow was displayed and according to series rules he would return to the front of the field.  On the restart Babb not only had to worry about his motor, but James was now right on him.  Babb would last one more circuit in front until he couldn't go anymore pulling into the pits seeing a good possibility of a win now gone.  James would pick up the lead, but had a fast moving Donnie Moran and Brady Smith to contend with.  Moran had pitted twice during the race, once to change a broken shock and was charging through the field as was Smith, who had also pitted during the race under caution flag.  Moran and Smith would then give James all he wanted in the closing laps as Smith would step up it up to go under and by Moran for second with two laps remaining.  Smith then set sail for James would was only about three car lengths in front of him.  Smith would slice the lead down to one length on the final lap, but James would hold him off for the win in a close finish concluding an exciting race.  Moran finished third followed by English and O'Neal.

A jubilant James and his crew celebrated in victory lane afterwards.  "I want to thank Ron Powell and everyone for making this happen," said the winner afterwards.  "This Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is tough to win on, there are a lot of great drivers running this deal and we are happy to get this win and this is only the second time we had ever run here." ”At the start of the race I think I fell back to something like 16th out there after some contact with another car on the rear of my race car, but we just settled down and everything fell into place for us.  "I feel bad for Shannon because he drove a good race and I don't know if I would have gotten by him even if he had stayed out there."

Completing the top ten in the running order was Dennis Erb, Jr., Tim Dohm, Kerry Hansen, Dan Shelliam and Shannon Babb.

In preliminary events at Farley, Matt Miller was the Fast qualifier for the 30 entries on hand with a lap of 18.999 seconds.  The Heat Race Winners were Terry English, Earl Pearson, Jr. and Don O'Neal.  The B-Main was taken by Ace Ihm.

Race Summary  Farley Speedway-Farley, Iowa  Friday Night, May 20, 2005  Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Fast Qualifier: Matt Miller 18.999 seconds

Heat #1:  Terry English, Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer, Matt Miller, Tim Dohm, Darren Miller, Steve "Ace" Ihm, Jeff Tharp, Gary Webb, Bobby Moyer, Rusty Patterson

Heat #2:  Earl Pearson, Jr., Kerry Hansen, Jimmy Mars, Dennis Erb, Jr., John Vandenberg, Caley Emerson, Mike Fryer, Todd Davis, Steve Boley, Mike Miller

Heat #3:  Don O'Neal, Donnie Moran, Shannon Babb, Scott James, Curt Martin, Freddy Smith, Dan Shelliam, Johnny Johnson, Matt Mish, Ron Barker

B-Main:  Ace Ihm, Jeff Tharp, Dan Shelliam, Ron Barker, Mike Fryer, Johnny Johnson, Mike Miller, Gary Webb, Bobby Moyer, Rusty Patterson, Steve Boley

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series A-Main (50 Laps):  Scott James, Brady Smith, Donnie Moran, Terry English, Don O'Neal, Dennis Erb, Jr., Tim Dohm, Kerry Hansen, Dan Shelliam, Shannon Babb, Earl Pearson, Jr., Ace Ihm, Ron Barker, Curt Martin, Jeff Fryer, Jimmy Mars, John VanDenBerg, Matt Miller, Jeff Tharp, Darren Miller, Brian Birkhofer, Johnny Johnson, Caley Emerson, Freddy Smith

Race Statistics:  Entries:  30 Cautions: 3; Red Flags: 1 Lap Leaders:  Earl Pearson, Jr. 1-16, Shannon Babb 17-43, Scott James 44-50 Weld Wheels Hard Charger of the Race:  Scott James (Started 12th and finished 1st) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Rookie of the Race:  Scott James Provisionals:  None

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5thTyler Erb (#1T)7110
6thShane Clanton (#25)6780
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8thKyle Bronson (#40B)6690
9thTanner English (#81E)6455
10thEarl Pearson (#1)6390

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