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TAMPA, FL (February 11, 2006)- Ashland, Kentucky’s Steve Francis would put on a dominate performance on the last night of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 30th Annual Winter Nationals at East Bay Raceway Park. Francis driving the Valvoline/ Freeport Recycling Center/ Banshee Graphics/ MOPAR Performance/ Moring Motorsports/ MDI Environmental Services/ Hoosier Tires sponsored Rocket Dodge Charger number 15 powered by a Gary Stanton Racing Engine would take the lead on the first lap and he would go on to lead all but one lap of the $12,000 to win event. The win would mark back to back victories for Francis who also won the Friday night $10,000 to win event. “It’s really a tribute to my guys. We started off this week on a bad foot, but those guys worked hard to get us back to where we needed to be,” the 39 year old Francis said after his third career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series victory.   Francis would grab the early lead from his pole position over Jackie Boggs and Anthony White.  Boggs would see early race trouble when his car would come to a stop on the front stretch ending his race with a broken driveshaft. When the field returned to green Francis would jump out in front while Shannon Babb, Dennis Erb, Jr. and White battled for the second position. Erb would move into second place spot and Donnie Moran would go into the fourth position as the field worked lap 17. The field would come under caution once again when Brian Birkhofer would get into the second turn wall. When the field saw green again Moran would put on a charge for the lead coming out of turn two to take the temporary lead over Francis. Moran would not be able to hold the lead for long though as Francis would be able to mount a charge and take back the lead on the next lap.   Francis would guard his lead until Don O’Neal came to a stop on the track and brought out the night’s sixth caution. Erb would be the man on the move when the field came back to green. Erb was able to move around Moran and challenge Francis for command of the field. Francis would fall behind Erb for a little under a lap before once again charging back into the number one spot.   Francis would begin to pull away on lap 35. By the half way point of the event Francis had put almost a half track lead over the second running car of Erb. By lap 40 York Pennsylvania’s Rick Eckert who started in the eleventh position was beginning to mount his charge to the front on the high side of the race track. After lap caution on lap 60 Eckert would continue to work his way around traffic. A major pile up on the backshute with five laps to go would bring out a red flag condition on the track. As the race would go green the rest of the way Francis would take his car all the way to the checkered flag unchallenged. The Petroff Towing/Malcuit Engines/ Rayburn Monte Carlo of Erb would finish in the second position and wrap up the DART Machinery Winternationals Points Championship.  Eckert made his way to the third position from the eleventh starting position on the grid in the Raye Vest Excavating/Rocket Ford Taurus. Billy Moyer in the J&J Steel/Rayburn GTO would hang onto the fourth spot and Donnie Moran in the PBM Performance Products/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo would round out the top five. Terry English finished sixth followed by Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Brady Smith, and John Mason would round out the top ten.   66 Cars were on hand for Sunday night’s Lucas Oil 30th Annual East Bay Raceway Park Winter Nationals finale with Jackie Boggs setting fast time. Heat races were won by Steve Francis, Anthony White, Billy Moyer, Jackie Boggs, Donnie Moran, and Shannon Babb. B-Mains were won by Tim Dohm, John Blankenship, and Tim McCreadie.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Car Series will return to action on Saturday April 1. for the “Indiana Icebreaker” paying $10,000 to win at the Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, Indiana.    Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Sunday Night, February 11, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL   COMP Cams Fast Time:  Jackie Boggs 15.169 seconds   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  Jackie Boggs, Dennis Erb Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Tim Dohm, Ricky Arms, Doug Horton, Don O’Neal, Scott James, Sonny Conley, Christian Rayburn   PBM Performance Products Second Heat:  Donnie Moran, Mat Miller, Brady Smith, John VanDenBerg, Jimmy Mars, Steve Hillard, Freddy Smith, Jordan Bland, Dan Stone   DART Machinery Third Heat:  Anthony White, Justin Rattliff, Anthony Rushing, John Blankenship, Brent Robinson, Corey Conley, Michael England, Marshall Austin, Jr., Bob Geiger, Ray Cook   DART Machinery Fourth Heat:  Steve Francis, John Mason, Terry English, Randy Korte, Gerald Davis, Rodney Melvin, Wendell Wallace, George Lee, Steve Casebolt, C.J. Rayburn   Sunoco Race Fuels Fifth Heat:  Billy Moyer, Rick Eckert, Don Hammer, Darren Miller, Tim McCreadie, Garrett Durrett, Marshall Green, Damon Eller, Joey Tanner, Frank  Heckenast Jr., Steve Hucovski   Sunoco Race Fuels Sixth Heat:  Shannon Babb, Earl Pearson Jr., Jared Landers, Eddie Carrier Jr., Davey Johnson, Justin Flory, Steve Drake, Charlie Duncan, Bart Hartman, Jimmy Owens   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main:  Tim Dohm, John VanDenBerg, Doug Horton, Ricky Arms, Freddy Smith, Jordan Bland, Dan Stone, Sonny Conley, Christian Rayburn, Jimmy Mars, Steve Hillard, Don O’Neal, Scott James   Penske Shocks Second B-Main:  John Blankenship, Randy Korte, Michael England, Corey Conley, Steve Casebolt, Rodney Melvin, Ray Cook, George Lee, Bob Geiger, C.J. Rayburn, Brent Robinson, Wendell Wallace, Gerald Davis   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno Third B-Main:  Tim McCreadie, Darren Miller, Eddie Carrier Jr., Garrett Durrett, Davey Johnson, Marshall Green, Jason Flory, Damon Eller, Steve Hucovski, Charlie Duncan, Frank Heckenast Jr., Jimmy Owens, Joey Tanner   Feature (75 Laps):  Steve Francis, Dennis Erb Jr., Rick Eckert, Billy Moyer, Donnie Moran, Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Brady Smith, John Mason, Anthony Rushing, Earl Pearson Jr., Matt Miller, Darren Miller, Anthony White, Don O’Neal, Shannon Babb, Brian Birkhofer, Scott James, Randy Korte, John Blankenship, John VanDenBerg, Don Hammer, Tim McCreadie, Jared Landers, Jackie Boggs    Race Statistics: Entries: 66 Cautions:  9 Red Flags: 1 All-Star Performance Performer of the Race:  Tim Dohm (started 19th and finished 8th) advanced 11 positions K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race:  John Mason Hawk Brake Tough Break of the Race:  Brent Robinson Quarter Master Move of the Race:  Rick Eckert  Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings after 2/12/06   1.       Dennis Erb Jr (Carpentersville, IL)-655 2.       Donnie Moran (Dresden, OH)- 620 3.       Steve Francis (Ashland, KY)-615 4.       Matt Miller (Waterville, OH)-585 5.       Earl Pearson Jr (Jacksonville, FL)-555 6.       Don O’Neal (Martinsville, IN)-540 7.       Rick Eckert (York, PA)- 520 8.       Tim Dohm (Cross Lanes, WV)-515 9.       Doug Horton (Bruceton Mills, WV)-515 10.   Billy Moyer (Batesville, AR)-505  Final 2006 DART Machinery Winternationals Points Fund   1.       Dennis Erb Jr.-1220 2.       Donnie Moran-1200 3.       Earl Pearson Jr.-1195 4.       Billy Moyer-1085  5.       Steve Francis-1040 6.       Matt Miller-1040 7.       Rick Eckert-1015 8.       Tim McCreadie-1010 9.       Doug Horton-975 10.   Don O’Neal-950


TAMPA, FL (February 10, 2006)- Ashland Kentucky's Steve Francis brought home the win at the Friday night edition of The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series' 30th Annual Winter Nationals at the East Bay Raceway Park. Francis driving the Valvoline/ Freeport Recycling Center/ Banshee Graphics/ MOPAR Performance/ Morning Motorsports/ MDI Environmental Services/ Hoosier Tires sponsored Rocket Dodge Charger would make his heart stopping pass for the win on the last corner of the last lap over Don O'Neal. "I knew that I was going to have to make it happen on the top when O'Neal dove to the bottom with about three to go. I drove it into turn three as hard as I could and it was wide open all the way to the flag stand," an extremely happy Francis would say as he climbed from his car after the event. The cameras of Speed Channel were there to catch every minute of the heart stopping feature event, which will air at a later date. The feature began with Rick Eckert taking the early lead off of turn two. The rest of the field would scatter while going four wide for the second position. The caution flag would fly when Darren Miller and Anthony Rushing would make contact resulting in a flat tire for Miller and suspension problems for the car of Rushing. When the field again saw green Scott James would make contact with Steve Francis causing a multi-car pileup in turn two. Don O'Neal would be the man on the move when the field saw green once more as he moved to the outside of Steve Francis and pulled to the inside of race leader Eckert to take the lead on lap 5. The field would run that way until a lap 15 yellow for the slowing cars of Shannon Babb and Robbie Blair would group the field back together. The restart would see Francis make his move on Eckert and pull into the second spot to begin challenging O'Neal. Jimmy Mars would also pull around Eckert putting him in the third position. The duo of O'Neal and Francis would battle side by side for the next eight laps until the slowing car of Robbie Blair would bring out the nights fourth caution. When green flag racing resumed the two would continue their door to door battle while Jimmy Mars would make ground running in the third spot. As the laps wound down O'Neal would dive to low side of the track as the leaders encountered lap traffic. On the last lap Francis would swing to the high side of the track and find ground to move around O'Neal, winning by a nose at the line. Following Francis and O'Neal to the line was Jimmy Mars, 22nd starting Doug Horton, and Dennis Erb. Rounding out the top ten were Tim Dohm, 21st starter Donnie Moran, Davey Johnson, Scott James, and Rick Eckert. 95 cars entered the fifth night of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series' 30th Annual Winter Nationals action at East Bay Raceway Park. Donnie Moran captured his third COMP Cams Fast Time Award with a 15.332 second lap around the 3/8 oval. Earlier heat winners included Rick Eckert, Tim Dohm, Scott James, Don O'Neal, Steve Francis, Garrett Durrett, Jimmy Mars, and Robbie Blair. B-Main winners were Shannon Babb, Josh Richards, Michael England, and Chub Frank. The cameras of Speed will be rolling once again to catch the action at East Bay Raceway Park for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 30th Winter National's 75 lap $12,000 to win finale from East Bay Raceway Park.Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Friday Night, February 10, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL Comp Cams Fast Time: Donnie Moran 15.332 seconds PBM Performance Products Heat Race #1- Jimmy Mars, Brady Smith, Donnie Moran, Bart Hartman, Daniel Stone, Ricky Elliott, Jeff Cooke, Bob Geiger, Steve Hucovski, Joe Morris, Anthony White, Mike Johnson PBM Performance Products Heat Race #2- Don O'Neal, Anthony Rushing, Shannon Babb, Clint Smith, Steve Hillard, Ricky Arms, Damon Eller, Matt Miller, CJ Rayburn, Gerald Davis, Freddy Smith DART Machinery Heat Race #3- Tim Dohm, Davey Johnson, Steve Casebolt, Doug Horton, Marshall Green, Bryan Collins, Wendell Wallace, Don Hammer, Randy Weaver, Dean Carpenter, Kristin Flory, Lee Thomason DART Machinery Heat Race #4- Robbie Blair, Darren Miller, Josh Richards, Eddie Carrier Jr, Terry English, Ray Cook, John Mason, Tony Morris, Terry Casey, Jeff Gress, Justin Rattliff, Josh McGuire Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #5- Scott James, Earl Pearson Jr, John VanDenBerg, Dan Schlieper, Shane Clanton, Jackie Boggs,. David Scott, Jordan Bland, Sonny Conley, Ronnie DeHaven Jr., Chris Henson, Brad Neat Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #6- Rick Eckert, Dennis Erb Jr, Michael England, Randy Korte, Brian Birkhofer, Rodney Melvin, Kevin Cole, Scott Dedwylder, Tim Fuller, Christian Rayburn, Ellis Parker, Evan Harrell K&N Engineering Heat Race #7- Garrett Durrett, Corey Conley, Bo Feathers, Brent Robinson, Jason Montgomery, Vic Coffey, Joey Tanner, Jason Flory, Charles Duncan, Jimmy Owens, Tim Senic K&N Engineering Heat Race #8- Steve Francis, Billy Moyer, Jared Landers, Dale McDowell, Chub Frank, Tim McCreadie, Wade Witherspoon, Butch McGill, Brian Shirley, Marshall Austin Mason Racin' Rebel Shocks Dyno B-Main #1- Shannon Babb, Donnie Moran, Bart Hartman, Clint Smith, Ricky Elliott, Jeff Cooke, Steve Hillard, Damon Eller, Gerald Davis, Daniel Stone, Bob Geiger, CJ Rayburn, Steven Hucovski, Anthony White, Freddy Smith, Mike Johnson, Matt Miller, Ricky Arms Penske Shocks B-Main #2- Josh Richards, Doug Horton, Steve Casebolt, Eddie Carrier Jr, Terry English, Marshall Green, John Mason, Randy Weaver, Don Hammer, Ray Cook, Dean Carpenter, Justin Rattliff, Wendell Wallace, Tony Morris, Kristin Flory, Bryan Collins, Lee Thomason, Jeff Gress Mason Racin' Rebel Shocks Dyno B-Main #3- Michael England, John VanDenBerg, Dan Schlieper, Brian Birkhofer, Randy Korte, Jackie Boggs, Rodney Melvin, Tim Fuller, Jordan Bland, David Scott, Sonny Conley, Evan Harrell, Ronnie DeHaven Jr, Chris Henson, Ellis Parker, Scott Dedwylder, Christian Rayburn, Shane Clanton, Kevin Cole Penske Shocks B-Main #4- Chub Frank, Jared Landers, Tim McCreadie, Dale McDowell, Bo Feathers, Jason Montgomery, Brent Robinson, Charles Duncan, Jason Flory, Butch McGill, Brian Shirley, Marshall Austin, Vic Coffey, Joey Tanner, Wade Witherspoon Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash- Evan Harrell, Bryan Collins, John Mason, Ray Cook, Steve Hucovski, Jeff Gress, Ronnie DeHaven Jr, Charlie Duncan Feature (50 Laps)- Steve Francis, Don O'Neal, Jimmy Mars, Doug Horton, Dennis Erb Jr, Tim Dohm, Donnie Moran, Davey Johnson, Scott James, Rick Eckert, Brady Smith, Matt Miller, Michael England, Garrett Durrett, Earl Pearson Jr, Jared Landers, Robbie Blair, Corey Conley, Josh Richards, Freddy Smith, Chub Frank, Shannon Babb, Billy Moyer, Anthony Rushing, John VanDenBerg, Darren MillerRace Statistics: Entries: 95 Cautions: 6 Red Flags: 0 Lap Leaders: Rick Eckert 1-5, Don O'Neal 6-49, Steve Francis 50 All-Star Performance Performer of the Race: Doug Horton (started 22nd and finished 4th) advanced 18 positions Quarter Master Cool Move of the Race: Doug Horton K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race: Steve Francis Hawk Brake Tough Brake Award: Jimmy Owens


TAMPA, FL (February 9, 2006)- The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series started its’ 2006 Season in spectacular fashion on Thursday evening with Waterville Ohio driver Matt Miller picking up the first win of the season and third of his career. Miller would take the early lead in his McCullough Industries/ Performance Rod & Custom/LoTemp Brazing/Banshee Graphics/Whaley & Son Collision/McDonald Refrigeration sponsored Rocket Chassis/Russell Baker Racing Engines Grand Prix number 7 to collect the $7,000 payday in the fourth night of action at the 30th Annual East Bay Winter Nationals. “I really didn’t need to see that last caution, but I was committed to the bottom. If I was going to get beat someone was going to have to do it on the top,” The 34 year old Miller would say as he climbed from the Dirt Shop, Inc. racing entry with another packed house on hand to watch the competitive event.

Miller jumped from his outside front row starting position to the early lead off turn 2 over the 26 car starting field. Miller and the PBM Performance Products sponsored MasterSbilt of Dresden Ohio’s Donnie Moran would battle for several racing laps as the Lucas Oil/MasterSbilt Ford car driven by defending champion Earl Pearson Jr. would race with Scott James and Shannon Babb for the third position. A caution on lap seven for the car of Jason Montgomery would see the field stack up for a three car battle for the lead between Miller, Pearson, and Moran while the Sweetners Plus Rocket of Tim McCreadie would take to the high side and move into the top 5.

The field would again come under caution on lap 12 for Gerald Davis. When the field saw green again McCreadie would make his move on the outside to jump into the third. By the half way point Miller was feeling a charge from Earl Pearson and Tim McCreadie who was able to make the move around Pearson for the second position. Lap 38 would see McCreadie avoid near disaster when the Davis would spin ahead of McCreadie and set the stage for a two lap shootout for the win.

The field would come around to get the green with 2 laps remaining. As Moran would make an unbelievable charge off turn 2 in-between McCreadie and Pearson. Moran would continue this charge into the final corner when he would tag the wall and leave Miller all alone to take the victory. Earl Pearson would finish second in front of Dennis Erb who made another charge through the field to finish third from the 14th starting spot on the grid. Moran would hang on the fourth position while McCreadie would be shuffled back to the fifth position. Eddie Carrier, Jr. finished sixth ahead of Shannon Babb, Terry English, Doug Horton, and Scott James to finish off the top 10.

Heat winners included Scott James, Matt Miller, Donnie Moran, Bart Hartman, Shannon Babb, Bryan Collins, Earl Pearson Jr., and Jason Montgomery. B-Mains were won by Jeff Cooke, Vic Coffey, Billy Moyer and Randy Korte. The Strawberry Dash was won by Josh McGuire.

The cameras of Speed will be in the house on Friday night as the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series raises the bar again with a $10,000 to win 50 lap main event.

Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series  Thursday Night, February 9, 2006  East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL

Comp Cams Fast Time: Tim McCreadie 15.412 seconds

PBM Performance Products Heat #1-Jason Montgomery, Tim McCreadie, Randy Weaver, Tim Fuller, Jeff Cooke, Dean Carpenter, Joe Morris, Sonny Conley, Charles Duncan, Richard Wheelihan, Bob Geiger, Jimmy Mars

PBM Performance Products Heat #2- Scott James, Eddie Carrier Jr, Anthony White, Brian Birkhofer, Jimmy Owens, Clint Coffman, Evan Harrell, Josh McGuire, Corey Conley, Butch McGill, Joey Tanner, Brady Smith, Scott Riggs

DART Machinery Heat #3- Bart Hartman, Steve Casebolt, Michael England, David Scott, Tim Dohm, Jason Flory, Marshall Austin, Justin Rattliff, Steven Hucovski, Ellis Parker, Dale McDowell, Steve Hillard

DART Machinery Heat #4- Matt Miller, Gerald Davis, Vic Coffey, Eric Jacobsen, Jackie Boggs, Clint Smith, Roger Lucas, Dan Schlieper, Danny Mitchell, Wendell Wallace, Larry Smith, Brad Neat

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat #5- Earl Pearson Jr, Chub Frank, Anthony Rushing, Rick Eckert, John VanDenBerg, Bo Feathers, Randy Lucas, Daniel Stone, Freddy Smith, Rodney Melvin, Terry Casey, Jeff Gress

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat #6- Donnie Moran, Dennis Erb Jr, Doug Horton, Billy Moyer, Steve Francis, John Blankenship, Rusty Dixon, Wade Witherspoon, Brian Shirley, Freddie Carpenter, Damon Eller, Kristin Flory

K&N Engineering Heat #7- Shannon Babb, Don O’Neal, Jared Landers, Darren Miller, Davey Johnson, Garrett Durrett, Ricky Arms, Ray Cook, Christian Rayburn, Brent Robinson, Mike Johnson, Wayne Johnson

K&N Engineering Heat #8- Bryan Collins, Terry English, Randy Korte, Don Hammer, Robbie Blair, CJ Rayburn, John Mason, Jordan Bland, Lee Thomason, Scott Dedwylder, Ricky Elliott, Michael Jackson

Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #1- Jeff Cooke, Tim Fuller, Brian Birkhofer, Jimmy Mars, Brady Smith, Josh McGuire, Corey Conley, Randy Weaver, Butch McGill, Joey Tanner, Bob Geiger, Anthony White, Jimmy Owens, Dean Carpenter, Sonny Conley, Clint Coffman, Tim Senic, Evan Harrell, Charles Duncan

Penske Shocks B-Main #2- Vic Coffey, Jackie Boggs, Marshall Austin, David Scott, Clint Smith, Eric Jacobsen, Dan Schlieper, Justin Rattliff, Wendell Wallace, Jason Flory, Michael England, Roger Lucas, Danny Mitchell, Steven Hucovski, Ellis Parker, Tim Dohm, Steve Hillard

Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #3- Billy Moyer, Doug Horton, Rick Eckert, Steve Francis, Anthony Rushing, John Blankenship, Daniel Stone, Bo Feathers, Rusty Dixon, Damon Eller, Freddie Carpenter, Kristin Flory, Wade Witherspoon, Freddy Smith, Rodney Melvin, John VanDenBerg, Brian Shirley Penske Shocks B-Main #4- Randy Korte, Darren Miller, Jared Landers, Davey Johnson, Ray Cook, Ricky Elliott, Brent Robinson, John Mason, Mike Johnson, Ricky Arms, Christian Rayburn, CJ Rayburn, Robbie Blair, Don Hammer, Lee Thomason, Wayne Johnson, Jordan Bland, Garrett Durrett

Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash- Josh McGuire, Steve Hillard, Brian Birkhofer, Jared Landers, Rick Eckert, Jason Flory, Brent Robinson, CJ Rayburn, Freddie Carpenter, Anthony White

Feature (40 Laps) Matt Miller, Earl Pearson Jr, Dennis Erb Jr, Donnie Moran, Tim McCreadie, Eddie Carrier Jr, Shannon Babb, Terry English, Doug Horton, Scott James, Chub Frank, Billy Moyer, Vic Coffey, Don O’ Neal, Freddy Smith, Steve Casebolt, Darren Miller, Bryan Collins, Gerald Davis, Jackie Boggs, Randy Korte, Tim Dohm, Jeff Cooke, Tim Fuller, Bart Hartman, Jason Montgomery

Race Statistics Entries: 99  Cautions: 4  Red Flags: 0  Lap Leaders: Matt Miller 1-40  All-Star Performer of the Race: Doug Horton (started 23rd and finished 9th) Advanced 14 positions  Quarter Master Move of the Race: Donnie Moran  Hawk Brakes Tough Break Award: Jason Montgomery  K&N Engineering Clean Pass of the Race: Bryan Collins

Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings After 2/9/06

1. Matt Miller (Waterville, OH) 250  2. Earl Pearson, Jr. (Jacksonville, FL) 230  3. Dennis Erb, Jr. (Carpentersville, IL) 220  4. Tim McCreadie (Watertown, NY) 215  5. Donnie Moran (Dresden, OH) 210  6. Eddie Carrier Jr (Salt Rock, WV) 200  7. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL) 195  8, Terry English (Benton, KY) 190  9. Doug Horton (Bruceton Mills, WV) 185  10. Scott James (Lawrenceburg, IN) 180


TAMPA, FL (February 8, 2006)- Dale McDowell would make his first ever visit to East Bay Raceway Park’s victory lane on the third night of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt  Series’ 30th Annual Winter Nationals. The win by McDowell in the RaceTek Engine powered Dover Cylinder Heads/ J and J Steel/ New Vision Graphics/ Hennessey Rental Tools/ Hoosier Tires sponsored number 17m Rocket by Shaw Grand Prix  would mark the third different winner in the first three nights of racing at East Bay. McDowell was able to make the pass on the Petroff Towing sponsored Rayburn of Tuesday night’s winner Billy Moyer on lap two and then go on unchallenged the rest of the way to pick up the $5,000 first place prize.   “I can’t believe it! Am I actually at East Bay?” said an elated McDowell in victory lane.” It feels good getting our first victory here, the place has been very, very challenging for me, but I guess you have to keep coming to places that are challenging in order to make you a better racer. I felt good after last nights second and we made some changes and it just feels so good to finally win here.” The 39 year old Chickamauga, GA racing veteran would go on to say after his first ever Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt  Series win before another packed grandstand on Wednesday night.   Billy Moyer jumped to the lead on the first lap of racing action. McDowell would then pull alongside Moyer and make the move under Moyer for the lead coming off of turn number two on the second lap. Moyer would then fall behind the Sweeteners Plus sponsored Rocket of Tim McCreadie until passing him back and leaving McCreadie to battle with Donnie Moran. A slowing Scott James would bring out the first and only caution of the race on lap eight.. When the green flag flew again the eighth starting Petroff Towing sponsored number 28 Rayburn of Dennis Erb, Jr. would pull into the top five. Erb would then set his sights on McCreadie before making his pass for third position to battle with second place running Moyer.  The two would battle for second up to the last lap where Moyer would win the position by a thin margin over the third place finisher Dennis Erb. Tim McCreadie would hang on the fourth spot beating out Donnie Moran to round out the top five. The 17th starting  Earl Pearson Jr. would work his way through the field to bring home the sixth spot and the hard charger of the night was the car of  Don O’Neal who worked his way to seventh from the 19th starting position on the grid.  The 18th starter, Steve Francis would finish in eighth while Marshall Green and Eddie Carrier, Jr. Completed the top ten drivers   89 cars were on hand for the third night of competition at East Bay Raceway Park with Benton Arkansas’ Jared Landers setting fast time at 15.185 seconds around the 3/8th mile oval. Heat race winners were Justin Rattliff, Dennis Erb, Jr., Donnie Moran, Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer, Wendell Wallace, Tim McCreadie and Dale McDowell. The B-Main winners of the evening were Earl Pearson Jr., Steve Francis, Don O’Neal, and Brian Birkhofer. The winner of the Wednesday night Strawberry Dash was Dan Stone.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will kick it up a notch on Thursday February 9th with a $7,000 to win 40 lap feature event. The fourth night of late model racing action at East Bay will also mark the beginning of the 2006 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Car Series points championship as the defending champion Earl Pearson Jr. along with all the other stars and cars of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series begin their quest for the series title as the side by side, dirt slingin’ action kicks off what promises to be an exciting season of racing.    Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park – Tampa, FL   Comp Cams Fast Time – Jared Landers – 15:185   PBM Performance Products Heat Race #1- Justin Rattliff, Marshall Green, John VanDenBerg, Jason Montgomery, Tim Dohm, Sonny Conley, Bo Feathers, Richard Wheelihan, Jared Landers, Ricky Arms   PBM Performance Products Heat Race  #2- Dennis Erb, Jr., Clint Smith, Earl Pearson, Jr.,  Rick Eckert, Dan Schlieper, Doug Horton, Davey Johnson, Ricky Elliott, Jason Flory, Clint Coffman, Scott Riggs   DART Machinery Heat Race #3- Donnie Moran, Shannon Babb, Gerald Davis, Terry English, Bart Hartman, Darren Miller, Daniel Stone, Joe Morris, Joey Tanner, Kristin Flory   DART Machinery Heat Race #4- Jimmy Mars, Matt Miller, Steve Francis, Jackie Boggs, Vic Coffey, Dean Carpenter, Wayne Johnson, Larry Smith, Dave Hess, Rodney Melvin, Don Hammer   Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #5- Billy Moyer, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Don O’ Neal, Terry Casey, Jordan Bland, Bryan Collins, Robbie Blair, Chub Frank, Brent Robinson, Charlie Duncan, Bob Geiger   Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #6- Wendell Wallace, Brad Neat, Randy Korte, Mike Johnson, Garrett Durrett, Freddy Smith, Anthony Rushing, Marshall Austin, John Mason, Wade Witherspoon, Jeff Gress   K&N Engineering Heat Race #7- Tim McCreadie, Brady Smith, Brian Birkhofer, David Scott, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Tim Fuller, Anthony White, Corey Conley, Christian Rayburn, CJ Rayburn   K&N Engineering Heat Race #8- Dale McDowell, Scott James, Kevin Cole, Michael England, Damon Eller, Freddie Carpenter, Tim Senic, Lynn Chapman, Ray Cook, Patrick Sheltra, Brian Shirley   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #1-  Earl Pearson, Jr., Rick Eckert, Dan Schlieper, Tim Dohm, Davey Johnson, Ricky Elliott, Sonny Conley, Bo Feathers, John VanDenBerg, Jason Flory, Doug Horton, Clint Coffman, Jared Landers, Richard Wheelihan, Scott Riggs, Jason Montgomery   Penske Shocks B-Main #2- Steve Francis, Jackie Boggs, Daniel Stone, Darren Miller, Gerald Davis, Bart Hartman, Dean Carpenter, Rodney Melvin, Terry English, Vic Coffey, Kristin Flory, Joey Tanner,  Don Hammer, Bob Geiger, Larry Smith, Wayne Johnson, Joe Morris   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno B-Main #3- Don O’ Neal, Bryan Collins, Randy Korte, Chub Frank, Garrett Durrett, Robbie Blair, Marshall Austin, Mike Johnson, John Mason, Anthony Rushing, Jordan Bland, Charles Duncan, Terry Casey, Brent Robinson, Wade Witherspoon, Jeff Gress, Freddy Smith   Penske Shocks Dyno B-Main #4- Brian Birkhofer, David Scott, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Ray Cook, Damon Eller, Tim Fuller, Christian Rayburn, Corey Conley, CJ Rayburn, Freddie Carpenter, Lynn Chapman, Kevin Cole, Michael England   Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash- Dan Stone, Sonny Conley, Terry Casey, Terry English, Corey Conley, Christian Rayburn, Clint Coffman, Doug Horton, Scott Riggs   Feature (30 Laps) – Dale McDowell, Billy Moyer, Dennis Erb Jr., Tim McCreadie, Donnie Moran, Earl Pearson, Jr., Don O’ Neal, Steve Francis, Marshall Green, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Wendell Wallace, Bryan Collins, Brady Smith, Matt Miller, Rick Eckert, Clint Smith, Justin Rattliff, Jackie Boggs, Jimmy Mars, David Scott, Brad Neat, Shannon Babb, Scott James  Race Statistics: Entries:  89 Cautions:  1 Red Flags:  0 Lap Leaders:  Billy Moyer 1, Dale McDowell 2-30 All-Star Performer of the Race:  Don O’Neal (started 19th and finished 7th) Advanced 12 positions Hawk Tough Break Award:  Steve Hillard Quarter Master Clutch Move of the Race:  Jimmy Mars    Top Ten in DART Machinery Winternationals Points Standings   1.       Earl Pearson Jr. - 640 2.       Dale McDowell   - 590 3.       Donnie Moran    - 580 4.       Billy Moyer         - 580 5.       Dennis Erb Jr     - 565 6.       Tim McCreadie   - 550 7.       Clint Smith          - 515 8.       Rick Eckert         - 495 9.       Brian Birkhofer   - 485 10.     Dan Schlieper     - 480


TAMPA, FL (February 7, 2006)- Batesville Arkansas’s Billy Moyer made a late race pass on Dale McDowell to take home the win on night 2 of Lucas Oil Dirt Car Series’ 6 nights of racing at the 30th Annual East Bay Winter Nationals. The 4th starting J and J Steel/ Car City/ Petroff Towing/ Karl Chevy/ Waters Auto Land/ Redline Oil/ Chase Race Decals / Platinum Motors and RV’s/ Pro Power sponsored Rayburn of Moyer made the winning pass on lap 26 of 30 to take home the $5,000 prize and his first ever Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win in the latest installment of fast paced racing action at the 3/8th mile oval. The win would also mark Moyer’s 13th trip to the victory at East Bay Raceway, the all time late model record. The packed crowd at East Bay Raceway would see early race leader Dale McDowell led 26 laps while battling Billy Moyer, defending Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Champion Earl Pearson Jr., and the 9th place starting Donnie Moran.    McDowell would jump to the early race lead over pole starter Rick Eckert. A lap 3 pile up in turn one would bring a red flag stop the racing action. The caution would again fly when 2nd place running Rick Eckert and 3rd running Moyer made contact resulting in a flat tire for Eckert and ending his night early.  After the restart Donnie Moran would grab the third spot and swap spots with Earl Pearson Jr. and compete in a 4 way battle for the lead with him race leader McDowell, and Billy Moyer.   Anthony White would bring out a midway caution and on the restart both Moyer and Earl Pearson Jr. would find their way around Moran and set their sights on McDowell. The three battled for the lead while Donnie Moran competed with Anthony Rushing for the 4th spot.  A spin by Shannon Babb would set the stage for a restart were a three way battle for the lead would result in Moyer and McDowell racing side by side at the flag stand on lap 25 and the final pass by Moyer for lead on lap 26.  Moyer would go on to victory followed by McDowell, Earl Pearson Jr., and Anthony Rushing who made a last lap pass on 5th place car Donnie Moran. Rounding off the top 10 were Brady Smith, David Scott, Clint Smith, Doug Horton, and Dennis Erb.   90 cars were entered in Tuesday evening’s event with Donnie Moran capturing his 2nd fast time of the week after a slight rain delay. Heat winners earlier in the night included Clint Smith, Anthony Rushing, Billy Moyer, Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, Brady Smith, Earl Pearson Jr., and David Scott. Wisconsin’s Jimmy Mars won the Strawberry Dash.   The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will once again return to East Cay Raceway on Wednesday February 8th for the 3rd night of the 30th Annual Winter National where another $5,000 to win, all out, side by side, white knuckle, dirt racing battle.  Race Summary Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Tuesday Night, February 7, 2006 East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL

Comp Cams Fast Time:  Donnie Moran 15.438   PBM Performance Products First Heat:  Clint Smith, Donnie Moran, Marshall Green, Rodney Melvin, Butch McGill, Robbie Blair, John VanDenBerg, Wayne Johnson, Joey Tanner, Larry Smith, Corey Conley   PBM Performance Products Second Heat: Anthony Rushing, Davey Johnson, Doug Horton, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Tim Fuller, Jimmy Mars, Jimmy Owens, Bo Feathers, Tim Senic, Richard Wheelihan   Third Heat:  Billy Moyer, Scott James, Jason Montgomery, Scott Dedwylder, Bryan Collins, Daniel Stone, Damon Eller, Brad Neat, Roger Lucas, Bob Geiger, Kevin Cole   Fourth Heat:  Dale McDowell, Gerald Davis, Don O’Neal, Anthony White, Brian Birkhofer, Brian Shirley, Nick Baggett, Freddie Carpenter, Charlie Duncan, Lynn Chapman   Fifth Heat:  Rick Eckert, Shannon Babb, Tim McCreadie, Ricky Arms, Patrick Sheltra, Garrett Durrett, Marshall Austin, Jordan Bland, Mike Johnson, Rusty Dixon, Don Hammer   Sixth Heat:  Brady Smith, Dennis Erb Jr., Randy Korte, Steve Francis, Matt Miller, Michael England, Sonny Conley, Jeff Gress, Clint Coffman, Danny Mitchell, C.J. Rayburn   Seventh Heat:  Earl Pearson Jr., Chub Frank, Steve Casebolt, Terry English, John Mason, Dean Carpenter, Wendell Wallace, Frank Shickel Jr., Christian Rayburn, Kristin Flory   Eighth Heat:  David Scott, Terry Casey, Steve Hillard, Dan Schlieper, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Ricky Elliott, Jason Flory, Dave Hess Jr., Wade Witherspoon   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main:  Doug Horton, Tim Fuller, Rodney Melvin, Eddie Carrier Jr., Jimmy Mars, Butch McGill, Jimmy Owens, Bo Feathers, Wayne Johnson, Joey Tanner, Richard Wheelihan, Marshall Green, Robbie Blair, John VanDenBerg, Larry Smith   Penske Shocks Second B-Main:  Brian Birkhofer, Anthony White, Don O’Neal, Brian Shirley, Damon Eller, Daniel Stone, Nick Baggett, Bob Geiger, Freddie Carpenter, Bryan Collins, Scott Dedwylder, Chalie Duncan, Jason Montgomery, Brad Neat   Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno Third B-Main:  Tim McCreadie, Matt Miller, Patrick Sheltra, Steve Francis, Sonny Conley, Michael England, Jordan Bland, Don Hammer, C.J. Rayburn, Marshall Austin, Jeff Gress, Ricky Arms, Garrett Durrett, Mike Johnson, Clint Coffman, Rusty Dixon, Randy Korte   Penske Shocks Fourth B-Main:  Steve Hillard, Steve Casebolt, Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Dan Schlieper, John Mason, Dean Carpenter, Ricky Elliott, Tim Dohm, Christian Rayburn, Jason Flory, Wendell Wallace, Kristin Flory, Wade Witherspoon   Feature: (30 Laps):  Billy Moyer, Dale McDowell, Earl Pearson Jr., Anthony Rushing, Donnie Moran, Brady Smith, David Scott, Clint Smith, Doug Horton, Dennis Erb Jr., Scott James, Gerald Davis, Brian Birkhofer, Anthony White, Tim Fuller, Shannon Babb, Davey Johnson, Tim McCreadie, Rick Eckert, Terry Casey, Chub Frank, Steve Hillard, Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt    Race Statistics: Entries: 90 Caution Flags:  6 Red Flags: 1 Lap Leaders: Dale McDowell 1-25, Billy Moyer 26-30 All-Star Performer of the Race:  Doug Horton (started 17th and finished 9th) advanced 8 positions Quarter Master Clutch Move of the Race: Don O’Neal Hawk Brake Tough Break Award: Rick Eckert

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2020 Championship Points

Points as of 10/17/2020
Pos Competitor Points
1stJimmy Owens (#20)7940
2ndTim McCreadie (#39)7560
3rdJonathan Davenport (#49)7375
4thJosh Richards (#14)7295
5thTyler Erb (#1T)7110
6thShane Clanton (#25)6780
7thDevin Moran (#9)6690
8thKyle Bronson (#40B)6690
9thTanner English (#81E)6455
10thEarl Pearson (#1)6390

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